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  1. Still no architectural projects for the competition venues... The proposal related to the Olympic Park is just about the urban design and legacy.
  2. Time Brasil's handball outfit: http://s2.glbimg.com/Ss0qnf0mVl3iK2MbDZLoUMpn7FDe9DEuaUBUkr4UkE4bFYGBMVRSTQdgWjsUPC18/s.glbimg.com/es/ge/f/original/2012/06/20/uniformejogosolimpicosselecaofeminina-handbol-div6.jpg http://s2.glbimg.com/1a_iHEVv91hGrcOZF0FzUqby52rb3QHjtWLc3gteY_xaEDcWhXoWQcXQg8oFwgkZ/s.glbimg.com/es/ge/f/original/2012/06/20/montagemuniformejogosolimpicosselecaofemininagoleiro-handbol-div.jpg
  3. http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p559/AustralianFan/0707013-thumb450x-1.jpg The cauldron is that round structure above the center of the stadium.....................
  4. Didn't like it. The football outfits are very good (yellow-blue; yellow-green), but that green-blue combination on the others is disappointing...
  5. Well, that's fair. Nevertheless, I still think the Brazilian National Anthem is the best, even after hearing the Uruguayan Anthem [for the first time], which sounded like an old cartoon song at the beginning... I prefer imposing songs... I really like the intro for "God Save the Queen", for example (at least the one played at the Royal Wedding last year).
  6. Not just because I'm Brazilian, but I'm really looking forward to hear the Brazilian National Anthem at the closing ceremony. We don't have many performances of this anthem in this kind of event... Of course, there is the acapella performance of Elza Soares at the opening ceremony of the 2007 Pan American Games. I didn't like her voice, but I must confess, it was a very powerfull and touching performance. However, in my opinion, what makes the Brazilian National Anthem the most beautiful anthem in the world (haha) isn't its lyrics, but its music, and I'm really hoping to hear a wonderfull arrengment of the song at London's closing ceremony. Acapella version (Rio 2007): Instrumental version:
  7. What If I was in charge of the 10 min Handover Segment: Alessandra Ambrósio enters the stadium carrying the Flag of Brazil: Execution of the Brazilian National Anthem with fireworks at the end (a little camera close at Dilma Rousseff): While the anthem is been executed, an impressive landscape of Rio is build up in the center of the stadium, like a large scale model, and the Copacabana pavement covers the track & field area (thanks Ikarus). After the anthem and the fireworks, the lights go down and this music starts to play: Both singers appear at the top of the Sugarloaf mountain (he playing piano, she laying on it with a glamorous white dress), and the whole stage is lit with yellow and white (the crowd would hold lights creating the atmosphere of the night sky). Like on "Fantasia 2000", wave-shaped screens would fly on the Stadium showing pictures of Rio and Brazil while the song is been played: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AvzOgkOtbo After that, the extravaganza begins with some samba/pop with lots and lots of dancers, which would go something like this: Several dancers flying the stadium by cables. However, instead of Jamie Foxx and Will.i.am singing "Hot Wings", Vanessa da Mata could emerge in the landscape singing this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZfPcYJt6qQ The whole stadium is lit with an amazing color show and fireworks, with the dancers and stuff that I said. Perhaps, several Brazilian celebrities could appear dancing in this huge party. Then, Vanessa da Mata climbs the Corcovado Mountain and open her arms as Christ the Redeemer, there is a great firework finale and everyone appears cheering. THE END.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEsubVULo-k&feature=plcp
  9. Los millones que necesita Chile para ser sede panamericana
  10. I didn't get why they are using the inscription "JOGOS PARALÍMPICOS" (PARALYMPIC GAMES) in both Portuguese and English version.
  11. After I saw this picture, I realized how powerful is this logo. Ádria dos Santos, a blind athlete, crying while touching it.
  12. Everybody talking about Cape Town 2020, but DUBAI WILL BE THE WINNER!!!!!!! DUBAI 2020
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