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  1. Atlanta 100m Men - Donovan Bailey (Canada) Because it was my third games I attend, around the 60th final I attend and my first ever Gold for my country (since then, I saw 2 more in Beijing and 7 in Vancouver) Hope see somes in Rio. GO CANADA
  2. For the London Games, when I received my tickets from Cosport, there was one missing (gymnastic). They know about it and wrote me a letter saying that I will have to pass to their office for picking it. It was a huge problem for me since the missing ticket was for 15h00 the same day I arrived. My plane landed around 8h00. I had to grab the ticket, and then check-in with my lugagge at my hotel before going to the event. There was huge distance between each points but I was able to make it
  3. I was waiting for my result at the Cosport release today before publishing my agenda for Rio Since I got nothing (was hoping only for SW008, SW012 and RO007), no update to make to my list : (sorry for somes french words) When there's a number after the ticket code, it's the number of final for that event (so, a big total of 67, almost the same amount I saw at the Beijing Game) samedi 06-août 10h00 - 13h50 Beach Volleyball BV001C Beach Volleyball Stadium Copacabana samedi 06-août 14h30 - 17h00 Gymnastique GA002C Rio Olympic Arena Barra samedi 06-août 19h00 - 21h00 Haltérophili
  4. Women Volleyball team lost their first game tonight against USA.
  5. Got number 511 with the indication more than an hour to wait It was in fact 35 minutes Since I got a lot tickets and Phase 1 and 2 I was only looking for swimming tickets No luck for me No purchase for me
  6. Just came back from Day 3 of the Boxing Olympic Qualification for canadian team held in Montreal. I had the chance to talk a lot with the coachs and trainers about our chance of medals for Rio Unanimous about the fact that only one man have chance to qualify for the games (in the 91 kg category) but with absolutelly no chance of medals. For women, different story with a hope of medal in the 48kg category with Mandy Bujold, depending if she's lucky with the draw In the 75kg category, Ariane Fortin (ranked #3 in the world) is also a solid containder for medal (again if she's lucky witth the
  7. Qualification tournament for the Canadian Boxing Olympic Team start in few days in Montreal (December 6th to 10) I will be involve as a volunteer (don't know what will be my function yet) That will not qualify them to Rio. That will determine who will go for the next step for Rio
  8. Starting January 8th, the Men's Indoor Volleyball Continental Olympic Tournament (in Edmonton, Canada) Canada (10th), Cuba (15th), Puerto Rico (22th) and Mexico (24th) in a round-robin. Only the one finishing first will go to Rio Olympic In the same time, the same Tournament for Women will be in Nebraska USA (1st), Dominican Republic (7th), Puerto Rico (15th) and Canada (16th) Should be possible for men but very hard for women
  9. Cosport seem to released all our Canada allocation to other countries. We had a lot of tickets available in a lot of sports few days ago and now, we have nothing left. Since I got all I wanted. Hope you will enjoy it.
  10. From Cosport Canada, yes we had acces for all Gymnastic and Diving sessions and I got everything I need Swimming and Track Cycling were also available but you had to be very very lucky to grab some. On 10 different orders, i got only one Swimming qualification session (no final) Only sport we didn't have acces in Phase 1 and 2 was Soccer (but we get some later)
  11. Thanks to gescober Just add Cycling Track Very happy, I wasn't able to get some in London and Beiging Also I upgraded one of my Athletic Final, Was not happy with a category D, I now have a category B I had in my basket a Diving final and a Beach Volleyball qual. but when I checked out I removed them
  12. Montreal, Atlanta, Beijing & Shanghai, Vancouver, London with Olympic Games Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Calgary, Lake Placid, Munich without Olympic Games
  13. http://www.ad.nl/ad/nl/1043/Olympische-Spelen/article/detail/4153450/2015/09/30/Holland-Heineken-House-in-hartje-Rio.dhtml
  14. Hi Zekekelso If you take it for me. Thanks a lot I will get in touch with you by PM for the details. And don't forget. If there's tickets you want in the Canadian Cosport offer. It will be a pleasure to grab you somes.
  15. Cosport release more tickets this afternoon for US residents (unfortunelly, not for canadian) One is on my wish list, CF004 (Canoe-Kayak for August 18th). I need only one ticket Can somebody in US can take it for me There's a lot of tickets available for Canada but not for USA, in exchange I can grab some tickets for you if you want, or if preferred I can send money Thanks in advance
  16. Huge news in Montreal today : (copy/paste from the Montreal Impact website) The Montreal Impact announced on Monday that the club has acquired Ivorian striker and Designated Player Didier Drogba, in a trade with the Chicago Fire, in return for general and targeted allocation money. He will officially join the roster upon receiving his International Transfer Certificate (ITC) and his Canadian work permit. As per MLS policy, details of the deal have not been released. Drogba, 37, played 381 games with English giant Chelsea FC between 2004 and 2012, and during the 2014-15 season, ranking f
  17. Long time ago (it's maybe still like that), the official flag used at the Opening Ceremony came in three copy and was kept in three differents safe locations in case of fire, robbery, damage, etc... Those three places were always the sames : at the Organizing Committee, at the Town Hall and at the Official Broadcaster. I had the chance few years ago to meet the guy in charge of the broadcasting for the 1976 Games in Montreal (one of the big boss at that time for CBC). He's the one who kept the flag after the Games When he heard about my passion for Olympic he decided to gave it to me. I ha
  18. Should get two more gold in Athletics tonight Damien Warner had a good lead (256pts) with only two events left for the Decathlon Natasha Wodak at the 10,000m have the best time for that distance this year among the participant tonight And why not another gold tomorrow at the Men's 200m ? and a gold at Heptathlon the next day ? GO CANADA
  19. Very happy to get my most wanted ticket AT15 for the big night in Athletics Decided to add some more events to my agenda, Diving final, Judo Final and WaterPolo Final So, I have now officially tickets for 58 Finals (in twelve differents sports) And I hope this amount will go up since I'm still hoping to grab Swimming and Rowing Finals when Cosport will released their unsold (reserved now for their luxury Hotel Package) just few weeks before the Games
  20. oupss !!!! 2017 for the Gymnastic WC in Montreal. Not 2018
  21. By the way. Maybe not the right place for that topic. I learned today that Montreal will have the Gymnastic Artistic World Championship in 2018 Also, yesterday we learned that Montreal will have again the World Championship for the Short Track Speed Skating in 2018 (we got them in 2014 and I was part of the Organizing Comity. i will be there again)
  22. Bought today Gymnastic Final, Swimming Finals and Rowing Finals. Not able to grab Canoe-Kayak Final, Soldout It will be very special for me to attend Swimming Finals since I travelled to Toronto last April to be official for the National team Trials (for Panam Games and Kazan FINA world championship)
  23. Since I saved a lot of $$$ with my result of ticket for Rio via Cosport : I think I will make a small trip (4-5 days) to attend some events. Gymnastic and Swimming Final in Toronto Rowing and Canoe-Kayak Finals in the Niagara region (with visit of some winery around)
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