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  1. Allready received a message from ATPI Canada about the refund of the tickets I bought. I will ask them if I can use the amount (4800$CAN) to be apply for Beijing 2022 Winter Games tickets
  2. Hotel in Ginza cancelled yesterday with no penalties. I guest lot of peoples will do the same.
  3. If you are curious ; The name of the hotel is Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo Kyobashi 600m walking distance to Tokyo Train Station (my exit from the Narita Airport Express train journey) 230m walking distance to Takaracho Station on Akasuka Line (needed for quickly reach Athletics and Beach Volleyball venues) 600m walking distance to Ginza-Ichtome Station on Yurakacho Line (needed for quickly reach Diving and Canoe-Kayak venues) 325$Can is less than 250$US
  4. For Canada it's now with ATPI that we have to deal with instead of Cosport. I tried to get tickets in their first release last year but got nothing. Disapointed I then decided to skip Tokyo after being at the three last Summer Games. Three days ago I received a e-mail from ATPI announcing the release of a new batch of tickets. Having in mind that I will not go to the Tokyo Games; I was curious to see what events were available. Big surprise seeing almost all Finals sessions available for each sports (except Swimming) I then decided to finally go to Japan in August 2021
  5. Canoe Kayak Canada just announced they got a place for the Men K2 following the suspension of the russian team.
  6. We clearly see the track on the map of the venue The start of the 100m is around section 111 and the finish around 104
  7. According to them, I will see 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze. (at the Beijing Games I saw 2-2-4)
  8. Cubebox, Usually, at every Olympics there's a lot of pins available at the Official Souvenir Store (hundreds of them) Those are logo pins, mascot pins, venue pins, sport pins (for each sports), etc... But those have no value for the real collector. The real thing for them is the NOC pins, dated or not (NOC for National Olympic Commity). That's the pins given to the athletes for trade with others athletes. They are very hard to find. Dated means that the Rio 2016 Logo is add on the pin. Some others collectors wants only Media pins, others Sponsor pins. Security pins, et
  9. Received yesterday email from Cosport with my Fedex tracking number. Should received my tickets monday morning
  10. general admission = less volunteers needed less volunteer = save of $ on uniforms and meals
  11. Swimming : I predict two medals (but not gold) 4x100m Freestyle Women Relay 1500m Freestyle Men with Ryan Cochrane (I know, is old) Boxing : depending of the draw, both woman (Arianne Fortin and Mandy Bujold) should be on the podium
  12. The reunion can start earlier (19h00, 19h30, 20h00 ...) Me I will arrive around 20h30 (I booked a brazilian cooking class at Copacabana from 16h00 to 20h00)
  13. Heineken Holland House : you have to go on their website to buy tickets (15euros good for one day only)
  14. Called Cosport today They said it's longer in my case because I have a lot of invoices under the same account and they want to make only one shipment. They told me It should be ship this week
  15. The Binstock/Schachter duo won their ticket for Rio this afternoon in North Bay with a win against Pedlow/O'Gorman First match in Rio will be saturday 6th in the morning against Alison/Bruno Schmidt (BRA), the 2015 World Champions (Alison also won the Silver at the 2012 London Game wth another partner, Emanuel) So, a very huge command for our canadians, but I will be in the stands with my canadian flag to cheer for them. GO CANADA
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