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  1. Still no news from Cosport for Canadian resident. I decided to change the place I will stay to be closer to a subway station (less than 100m from Siqueiros Campos station and also less than 150m from the Copacabana Beach). 170$CAD per night for a bed & breakfast. They charge for the Olympic exactelly double of the regular price.
  2. I was in Toronto a month ago for the swimming trials for the national team. The venue is absolutelly stunning. I wish we got a sport complex like that in Montréal (I'm jealous). Only negative point, it's very far from downtown Toronto. Over an hour when you use public transport (the venue is in Scarborough)
  3. Montréal 1976. In my hometown. 15 years old at that time. Got tickets for a lot of events including 38 finals (4 cycling track, 5 swimming, 1 diving, 8 rowing, 5 canoe-kayak and 15 track and field), but no Nadia
  4. Alain Bernard (swimming), Jeannie Longo (road cycling), Philippe Candeloro (figure skating) were also part of this TV show.
  5. I called Cosport yesterday. They told me we will receive the order form in early march. By the way, I secured today my place to stay in Rio during the Games. 300m from a subway station and 300m from Copacabana beach for 110$CAN per night (better for me than London, Vancouver, Beijing, Sydney and Atlanta). Very happy for that.
  6. http://olympictalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/15/rio-olympic-track-and-field-schedule-released
  7. All that list for Beijing : less than 1000$US (with a mix of A and B category) Same list for London : a little bit over 10000$US (that's the reason why I was there only for 6 days instead of 16) Rio : have no idea since the prices are not release yet. I will be happy if it's around 3 or 4000$US
  8. I will definitivelly be there in 2016 for the 16 days. Can't wait to receive the Cosport tickets offer in few months. Will try to get an agenda similar of the one I got for Beijing : 3 x swimming finals 4 x gymnastic finals 4 x athletics finals 2 x rowing finals (medals for Canada ?) 2 x canoe kayak finals (medals for Canada ?) 1 x boxing finals 1 x cycling track finals 1 x beach volleyball final 1 x tennis preliminaries 2 x basketball preliminaries 2 x volleyball preliminaries 2 x beach volleyball preliminaries 1 x badminton preliminaries 2 x diving preliminaries Will try to
  9. I will be there. Got tickets for ten events in 7 days Diving X 4 (including 2 Finals) Water Polo X 2 (4 matchs preliminary and 4 matchs 1/4 Finals) Synchro X 2 (2 Finals) Swimming X 2 (8 Finals) Keep a lot of spare times to visit La Ramblas, Par Guell, Picasso Museum, Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou (FC Barcelona Stadium), Monjuic Olympic Museum (of course), etc... Will arrive in Spain three days before to visit the top wine region Priorat (staying at Gratallops) It will be my second FINA World Championship since we had it in Montréal in 2015 (I was then volunteer, affected to the Water-Polo
  10. Funny story (I put the link in the canoe thread also, but not sure if all our kiwis fans wiil saw it there) http://www.ctvolympics.ca/boating/news/article/kayaker-penalized-familiar-judge-his-mom.html
  11. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/news/article/spice-girls-set-reunite-for-closing-ceremony.html
  12. 17 nice aerial pics Enjoy http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/picturegalleries/9395929/London-2012-Olympics-aerial-photos-of-missile-sites-and-sports-venues.html?frame=2275342#?frame=2275324
  13. As a canadian Cosport customer, tickets received : Canada NOC 3X USA NOC 4X Australia NOC 2X Sweeden NOC 3X Norway NOC 1x Acer 2X Dow 1X Jet Set Sports - Trip hospitality 2X
  14. Received my tickets this morning (without Gymnastic as announced by Cosport) With 19 Travelcards (I need in reallity only 6 of them) Really unhappy of my seat location for Diving. I took a B category hoping to be near the diving's pool. No, I am at the extreme opposite. In fact, not even in front of the swimming's pool. I can not be more far. For the rest, I'm satisfy a lot. My best seat will be for a Taekwondo final, on the sixth row right in the front of the action. Happy for my Athletics tickets, I will be on the 21th row at around the 50 or 60 meters mark for the Men's 200m finals (ne
  15. Bad news received from Cosport tonight (bad news for me because I will have to miss an event) Dear Alain: We are writing to provide you with an update regarding your London 2012 Olympic Games ticket order. You recently received or soon will receive your Olympic Games tickets. The shipment will not include some tickets for sessions to be held at North Greenwich Arena (Basketball and Gymnastics – Artistic specifically). This is because some tickets we purchased from the Organizing Committee were not delivered in time for shipment by CoSport. Rather than wait for the tickets to arrive, we
  16. Cosport (for Canada) just released a new bunch of tickets the 100m final is available (AT005), but only in the AA category (at 1389$),
  17. Cosport Canada f or Beijing : I had five differents orders with five differents names and I received 5 spectator guide. Vancouver : i didn't used Cosport so I can't tell
  18. No spectator guide for the Cosport customers ? I received the info this morning by email : Dear xxxx: The London 2012 Olympic Games are just around the corner! CoSport is pleased to provide you with an important update regarding our operational planning for customers. Tickets to be Shipped Beginning on Monday, July 2nd, the process of shipping tickets commenced. The tickets will be sent by FedEx and a pre-alert email with the tracking number will be sent by FedEx from the following email address - trackingupdates@fedex.com. Please note that a signature will be required upon receipt.
  19. Here's the full message received by Cosport few days ago for canadian residents : Dear Alain: We are excited to provide you with essential information regarding products still available as well as those already purchased for the London 2012 Olympic Games through CoSport. Only 50 days to the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games! Hospitality Packages Sale of CoSport hospitality packages for London are due to close June 26, 2012! These convenient offerings are your best opportunity to secure highly sought after event tickets and central
  20. Yesterday they only determine who will be in Group A and Group B Shedules is not announced yet (but will be very soon) The draw results: Women’s Tournament: Group A: Montenegro, Russia, Croatia, Great Britain, Brazil, Angola Group B: Norway, Spain, Denmark, France, Sweden, Korea Men’ Tournament: Group A: France, Sweden, Iceland, Great Britain, Argentina, Tunisia Group B: Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark, Korea
  21. Checking in my big data base that I created with all the events and results I saw at differents Games : For Australia : Bronze Atlanta 21-juil-96 Natation femmes 100m brasse Riley Samantha AUS Bronze Atlanta 22-juil-96 Natation hommes 200m papillon Goodman Scott AUS Bronze Atlanta 25-juil-96 Cyclisme hommes Poursuite individuelle McGee Bradley AUS Silver Atlanta 27-juil-96 Cyclisme femmes
  22. Thanks for the info. I allready knew about that store and also the one for Lotus Team (also on Regent St.) I'm not looking for that type of goods since everything will be available for me in few weeks in Montreal when I will attend the Canadian Grand Prix. I'm looking more fore old memorabilia from the 80's and 90's like old Silverstone race program or everything related to Kimmi Raikonnen debut on Sauber Petronas and McLaren.
  23. Hi I have a question for F1 fans living in London. I'm searching a F1 memorabilia store in London, I heard about Alex Reade F1 Motorshop on Regent Street but they moved to Brands Hatch, closing their London Store. Is there others places you know in the London Area ? Thanks for helping me. (my son prefer I bring him a F1 souvenir than an Olympic souvenir from my trip this summer)
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