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  1. Via Cosport, got a ticket tonight for Opening Ceremony category D (category C was also available) First time I will attend OC Got also a ticket for Cycling Track Finals
  2. Is there another location for the German Fan Fest ? I was at the German Fan Fest at the Vancouver and London Olympic
  3. Deutsches Haus (German House) https://www.paralympic.org/news/barra-blue-beach-point-will-host-german-house-during-rio-2016 http://www.dosb.de/de/olympia/olympische-spiele/sommerspiele/rio-2016/news/details/news/rio_2016_deutsches_haus_am_strand/ 30 minutes walk from the Alvorada Terminal
  4. Ridiculous Ski events plus sliding events plus ski jump events in Whistler and the rest in Québec City? I don't want to be a Nordic Combined athlete who will have to travel around 5000km between his cross-country skiing event and his jump event. Remember, there's no direct flight from Quebec City to Vancouver Only possibility are : Quebec City - Montreal - Vancouver or Quebec City - Toronto - Vancouver And remember, Whistler is at 2,5 to 3 hours drive from Vancouver
  5. The big news today in Montreal, In my opinion, Quebec City have absolutelly no chance to get Winter Olympic Cames. They should concentrate their effort to get a NHL concession back instead. A joint with Whistler or Calgary ? with 5000 km or 4000km distance ?. So stupid idea. The idea of making a joint Montreal-Lake Placid make more sense (only two hours drive) But I'm sure a lot of people in Montreal will object having bad memories of the 1976 $ disaster
  6. Nobody know about German Fan Fest ? It's my preferate place with HHH
  7. Casa Italia : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LV7vWswz5c
  8. Club France will be at the Sociedade Hipica Brasileira Adress : Avenue Lineu de Paula Machado, 2448 - Lagoa
  9. Day 2 of the Women's Water Polo Olympic Qualification Tournament in Gouda (Netherlands) CAN 17 RSA 2 yesterday CAN 7 USA 14 today Next games for Canada : Greece, Japan and Spain Men's Tournament will start April 3th in Trieste (Italy)
  10. FIBA allready announced the dates USA will play their preliminary round match : August 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th But the time of the day isn't confirmed yet There's three game per day one in the afternoon, one at 19h00 (finishing at 20h45) and one at 22h30 (finishing ah 00h15) It's sure that USA won't play the afternoon match to be prime time on TV for the american market. Then, choice of 19h00 and 22h30 Swimming Finals start at 22h00 So, All the USA Basketball games should be at 19h00
  11. Bad news for me since I have a ticket for that morning (August 10th) with the two finals, quad sculls men and quad sculls women
  12. Was in line at 12h00 and got number 528 on the waiting line 17 minutes later I was in. Was surprised to see CC available and also a lot of Track Cycling No Rowing and Swimming for me Only thing I grab is a men basketball ticket (knowing that I will see USA since they release the schedule)
  13. Not really a TV commercial, but you have to watch this one with two guys of the Canadian Bobsleigh Team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=friF6s2z4cg
  14. Next possibility for Canada : The Synchro Olympic qualification tournament Canada was allready qualified for the duet event with their first place last summer at the Panam Games. This weekend, for the team event, they have to finish in the top three to get their tickets for Rio. Also for the Women Triathlon with the beginning of the Triathlon World Series in Abu Dhabi. Amelie Kretz have to finish in the first eight at one of the three World Series events (Abu Dhabi, Gold Coast Australia or Yokohama Japan) She finished third at the U-23 World Championship in 2013. Sara-Anne Brault is als
  15. It's also the beginning of the Synchro Qualification Tournament (in two days) Hope Canada will qualify for the team event
  16. Saw both films today I prefered a lot Race A must for olympic fan. We discover that corruption existed about Olympic 80 years ago. Eddy the Eagle remind me the movie Cool Running about the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team at the Calgary. More an entertainig movie than the other one
  17. Here's the full story http://www.tsn.ca/belfour-s-olympic-medal-sells-for-34-777-1.442886
  18. Will go this weekend And I will also see in the same day Race, the story of Jesse Owens at the Berlin Games
  19. Heard the news today that International Boxing Association (AIBA) want the Pro to compete in Rio. Not sure I like the idea.
  20. Really not happy about that news. Because of that, I will have to skip the men's marathon having ticket for the Boxing Finals that day. It was very tight for me to travel from the Sambodromo to Barra but doesnt care with reserved seat. Now, I'm in trouble. (I tought I wiil see my first marathon in five summer Olympics I attend. I will have to wait for Tokyo in 2020)
  21. Women Soccer Concacaf Olympic Qualification Tournament After beating Guatemala 5-0 thursday, easy one today against Trinidad Tobago 6-0 Canada is now assure to go in semi-final, probably against Mexico A win in semi-final is good for a ticket to Rio (USA will take the other ticket) Next game for Canada will be tuesday against Guatemala
  22. Bought my tickets today Will be there to watch Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony (i was at HHH for the OC in 2008 and for the CC in 2012)
  23. Since few days Some Closing Ceremony tickets category B are available from Cosport (ticket + hospitality section)
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