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  1. A Chinese textbook "Little Fox Sells Air" is a primary school book about a cunning fox that opens an air-selling business in a dirty air-polluted city.

    Capitalizing on that idea, Li Jie, decided to bag "World Cup Air" for 50 yuan ($6.30) and sell it.

    He also wants to bag Beijing 2008 Olympic Air, Tian'anmen Square Air, Mount Everest Air and and....well, the sky is the limit, literally.

    Li asked the court, "A textbook could not possibly advocate breaking the law, could it?"

    The Chaoyang Industry and Commerce Bureau rejected his application.

    I don't know why. Let the guy sell the air. The only thing more foolish might be the people who buy it.

    My dad used to say that people will buy anything. "If you left a bucket of manure on the front porch of a house sooner or later someone would buy it, either because they want the bucket or the manure."

    Hmm... I wonder how it smells like (ewww!)

    Anyway imho, it's better than chipping off a slab of the concrete from the stadium! It's like tourists who bring a piece of coral back home destroying the ecosystem. Taking away the air, won't destroy the beauty of the stadiums.

    Speaking of which, the baseball stadium at Wukesong is a temporary one. So they may indeed sell away parts of this stadium as memorandum!

  2. According to 搜狐, the exterior of the Water Cube has been fully installed on 4th Nov 2006. The whole exterior is made up of 634 ETFE panels. These panels are self-clean, and can automatically adjust light and heat in the stadium by reflecting excess light and heat!

    The roof of the building will be completed by end of 2006 followed by the installation of the internal ETFE wall! This is exciting!!! :)


    You can find other pictures in my blog! :D

  3. I vote for using pinyin in lieu of just the English alphabet order. One of my favorite parts of the OC is the Parade of Nations, and seeing the teams come in a different order than they would otherwise is part and parcel of why I like the Opening Ceremonies.

    I agree. It's like discovering part of the culture of the host country.

  4. "BEIJING, Oct. 31) -- Swiss watchmaker Omega on Tuesday presented a pocket watch of the limited edition 1932 to the Beijing Municipality.

    At a press conference in the Beijing Capital Museum, Kong Fanzhi, director of the Beijing Cultural Relics Protection Bureau received the watch from Stephen Urquhart, president of Omega.

    The Omega company supplied 30 pocket chronographs for use at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Since then it has served as official timekeeper at 22 Olympic Games. To commemorate the achievement, Omega created 300 pieces of the Limited Edition Pocket Watch 1932.

    The gold watch presented to Beijing is intentionally numbered 88, representing the opening date of the Beijing Olympic Games -- 8 August, 2008. It also bears an inscription of the Games' Emblem. The Capital Museum is expected to keep the watch for permanent collection.

    Wang Wei, executive vice president and secretary-general of the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) attended the press conference.

    He said Omega, a Worldwide Olympic Partner, has plaid an enormous role in the process of the Olympic Movement and it is now actively involved in the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. The pocket watch, he said, demonstrates good and lasting cooperation between the Beijing Municipality and Omega, as well as their best wishes for the 2008 Games."

    Well, I believe that the watch labelled 8 will be extremely hot and worth lots! :D

    The pictures of the watch can be found on my blog.

  5. It will be interesting on how the order will be in 2008. The last time the Olympic Games came to the general area, Nagano 1998 just used the English alphabet, if I'm right.

    However, there was a topic like this in the old forum before this current one. One of our Chinese members here posted then said that a pin yin system could be used in this case.

    Yup. That's most likely. I don't think many Mainlanders now understand the original phonetics system. The pin yin or romanised phonetic system is more widely used, particularly in Mainland China.

    The first country is possibly Albania (in pin yin, it is a er ba ni ya)

  6. BEIJING : Hundreds of thousands of drivers have heeded official calls to stay off Beijing's busy streets for a high-profile summit in what is seen as a rehearsal of 2008 Olympic traffic-control efforts.

    Traffic was lighter than normal in this city of 15 million notorious for its traffic jams on Wednesday, as a six-day ban on most government vehicles taking to the road got underway.

    At least 490,000 vehicles from the government's fleet stayed in the garage, according to the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

    At least 250,000 private drivers also heeded the call, aimed at preventing delegates here for a China-Africa Cooperation Forum summit from getting ensnared in traffic, state media said.

    Members of hundreds of motor clubs in the Beijing area pledged to stay off the road or minimise their driving during the summit, the Beijing Daily reported.

    Fast-modernising Beijing has nearly three million registered motor vehicles, including nearly two million private cars, and the number is increasing by more than 1,100 a day, state media reported last month.

    The official Xinhua news agency described traffic in Beijing as at "crisis point".

    China, which has been on a recent drive to increase its influence in Africa and its access to the continent's energy resources, is pulling out all the stops to impress delegations from 48 African nations for this weekend's summit.

    Huge banners and billboards emphasising Sino-African friendship have been put up around the city for what the Chinese media have hailed as the highest-profile international gathering in China since 1949.

    But the Beijing Daily also said this week's traffic measures were a "high-level rehearsal for the Olympic Games".

    The measures also include a ban on taxis using the expressway linking the city with its airport.

    Chinese authorities have said previously they intend to take short-term measures during the Olympics to ensure the roads are not congested while the Olympic spotlight shines on the city.

    Beijing has hinted it may ban some cars from the streets and ration petrol.

    A senior official with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee told reporters last week the city was considering establishing special Olympic traffic lanes and encouraging people to use public transport.

    - AFP/ms"

    So we are probably guaranteed a better air quality for 16 days in Aug 08 and 16 days in Sep 08. :)

  7. yea although normally the mens marathon final is reaced in the afternoon on the final day as occurred in athens and sydney. The Atlanta final was in the morning if i remember correctly

    So it signifies that athletics is not as popular as the States? It's reported that the reason why swimming and gymnastics are in the early afternoon is because NBC asserted its broadcasting rights.

  8. That is not correct - 30% of tickets are offered to National Olympic Committees starting next week, which is when the prices will be released. I think prices come out on Friday.

    30% are for Sponsors and Games Family

    40% for the public

    Prices will be very cheap, and I am almost certain that you will see many tickets on ebay going for large amounts of money. BUT the first lot of tickets will not be from Chinese students, but rather from sponsors and National Olympic Commitee allocations which start in February or March next year.

    Opening Ceremony is going to be expensive for NOCs and Sponsors, and cheap for the domestic market.

    AND there is something different about the percentage that agencies like Jet Set and Cartan can put on their tickets. It used to be a maxmimum of 20% over face value, and for these Games it is a minimum of 20% with no maximum, so everyone from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA who have to order through Jet Set Sports are going to be paying through the roof for tickets.

    Can you go over to Beijing and buy just before the event starts? I am sure there will be people selling.

  9. I read off a chinese news website2008.sohu.net( that there will be more than 7 million tickets to be sold in the games. Among these, 80% will be sold in the country and the remaining to the rest of the world.

    Which means that you will probably see a sea of black hair and red shirts in all Games venues. It's an open secret that China aims to be top of the medal table in Beijing 2008. It does help when you have a home crowd cheering you on! Actually, the Games is one of the great ways to instill national fervour and pride!

    At the same time, to assist the local people to be able to afford the tickets, the Olympic committee asserted that the ticket price will be the cheapest of the last few Olympics. Most locals reflect that they like the tickets to be less than 100rmb (US$12.67). Many don't mind paying 500rmb for the Opening Ceremony too. Still, this is even lower than the Los Angeles Games in 1984 (US$32 then) and cheaper than going to a movie in the States!

    In fact, the committee is thinking of giving concession tickets (which are dirt cheap) to students too. Can they really make money to cover the extremely high expenses in building 11 new stadiums, upgrading of the other stadiums and other infrastruture?

    But one thing's for sure, there will be lots of enterprising students selling the tickets for a profit!

  10. This's an interesting arrangement. I wonder why though... Is it for USA or because of the weather?

    (taken from IAAF.org)

    Beijing 2008 – All track and field finals to be held in evening sessions

    Thursday 26 October 2006

    At the end of a three day meeting of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Coordination Commission in Beijing, China, earlier today the competition schedule of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008 (8 August to 24 August 2008) was agreed.

    The Commission was joined by IOC President, Jacques Rogge, who was in the Chinese capital to view progress for himself ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games, and to meet Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on a range of Games related matters.

    IOC Coordination Commission Chairman Hein Verbruggen confirmed that the finals of all track and field stadium events will take place in the evening competition sessions, and that this will commence at 1900hrs local time each day (GMT + 8hrs).

    However, the men’s and women’s marathons will start at 0700hrs local time.

    The morning sessions in which the most of the qualification rounds of the track and field schedule will take place will commence at 0900hrs local time each day.

    The full timetable of the athletics events of Beijing 2008 will now go for approval by the IAAF Council whose next sitting takes place on 13 and 14 November 2006 in Monaco.

  11. Yao Ming: Chinese must be more polite


    By Grant Clark SINGAPORE, Bloomberg

    Yao Ming, China's most popular athlete and a three-time NBA All-Star, said his countrymen must stop jumping queues, speak more quietly in restaurants and generally improve manners ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

    "I suggest we work on our public courtesy," Yao told the official Beijing 2008 magazine. "Such courtesies are no small matter. They are the sign of an internationalized host nation with a great cultural tradition."

    Beijing Olympic and government officials have started an etiquette campaign targeting habits such as queue-jumping and spitting in the buildup to the 17-day sports event starting Aug. 8, 2008. The Chinese Olympic Committee president this year said good manners should be "at the top of our agenda."

    The 7-foot-5 Yao, whose comments will be published in the next edition of Beijing 2008, urged China to move into line with international standards of behavior.

    "For example, Westerners lower their voices in restaurants so as not to bother other people," Yao said. "Jumping ahead in queues is a definite no-no. Motorists should follow traffic rules, respect pedestrians and stop to let them pass first."

    Chinese authorities last month listed mainland tourists' bad habits in a move to encourage better manners before the Olympics, state news agency Xinhua reported. Those included "taking off socks and shoes in public" and "bad temper and cursing."

    The 26-year-old Yao, who plays for the Houston Rockets, said China's service industries should be "more internationally minded" during the Olympics and follow the example of the past two Summer Games.

    "In Sydney and Athens the service people were very nice," he said. "They smiled and said 'Hello' to you but they also gave the athletes lots of personal space, they did not bother them. I hope the Olympic staff in Beijing will learn from such foreign practices."

    Personally, I agree with Yao Ming. Some chinese really just spit anywhere and grab you by the arm to buy things from them. They also spit out bones on the floor when they are eating. It's not very pleasant.

  12. I took this from the Chinese website 2008.sina.com.cn. I've translated the first two paragraphs. Will post the rest in my blog later.

    国家体育场首场国际赛事确定 鸟巢处女秀选中竞走

    http://2008.sina.com.cn 2006年10月17日11:24 京华时报

    本报讯 (记者李艾)2008年4月19日,国际田联竞走挑战赛将在北京奥运会主会场———国家体育场(鸟巢)举行,这是国家体育场建成后迎来的首场国际比赛。昨天,北京奥组委官方网站发布2008年“好运北京”系列赛赛程安排表,每一个奥运场馆都将承担其中的赛事,以此对场馆的设施、服务流程、运行以及竞赛组织等方面进行测试。





    Taken 2008.sina.com.cn

    By Li Ai

    First Event in Bird Nest Stadium Confirmed

    On 19th Apr 2008, The International Athletes Federation’s Walkathon Competition will be held at the National Stadium aka Bird Nest. This will be the FIRST international event ever to use the stadium. Yesterday, the Beijing Olympic Committee announced at its website the schedule for the series of competitions collectively known as “Good Luck Beijing 2008”. This is the series of events that will test all the Olympic venues in areas of infrastructure, service system process and competition organization process.

    “Good Luck Beijing 2008” is the rehearsal and practice for the stadiums ahead of the Olympics. It begins on 1st Aug 2007 and will progress through all the stadiums. As the main venue for the games, the National Stadium (Bird Nest) is estimated to be completed by end of 2007. It will be revealed before the World on 19th April 2008 as the Walkathon begins. The National Aquatic Center (Water Cube) will also be put into use for the first time in Feb 2008.

  13. I recomend that you save the Water Cube images on your PC, then upload them to www.imageshack.us.

    Or much better, create a Photobucket account www.photobucket.com , you can upload a LOT of images and take a look at them later, you have arround 1 Giga of space (although there's a limit of 1 mega for the images you upload, don't forget that).

    By the way, nice blog you have there, keep it up.

    Try to promote more your site and make more friends on Blogger, so you will get a lot of comments. If it don't work up, try using Livejournal.

    Thanks mate for the encouragement! :D That's a fantastic idea! Will do that :)

    What happens if the walls of Water Cube leak and spill out, and mixes with Bird's Nest Stadium? You are going to have one helluva vat of Bird's Nest SOUP!!! :lol::lol:

    You know there's also a new national theatre that looks like an egg!

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