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  1. I have in fact 24 tickets I wil not be able to use (a lot with Finals) Don't worry for me, I have options to get rid of them
  2. I also have a ticket for ITA-FRA and BRA-MEX (VO004B) This one I will not be able use it
  3. http://www.fivb.org/Photos/M_OLYMPIC_Calendar.pdf Very happy to have a ticket for Canada against Brazil
  4. Just arrived from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. It was so cold. At one point during the race I checked the weather via my I-Phone. 9 degree celsius. We are not used to that in June.
  5. Another one qualified for Rio this weekend Stephanie Horner - Marathon Swimming (third Olympic for her)
  6. I watched Beijing OC and London CC at the Heinekein Holland House. Lot of fun. German Fan Fest on the Ipanema Beach is a very nice option for OC
  7. three sessions a day 09h30 - 13h20 one match Group A and one match Group B 15h00 - 18h50 one match Group A and one match Group B 20h30 - 00h20 one match Group A and one match Group B They alternate, one day is women and the next day is men FIVB will release in few days the full schedule (I hope Canada will play during the VO012 session)
  8. Is it possible you forget Track and Field ? The Rio Selection Trials will be in Edmonton from July 7 to July 10th
  9. Poland 3 - Australia 0 Congratulations CANADA, You have now your ticket for Rio Hope the basketball team will have same succes in Manilla in July (4 to 10th) They will have to compete with Turkey and Senegal in the group A plus France, New Zeland and Philippines in the group B It will be very hard considering France is ranked 5th in the world and Turkey 7th (Canada is 26th) We came so close few months ago in Mexico at the FIBA Americas Championship
  10. That is the time it take on a normal day. We will be at the Olympics, it will be different with all those security controls. I prefer to not take a chance, play safe and leave early. But if Canada play in that match (it's possible, they won the Bronze in 2012), sure that I will stay to the end. GO CANADA
  11. Yes My only one time-distance conflict will be having to leave after the first half of the women soccer gold medal game to be in time for athletics finals (I had the same scenario in London with the men gold medal game at Wembley Stadium) I was very happy last week to heard that the Blue line will be ready in time. Otherwise I would be in very big trouble
  12. For Canada Lot of talks about choosing Ian Millar who will participate at his 10 olympic in a row in equestrian events.
  13. Depending when I will finish next tuesday afternoon an important meeting at my job, good chance I will make the trip Montreal-Ottawa to watch the exhibition game between the Canadian Women Soccer Olympic team and the Brazilian Olympic team.
  14. I live in the Olympic Village of the 1976 Games. To go to work, I have to pass everyday in front of the Olympic Stadium. I used to work from 1989 to 1996 at the Montreal Forum (for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club, winner of 24 Stanley Cup), the venue in 1976 where Nadia Comaneci got her famous perfects 10
  15. 96 Finals for 16 days, yes But I have 3 sessions in Athletics with 5 Finals and more 3 sessions in canoe-Kayak with 4, 3 in rowing with four, 3 in swimming with 4, etc...
  16. What I will make different in Rio is to visit less restaurants. Working in the fine wine business and used to top gasronomic restaurant, my trips to Olympics always include visit to the top restaurants . For Rio, I will experiment only 7 or 8 compare to much more in Beijing, Vancouver in London. Also, I will visit only Hennekein Holland House, German Fan Fest and Tokyo 2020 Pavillon, No time for the rest
  17. Don't worry for me. I know I will be able to make it because I made it before. Of course I consider the distance between venues and also the time to spend for security check. My busiest day will be August 20th with 4 Finals at Canoe-Kayak in the morning, 3 Finals in Boxing in the afternoon and 7 in Athletics in the night. 14 Finals in the same day. I had a day with 12 Finals in London, Also a day of 12 in Beijing and one of 10. But I thing my craziest day, considering the distance between venues was in Beijing, Watching TaeKwanDo the morning, going to Shuniyi for Canoe-KayaK Finals and be
  18. Via Rio website, got today my missing Rowing tickets. With my recents additions I will now be able to see a total of 88 Finals (compare to 67 in Beijing) And i kept room for SW008 and/or SW012 (Swimming Finals) wich I directly asked to Swimming Canada (good chance to get since I'm high level referee at national level and member of the board of the Provincial Federation (Quebec)). So a possibility of 92 or 96 Finals on the 306 total
  19. You are right, via the June 13th ranking method, only 15 teams are selected. 8 others will be able to get their Rio ticket via a tournament in June. We have very good chance then to get our second men team.
  20. With only one week to go before June 6th (deadline for the ATP and WTA ranking), Eugénie Bouchard, Milos Raonic and Vasek Pospisil are assured to be at Rio. For Beach Volleyball, the date is June 13th, We are now assured of the presence at Rio of two women team, Pavan-Bansley and Broder Valjas. For the men, only one team will get is ticket for Rio, Schalk-Saxton. Unfortunelly Binstock-Schachter with only one tournament to go (in Hambourg) won't be able to earn enough points to pass in front of the two german teams who got presentelly the two last places for Rio.
  21. Cosport Canada also released a lot of tickets I add to my collection : GA008A Gymnastic Final (Men's team) SW003A Swimming qualifications AT005A Athletics Finals (Men's 100m) I also took by mistake CT007A, I allready bought ticket for that event before. Unfortunelly for me, no RO006 and RO007 (Rowing Finals)
  22. https://www.rio2016.com/sites/default/files/users/Samuel%20Green/event_schedule_-_handball_en.pdf
  23. I have : USA vs Q2 Q1 vs Venezuela Australia vs Venezuela plus an extra ticket I will not use (beach volleyball at the same time) Q2 vs China But, if Canada get Q2, I will skip beach volley
  24. https://www.rio2016.com/sites/default/files/users/rio2016_files/guia_legal_de_ingressos_ingles.pdf
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