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  1. Just want to bump again to see if anything catches... Still on the lookout for information from Asian Games official reports, looking specifically for statistics and rosters from teams! I've gotten some of 2010 printed, and most of 2002 can be accessed online, but I am still researching for other years! Big years of interest are the more recent ones, from 1982-present. Any ideas on where this information could be gathered (IOC no luck) or someone has this rare information? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Did you get your 2006 Asian Games Results from Infostrada? Did you have to pay for it?
  3. No I haven't contacted them about digitizing the books, I have contacted them for information from the 1990 Asian Games Report. But the gentleman I have been in contact with (from Iran) has stopped talking to me, so I don't know what to do now. My school library will not put in a loan for it because it is not a school related research.
  4. Haha well with the current state of Iran-US relations, it might be a little difficult to go there...US governmane says you're on your own over there and Iran might not even give a visa. I wish I could though, one of the two overseas sports libraries I want to vist (the other being the Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation in Madrid)...Maybe when I finish school and pay off some of it I can visit one!
  5. Well when I paste it into my IE address bar, it prompts me to open, save, or cancel. If it doesn't work for you I can email it to you as well, just PM me an address.
  6. OK, just sent you an email, using the same email that you have sent me stuff previously. Going to post the link so everyone can see it: www.olympicacademy.ir/news/admin/latinbook.xls
  7. Yeah the results from Doha I have been using the website, "web.arhive.org" and then inputting the event website. As for finding the list of books, I was on google seemingly forever and came across it. I might have it in my email and if you would like, I can forward that list to you. It's a list of what the Iranian Olympic library has in its archive.
  8. Yeah the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has not responded to me recently. Last year I contacted someone with the OCA Information and Statistics Committee, all he told was to contact the NOC of the host country. Absolutly ridiculous since the host nations pass over reports, information, websites to the OCA after the event...I had previously been in contact with someone from the Iranian Olympic Committee because their library has I think all of the reports. He told me he would see what he could find and would contact me. I provided him with the excel sheet list that showed that they had it, hoping it would help. Unfortunately he has never gotten back to me, been over a year. Chinese Olympic Committee hasn't responded either. I tried to put in a InterLibrary Loan request from my university library, but they wouldn't do it because it is not an academic related research. My local library back home doesn't do it, so I may have to go to the bigger Boston Public Library in the spring when I am done with school. I have been watching eBay, nothing. I will probably continue to email them in hopes of a response, but I can't be too optimistic. So I posed the question here to see if anyone had luck ever or has been able to find anything.
  9. Hello, Two questions: Does anyone have any of the official reports/results books from any of the Asian Games? Where would one find these reports/results books? Thank you, Martin
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