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  1. Seems like that would be a costly endeavour. They already spent all that man power replacing the seats and laying down the grass. Once they put back the stage it'll probably just stay there until the end of the Paralympics (for those ceremonies).
  2. Top 10 reasons the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremonies looked cheap. No. 10: "We can't afford a whole orchestra, so let's just use some of the string section and a guy with an acoustic guitar for the anthem." No 9: "We don't have a choir, so we'll just get Paulinho da Viola to sing the first stanza, with the audience mumbling the second one." No. 8: "You're not paying attention in French class? OK, the French will have to be half assed then." No 7: "I would have loved more cities to have been presented in the polar ice caps melting video, but we simply can't afford to do more animations of
  3. Illuminati? Seriously? Can't a triangle simply be a triangle? Can't a diamond simply be a diamond? Where's that 666? All I saw was a "6" from a countdown, and two stages they designed (one for the flags and one for the music performances/speeches). If they add another stage for the closing, does that debunk the 666? All I got out of the Opening Ceremonies was that it was clearly on a budget. They spent most of the 40 odd million budget (for the Opening) on those tricycles and the end stage, rather than on more elaborate projections, aerial acts and large scale carnival style floats/props. T
  4. By having a good chunk of athletes stay out of it, left some huge gaps on the ceremony field. It just needed to be a bit more fuller.
  5. Trench coats, not even bothering to button them for some. What can we do for one million? Oh I really want that climate change segment, guess I'll have to pay for that...
  6. Just because the Brazilian Government is at fault, doesn't mean the organisers should be. They're pleading to the whole world, not just for the sake of Brazil, but the whole of humanity.
  7. A sublime ceremonies with an 70's vibe. There should have been more athletes marching during the Parade of Nations. So what if it ends at midnight! Just deal with it! You're watching it on TV at the village anyways. You just allow for another hour before you return to the village. A good way of highlighting the need to act on climate change. The video showing the effects on major cities woth rising sea levels could have shown more cities though. A nice cultural segment showing the diversity of Brazil and its major multicultural facets. An interestingly done Opening on a clear bu
  8. Channel 7 commentary: One of my favourite capitals in the world Oogoo-doo-goo (Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso).
  9. Probably a gift to each nation of an indigenous Brazilian tree/plant to bring back home. Try getting that through customs!
  10. Boondall is no longer an option due to being protected wetlands. It's the ideal location, but doesn't seem viable anymore. You're better off making it at Belmont-Chandler, where you have the Olympic Park, using the existing venues (Shooting complex, Velodrome, minor arena and Brisbane Aquatic Centre). You add the Olympic Stadium there, Athletes' Village (or have that at Nudgee), Archery (temporary), BMX (temporary/permanent), a new main pool and perhaps a new arena (or minor one, as you can have a new major arena downtown). Just need to improve train/transport links to that area.
  11. Havana 2028! Let's go for broke! With the trade embargo officially over, McDonald's will be a proper official sponsor now, alongside that Coca-Cola!
  12. It was simply Beijing's 2nd attempt. They didn't end up boycotting Atlanta after their failed 2000 bid. They learned from their mistakes and presented a much stronger bid. Although it wasn't superior to Toronto's, it was good enough to get them the Games, otherwise we'd have had to have seen the same narrative for 2012. It wasn't just South America not having hosted that was a determining factor for Rio. It was the huge boost of experience from the 2007 Pan American Games which proved that they could host. As for Sochi, of the non finalized bidders, much of which were from the same regio
  13. Well then build a new athletics stadium elsewhere then. You could propose it for downsizing post Olympics, or as an an alternative venue for the new NRL team or the Brisbane Lions of the AFL.
  14. A 60,000 seater multipurpose stadium seems a bit odd. Just propose a new arena already, with the main stadium either being QEII Stadium at 90,000 or a replacement venue somewhere else in the city.
  15. But at least their 2008 bid was the strongest of all bidders. It only went to Beijing because it was obviously going to be one of those "we might as well give it to them now or they'll keep nagging us". Especially given that China is the largest populated nation on Earth. The 1996 bid was a puzzle for Toronto, it was not only too soon, but had they gone with their original plan (Exhibition Stadium to be upgraded for Athletics, Skydome for the Ceremonies and York University as the Athletes' Village) then they might have fared worse than 3rd place.
  16. I went to the forum on should Melbourne bid for another Olympics in 2028. The panel said that Brisbane might be the preferred first bid choice (again) and we'd be riding on the hopes that they lose. Too bloody early? What about Toronto's failed 1996 Olympic bid, which came on the back of Montreal just 20 years prior and a Calgary 1988 Winter Games. That bid was too Toronto and Ontario-centric, with little reference to the glory (or part glories) of Canada's sporting and Olympic past. Regional for Brisbane huh? It should be Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the most, with perhaps the Sunshin
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