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  1. It will be my 7th Olympic I know that we will have acces to premium tickets few weeks before the Games and I hope to get my missing Athletics tix and 2 or 3 Swimming finals and at least one more rowing. For the London Games, I didn't applied in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 from Cosport since I was not supposed to go. A month before the Games, I realised that I was able to grab some outstanding tickets. Was there for only 6 days but got 1 Gymnastic Final, 3 Athletics Finals, 1 Taekwando Final, 2 Canoe Kayak Final, 1 Boxing Final, 1 Diving Qual, 1 Sinchro qual. and the Men's Gold Final soccer mat
  2. Disappointed because I didn't get the tickets I want the most. I'm referee in rowing at national level and I will see only two finals I'm referee in swimming at national level and I will see no finals I'm referee in Track and Field at provincial level and I don't get the last night wich is the most imortant one
  3. Disappointed a little Asked 20 events on 12 differents orders Got only 12 events to add to my agenda 1 Athletics Final 2 Gymnastic Final 3 Gymnastic Qual 1 Swimming Qual 1 Weightlifting Final 1 Volleyball Semi-Final 1 Beach Volleyball Qual. 1 Rowing Final 1 CanoeKayak Final Somes duplicata on my twelve orders : got 7 times the same event (qualif, Gymnastic) and 3 others events with 2 tickets and two with 3 (mostly qual.) So, a big total for me of 25 on 240. (around 1 on 10 ratio)
  4. Confusion for me between Dominica and Dominican Republic. I thought it was the same country. Yes, not in Toronto. I realised that just affer I posted my message. The game in Toronto will be next thursday (June 16)
  5. Canada : #109 We are better with skates in our feets and a hockey stick in our hands (but women team got the Bronze Medal at the London Games)
  6. Canada play tonight in Toronto against Dominica #109 vs #116 in the FIFA World Ranking
  7. In the past (for Beijing and Vancouver) I made somes trades here on Gamesbids with some of my extra tickets. For Rio, I need desesperatelly RO007 and RO008 (Rowing) wich were not offered in Cosport Phase 2 So, if I got extra tickets from Cosport for Swimming Finals, I may keep them to make trades for the Rowing tickets I want.
  8. Less than four hours before the closing of Phase 2 with Cosport 20 tickets asked : 2 Athletics Finals 2 Swimmiing Finals 2 Swimming Qual. 4 Gymnastic Finals 3 Gymnastic Qual. 2 Canoe-Kayak Finals 1 Rowing Finals 1 Weightlifting Finals 2 BeachVolleynall Qual. 1 Volleyball semi-final I now cross my fingers and hope for the results next monday
  9. Order placed Asked for 3 Gymnastic Finals (got zero in Phase 1) Asked for 2 Swimming Finals and 2 qualif. (got zero in Phase 1) Asked for 1 Athletics Finals (allready got 3 in Phase 1) Asked for 2 Canoe-Kayak Finals (allready got 1 in Phase 1) Asked for 1 Weightlifting Final (allready got 1 in Phase 1) Very disapointed no Rowing Finals available for the two dates I want
  10. They also explain on their message what happened May 19th : Individual Ticket Live Sales were suspended hours before their planned release out of concern that the significant demand for strictly limited inventory would prevent the CoSport ticket sales platform from delivering the standard of service you deservingly expect. This second request phase allows for a fairer distribution of tickets - something that cannot be guaranteed through a live sale at this time. The second request phase includes all tickets that were not purchased during the first request phase in addition to any new inven
  11. www.bbrasil.com We can choose severals language : french, spanish, italian, german, English....
  12. I found a website for Bed&Breakfast Prices shown are the regular price for non-olympic period. The system allow us to book for the olympic dates but we received after a mail telling they don't accept reservation now because they will increase the prices and they haven't decided yet what will be the new prices who could be the double. I then reply back telling that I agree to pay double (in my case 170$CAN the night instead of 85$CAN) for that period. They accept and we finalized the deal whith a deposit with my credit card.
  13. Yes, more nice tickets will be available later Cosport always keep a lot of big ones as Swimming finals cat A, Gymnastic finals Cat A and Athletics finals Cat A to make interresting their Hotel-Tickets package. But at few weeks of the games, they released everything unsold. At the London Games, in the last month I got 3 athletics, 1 gymnastic, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 taeKwanDo, 2 CanoeKayak and 1 volleyball. ALL FINALS except volleyball (semi-finals) So, I have hope
  14. Very disappointed Order #1 20 tickets asked (5980$) got 10 (1695$) Gymnastic qualification 2X, C instead of A Tennis qualification 1X, B instead of A Athletics qualification 1X, B instead of A Athletics finals 2X, D instead of A and 1 B Synchro final 1X, A Boxing final, 2X, 1B instead of A and 1A Equestrian final 1X, A Order #2 20 tickets asked (3140$) dot 11 (996$) Beach Volleyball qualification 2X, 1C instead of A and 1A Volleyball qualification 2X, B instead of A CanoeKayak Slalom final 1X, B instead of A Badminton qualification 1X, B instead of A Basketball qualifi
  15. The big scandal (at that time) of the 1976 Montréal Closing Ceremony http://www.tagtele.com/videos/voir/99347/
  16. All A category except three sessions of Athletics finals.where I asked for B But the tickets they allocated me can be B, C or D I checked my initial order and I'm afraid to be cut for swimming, diving , cycling track and gymnastic Hope Cosport will have a Phase III like they did for the London Games few weeks before the OC. That's where I got all my tickets (I didn't participate in the initial phase)
  17. I just discovered if we go on our Cosport account, we can discover the number of tickets allocated but without the détails. We will know wich ones we got only tomorrow at 10h00 On my order #1 (mostly big finals) I got 10 on 20 On my order #2 (no finals) I got 11 on 20 On my order #3 (duplicata of my harderst tickets to get of my order #1) I got 5 on 15 Hope to have at least one swimming finals
  18. Only few hours to wait before the confirmation of our orders with Cosport. Will be very happy if I get 75% of my order.
  19. Not sure we are talking about the same thing about German Fan Fest
  20. Very busy but : I wil have free time to visit Corcovado and Pao de Acucar. Will probably see the Cérémonies at the Heineken Holland House like I did in Beijing, Vancouver and London. And make sure to visit German Fan Fest this time (missed it in London) plus the Tokyo 2020 Pavillon. (we don't know yet the locations for those last three places but will find out eventually)
  21. Total list : Finals : Athletics 3X Gymnastic 3X Swimming 3X Canoe-Kayak Sprint 3X Canoe-Kayak Slalom 1X Weightlifting 1X Equestrian Jumping 1X Rowing 2x Cycling Track 1X Synchro Swimming 1X Qualifications or preliminaries : Basketball 2X Volleyball 2X Beach Volleyball 4X Tennis 1X WaterPolo 1X Tennis 1X Football 1X Gymnastics 2X Athletics 1X Badminton 1X Diving 2X
  22. Finally Received today the GO from Cosport Canada to place our tickets request. Asked single ticket for 37 events for a total of 7800$US That's include 3 X Swimming Finals, 3 X Gymnastic Finals, 3 X Athletics Finals. Those 9 tickets count for half of my total order in dollars (9 X 434$) Happy to heard that we will have the result of our allocation in less than two weeks. I know that I will probably not get everything, but I will have a chance to get some more in next phases. (For the London Games, I didn't ask in phase one. Only in phase 3 and I got plenty of tickets for finals)
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