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  1. Because they were official submissions. If it were a domestic bid book, then fine, but for something that was never approved to be submitted by the government and or NOC, then it's not worth spending the peanuts it's supposedly worth. You're better off spending that money on an official submission. That aside, I can expect that Melbourne 1988's proposal would be as similar to their 1996 one. Rather spend a bit more on than a mere 100 or less on (even if it were completely bilingual) Just my view on it.
  2. Would "avant-garde" be an appropriate term for the Albertville ceremonies?
  3. No use getting a Melbourne 1988 bid book, considering we never actually bid. No matter how rare it might be.
  4. You can still get the one with the fancy slipcase. I got mine from Abebooks.com 2 months traveling from Ontario, Canada!
  5. I got the Toronto 1996 bid books, but not in that elaborate slipcase, just the simple one. It came with some preliminary bid books too. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-other/city-of-toronto/toronto-1996-olympic-bid-book/1100511589 The preliminary files indicated that Exhibition Stadium would have been expanded to 90,000-100,000 for athletics, the Skydome would host ceremonies at 60,000 and York University would be the Athletes' Village using existing and new dormitories. Of course this was changed in the actual bid for a more downtown setting. Interesting that there is no mention of Canada's Oly
  6. You mean an Olympic logo dealie? Well I didn't enter this one.... maybe my creativity is stifling.
  7. Just bring it to the Commonwealth Games again as a permanent sport. Heck just put a permanent list of sports for that event, an event which is clearly dying.
  8. It's the complete set of books you get from the whole bid package. I contacted him if he was willing to sell the whole thing, but no, he's only willing to sell whatever X mini books there are. I guess he want's to keep the package for display purposes, as he's a regular in exhibits, I guess all you need to do is show off the box and not so much the contents.
  9. A platform is also useful for ceremonies, with trap doors and the like. All athletes need to do is walk up a few steps (from the main track entrance) or do an Atlanta 1996 approach with a ramp from the top (which of course has to be done properly this time).
  10. I'm conflicted with this new voting system. On the one hand you have some tension on where the top 3 or so votes will go during the televote round which could make or break the current leader (or the leader from the jury vote), yet on the other hand it's unlikely that we'll see nail biting close finishers again where nations win over others by just 1 or 2 votes.
  11. Sarajevo 2010. Quebec City 2002. Sochi 2002.
  12. Technically the Northern Stand built for the 2006 Commonwealth Games is one whole stand, but it still retains it's Members' Ponsford and Olympic Stand monikers. In addition to this, the Olympic Stand houses the National Sports Museum. The Great Southern Stand was built as part of the 1992 Cricket World Cup and the other stands would have gone minor upgrades (individual seating etc) prior to the 1996 Olympics, had Melbourne hosted it.
  13. Nah. I'd still like the idea of simply having a poll. You have all the EBU nations eligible and the people of OZ can vote on any place they wish to have it staged. It's up to that nations' broadcaster and government to accept this invitation, otherwise it will go to the the nearest runner up who accepts. I want to see absurd cities hosting! Of course, there should be some ground rules, the host city must have a venue of X capacity (like 10,000 minimum) and so forth, but otherwise, we can have a whole bunch of absurd entrants in the "bid" race!
  14. In the unlikely event of a win and we actually get to host it. Have it in Melbourne. You have two choices, Etihad Stadium (at 50,000+) or Rod Laver Arena (at around 15,000). Since we're so multicultural with many European clubs/institutions/restaurants etc. You can have live shots/feeds from such venues. Perhaps the Hungarian club will have a cameo, or the Swiss Club at Burke Street. Maybe a stopover at the Hofbrauhaus? The Croatians have a venue in Footscray. The Poles have several clubs, there's one in Sunshine. And so forth.
  15. Australia to win! We can bring it back to Austria, for a laugh, or the old country Engerland (or GB in general). Alternatively a vote for the most absurd place in Europe to host it next year!
  16. If the Iranian Revolution didn't happen, I'd expect a Tehran games under the Shah to have involved massive upgrades to an already existing Olympic complex etc. Modern all seater venues, using new video screen technology developed by the Japanese... perhaps contracting that same Japanese company who did the Sarajevo torches. Everything would be high-tech. I don't think a Shah games would have been boycotted (at least by most nations or a Soviet led revenge boycott), the Soviet Union would have boycotted Lake Placid instead and we'd not have the Miracle on Ice game between the Soviets and team
  17. I guess they spent their money wooing the IOC for 2002, rather than just a elaborate bid book presentation and stetson hats.
  18. http://www.thepropellergroup.com/portfolio/29 Was this really Salt Lake City's 1998 bid books? In that leather bag? Makes the Lucite 2002 books look plain.
  19. Didn't Rio 2004 propose a new stadium which would have served ceremonies and athletics at around 70,000?
  20. Will Andorra ever try another bid again? This time they can do their elaborate 3 volume bid book like bids before Beijing 2008. I'd have Font-Romeu serve as an alpine skiing venue (or for freestyle skiing and snowboard). It supposedly has an existing curling/ice rink venue. I'd propose a new venue to replace/supplement this. La Llagonne, has an existing Cross Country Skiing venue which would also serve Biathlon. Does France need another Ski Jump venue at Font-Romeu this time? I think not, the venue from Albertville 1992 is more than enough, so give such a venue to Spain. In addition, propose
  21. Unfortunately this seller from Greece is not exactly selling the complete Athens 1996 bid book. He's selling the contents of the 6 sub file binders (the X amount of mini-books) and not the complete package. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/222099154325?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Which is a shame, because I really want one and offered him an offer. He says he has this and one that was in a wooden package. Guess he wants to keep the presentation box on display for his exhibitions as people don't actually see the contents, plus he has another one.
  22. Turkey is going backwards, which is somewhat surprising given that they're supposed to be a secular state.
  23. The "mountain" of which you speak is actually Tahko Hill, which would have been dramatically artificially heightened if such a plan was ever put in motion. Which of course is far more unlikely (close to impossible) than a mere 30 meter rise for Quebec's Le Massif.
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