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  1. Liverpool? Seriously? It was part of Manchester's 1996 Olympic bid! Offering some venues, as well as its international airport. I suppose it would want to use the venues Manchester built for its Commonwealth Games (like the velodrome) to save on some venues. What the Commonwealth Games needs is a definitive list of sports, adding some which are actually popular in the Commonwealth (like football and cricket (again)), as well as lowering the capacity of the main stadium to 25,000.
  2. Go Budapest! It may seem a bit Prague, but Hungary knew all along, with the race having bidders drop like flies, there's more chances to win!
  3. Adding 30m is sure as heck better than that temporary ramp/barges at the river proposal for 2002, or the totally environmentally irresponsible mountain inland, which had the vertical, but still landed at a river.
  4. What about Quebec? Sure they need to find some legacy for the potential white elephants of a ski jump and sliding center (The ski jump for the 2002 bid was supposed to be at 70,000. Perhaps this could serve as a new open air concert venue?), but the men's downhill issue simply requires Le Massif to be expanded by 30 or so meters in vertical.
  5. How about something different? Like recreate an iconic Olympic scene in Lego or something like that.
  6. Forget a US/Canada joint bid for a Winter Olympics. If a joint bid were to happen. the closest would be a Detroit/Windsor Summer Games. Let Quebec bid on its own and try to figure out the legacy for the ski jumps and sliding track. Let Lake Placid try for it alone (with the region) or some other US location make a bid. There's simply no need for any joint bidding in this case.
  7. It's because most of them are die hards, who would never ever vote Democrat. Combine this with the slacker generation, the fearful and the 19% or so uber Rednecks over 35 males who would vote for Trump, then there's no hope in hell that Bernie Sanders will win. However if the 81% of Women, minorities and youth 21-35, raise their voice, then yes, it will be a landslide, otherwise it would be a close election, that tips in Trump's favour.
  8. Here you go: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=18254367962&searchurl=kn%3Dolympic%2520bid%26sortby%3D0 Port Moresby's bid book for the 2015 Pacific Games. Well you wanted an overpriced bid book now didn't you?
  9. He's got a Berlin 2000 set, which I already have too! But this one is in original shrink wrapping and unopened. Minty!
  10. There's a Paris 2008 set on ebay if anyone wants it. I already have those.
  11. What lack of sporting venues? You basically have all the indoor sports covered. A tennis center. A football stadium. A university which could certainly host some outdoor events (like Archery) in their sporting facilities. As for specific venues (like Equestrian) there certainly are possibilities, which can be expanded to meet international standards. The only issue is if they really need the main stadium or not. But should they build it as a permanent facility, I'm sure a major casino wouldn't hesitate to assist funding it so that they can slap their name on it post Paralympics.
  12. Wasn't there a replica made for the 1972 Munich Olympics (given the same company Krupp made both torches?) Some of the cheaper ones could easily be the replica version.
  13. Perhaps I'll wait till Tom lowers the price, or are they a pointless buy since St Petersburg never made it to the shortlist back in those days where mini bid books weren't present (which ironically is the format they're going back to).
  14. Here they are! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Olympic-Bid-Book-St-Petersburg-2004-Athens-2004-Olympic-Games-/172080680791?hash=item2810cecf57:g:5w0AAOSwqrtWoNXq
  15. 10 dollars. Or if you'd like, my Vostok Partner. I rarely wear that one anymore. Still ticks of course, being an automatic, but it's frigidity when being set to the correct time. Could use a service I guess, or an internal clean.
  16. That is a Berlin 2000 bid document in German. The 3 bid book version (which I have) is in English/French. This is clearly a bid document which is simply in the German language. It could be a condensed version of the 3 bid book file or simply a summary of it. It's definitely not the preliminary bid documents (domestic bid phase) as I've seen one of those on eBay before.
  17. Lemmy Klimister, lead singer of the band Motorhead. The week Lemmy died, most if not all the Simpsons related pages on Facebook and elsewhere were going "Not Lemmy!" Not only as a reference to "Not Lenny!" but also due to the fact that there have been some Motorhead references in the Simpsons. Much like David Bowie, he just celebrated his birthday and died 4 days later. He just found out he had cancer 2 days prior to his death. He died on December 28th, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmy
  18. Here's something odd for ya, not a bid book, it's one of those Jewish Games books. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2001-Israel-Jewish-Olympics-16th-Maccabiah-Book-Paperback-Hebrew-English-/181982573726?hash=item2a5f01b49e:g:KGwAAOSw8cNUSh2O
  19. No, buying your first luxury wrist watch is. Especially given how much you saved for it and that "you've earned it" feeling at the end. I see these other Amsterdam bid books on Abebooks. But I can't determine if they have the slipcase like Olympic Fan Darcy's. He stated some of them didn't have the slipcase. http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?ds=20&kn=amsterdam+olympic+1992&sortby=20 The first one although expensive, looks like it has it.
  20. Says someone who hasn't been here as long as TNMP. Let the taco speak. Oh and they would never have the RIO torch as soon as possible, unless of course the organizing committee came out with a replica/commemorative version last minute. The real deal wouldn't be leaked out to the likes of Ebay well before the actual torch relay. And if it were, though highly unlikely it would be, it would definitely be uber-expensive. I already have one, move along...
  21. Every major city has a small athletics field. Just host it there in front of 5,000 people. Have Opening and Closing Ceremonies at an arguably larger football stadium instead.
  22. Must explain that Olympic Fund noted on the back cover where they acknowledge 1968. I wouldn't say they got the message, but to simply compete against the USSR and Moscow was just too much. But why didn't they try for 1984? Even if it were another long shot given the recent Communist Games and perhaps Sarajevo filling the Communist games (for Winter), they only had LA to compete with, which already hosted before.
  23. Prague 1980? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Praha-Prague-1980-Olympic-book-Czechoslovak-Olympic-Committe-rare-/161930674144?hash=item25b3d1ffe0:g:-2MAAOSwgyxWXYBR Did the Czechs really make a bid for 1980 but bailed out prior to the actual vote? I see pins out there, but this is the first time I've seen a bid book.
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