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  1. Its been a long journey ... I made this account back in 01! that's almost 9 years of my life waiting for this day. Vancouver is now on the world stage, this is going to be one hell of a ride! And its great to see Mr. X still posts here hahah
  2. Kerry: I did not make any of the pictures that I posted, but I agree they do look nice . The one on the top, I think, was just a concept for Pittsburgh's Convention Center and wasnt the one they built. Instead they went with an equally beautiful design from architect Rafael Vinoly seen here:
  3. I am one of those who doesnt like the building. I just see it as a missed oppourtunity to create something visually stunning on Vancouver's beautiful waterfront. You know what, it might look nice in the end - we cant tell untill its actually built. I guess its hard to judge without seeing real pictures. Perhaps the artist conceptions do not do the center justice. Anyways I thought I would post some pictures of convention centers that I think would look cool in Vancouver. Pittsburgh Hong Kong
  4. I totally agree. It does look horrible. If you think this is an example of a good landmark design .... :Oo:
  5. I agree USA, I think most media outlets will use their own custom background. February in Vancouver should be pretty cloudy and rainy anyway, so the visuals wouldnt be all that great.
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