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  1. Still no architectural projects for the competition venues... The proposal related to the Olympic Park is just about the urban design and legacy.
  2. Time Brasil's handball outfit: http://s2.glbimg.com/Ss0qnf0mVl3iK2MbDZLoUMpn7FDe9DEuaUBUkr4UkE4bFYGBMVRSTQdgWjsUPC18/s.glbimg.com/es/ge/f/original/2012/06/20/uniformejogosolimpicosselecaofeminina-handbol-div6.jpg http://s2.glbimg.com/1a_iHEVv91hGrcOZF0FzUqby52rb3QHjtWLc3gteY_xaEDcWhXoWQcXQg8oFwgkZ/s.glbimg.com/es/ge/f/original/2012/06/20/montagemuniformejogosolimpicosselecaofemininagoleiro-handbol-div.jpg
  3. Didn't like it. The football outfits are very good (yellow-blue; yellow-green), but that green-blue combination on the others is disappointing...
  4. What If I was in charge of the 10 min Handover Segment: Alessandra Ambrósio enters the stadium carrying the Flag of Brazil: Execution of the Brazilian National Anthem with fireworks at the end (a little camera close at Dilma Rousseff): While the anthem is been executed, an impressive landscape of Rio is build up in the center of the stadium, like a large scale model, and the Copacabana pavement covers the track & field area (thanks Ikarus). After the anthem and the fireworks, the lights go down and this music starts to play: Both singers appear at the top of the Sugarloaf mo
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEsubVULo-k&feature=plcp
  6. Los millones que necesita Chile para ser sede panamericana
  7. I didn't get why they are using the inscription "JOGOS PARALÍMPICOS" (PARALYMPIC GAMES) in both Portuguese and English version.
  8. After I saw this picture, I realized how powerful is this logo. Ádria dos Santos, a blind athlete, crying while touching it.
  9. Everybody talking about Cape Town 2020, but DUBAI WILL BE THE WINNER!!!!!!! DUBAI 2020
  10. What we know is that the 2019 Pan American Games will be held in South America.
  11. Comming Soon: Brasília 2075 and Brasília 2084.
  12. Well... São Paulo 2035 and São Paulo 2044! 2031 for Peru...
  13. New York City to bid for the 2023 Pan American Games!
  14. 2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2011 Guadalajara, Mexico. 2015 Toronto, Canada. 2019 Santiago, Chile. 2023 Panama City, Panama. 2027 ?, United States. 2031 São Paulo, Brazil. (After a sucessful 2031 Games, São Paulo will bid for the 2040 Summer Olympics)
  15. Agreed. But I am concerned about Central America. PASO needs to avoid another Santo Domingo fiasco. What Central American city is capable to host Olympic-level Games like Rio de Janeiro and Toronto? I don't know... Maybe Panama City...
  16. The 2006 South American Games were originally awarded to La Paz, Bolivia, but this decision was retracted following domestic instability in Bolivia during 2005. After that, ODESUR awarded the games to Argentina.
  17. 2006 South American Games? I think Chile is the second most prosperous economy in South America (after Brazil) in this decade. Chile is stable and it is developing fast. I am sure that they are capable to host the Pan Ams.
  18. SANTIAGO 2019 The Games return to South America, for the first time in Chile.
  19. 2019 PAN AMERICAN GAMES What city will be the next host of the Pan American Games?
  20. They will take the tittle of "best ever" from Rio de Janeiro... Well, we take that tittle from Winnipeg.
  21. Toronto is following in the steps of Rio de Janeiro... Congratulations TORONTO!
  22. Where can I watch the announcement?
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