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  1. Absurd! And the seller says it was bought from a tag sale! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tokyo-2020-Discover-Tokyo-Bid-Book-And-DVD-Olympics-Summer-Rare-/331963241448?hash=item4d4a8d13e8:g:XJsAAOSwi0RX0HQS
  2. ...and it needs to go just because of doping? The Philippines won it's first medal in 20 years because of Weightlifting and it was the first since 1936 that was a sport other than Boxing.
  3. Philadelphia would offer a great symbolic choice if they proposed to remove the Philadelphia Navy Yard and use that as part of their Olympic Park. Of course I may have mentioned this already. But do they want the Games?
  4. Yes, Melbourne offered to upgrade the MCG to 103,000 all seated for 1996. It can safely seat around 95,000 now with the Northern Stand built for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. I doubt it can ever be expanded to match Sydney's record or even more. That would require the removal of the roof of the Great Southern Stand and extension of the upper rows, or even a new stand altogether. But that seems unlikely. For a future Olympics, I think Melbourne will offer it's 95,000 seater capacity like in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. .
  5. Nah, they couldn't even land the 1998 Commonwealth Games (those bid books are still on ebay!) Perth might be a remote choice, but their new 60,000 seater AFL stadium can work for athletics, provided that a section of seating is removed to fit the track. Therefore not making it the minimum capacity for athletics and ceremonies.
  6. But they did! So they could never be beaten, not even by Melbourne!
  7. Sydney had a 110,000 seater stadium for 2000. Sydney proposed a 100,000 seater in their bid. It would have still had its critics, who would question why such a large stadium would be needed considering that they just built a brand new one!
  8. That pictograms part made me think that if Maracana had the ability to do so, then they would have had the pictogram elements slowly come out (during the video part), being suspended from the roof. Instead they cheated and only gave the home viewer this experience, whilst those inside the stadium only saw it unfolding on the screens. Perhaps they'll actually do this in 2020. To me, Santos Dumont was just a loose relation to the Opening Ceremony. Sure, it's fine to know more about him, but having the whole Olympics come full circle with him claiming "we done it" or something like that would
  9. "Torch turned off" It's a cauldron! And she liked the pouring rain. It's the Summer Olympics! Melbourne was ridiculed several times for the fact that a rain heavy Olympics (especially during ceremonies) would be very likely! As for the Closing Ceremony itself, it was good but not great. I would have liked that stage end to have been installed again, on the opposite end this time, even if it weren't being used in any meaningful way. Santos Dumont again? He should have been shown flying his plane either back into the stadium or using a modern light propeller plane. His suitcase would have sti
  10. Sydney should have failed in 1996 and Melbourne hosted in 2000! A Sydney 1996 bid would have been laughed at with regards to the main stadium. They just built a 45,000 seater football stadium in 1988 and now just a few years after they propose to build an Olympic sized stadium?
  11. Get a copy of the 1992 bid books, compare what was proposed then and what's been built since (and upgraded). Then you compare this with Brisbane's attempt to land the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  12. A Commonwealth Games is more likely considering that development on the Port area is going to happen soon. You can use it as a real test for the big one. That port area is bound to go, eventually, which gives it prime location for Olympic related development.
  13. Make it a 1st time bid for 2028 and you can fight with either Brisbane or Melbourne! The Olympic Park should be located at Albany. Where the existing North Harbour Stadium could be expanded to Olympic capacity of 72,000 (12,000 existing stand, 30,000 new and 2 temporary 15,000 track end stands). This will house the Olympic Village (at Massey University) as well as a new aquatics centre, using the existing Albany tennis centre for tennis and temporary arenas for some sports. A major development would be the Ports of Auckland. A new port would be located in Muriwai, where the existing site
  14. Perhaps "mess" was too harsh. I commend Rio and Brazil for their efforts and acknowledge that they won when things were on a high, the country was progressing forward and things were mostly economically stable, but these games perhaps show that it might not come to a developing nation, not for a long time. Let's see how the Paralympics go, if they ever happen at all.
  15. A good handover ceremony. The joke with Rio and MaRio, as well as the Prime Minister posing as Mario or becoming him thanks to that red ball. Surprised there wasn't any Pokemon or even Pokemon GO references, perhaps the video pointing out the Rio mascots are NOT Pokemon! A good look for things to come. Bring on a high tech ceremonies, we all know Japan's culture and past, let's see something futuristic for a change.
  16. Yes, you have legacy Pan Am venues, but can the waterfront still be developed? Or is it too late? Or will the airport close just so you have more space to build stuff? Or will there be attempts at land reclamation?
  17. The IOC made their own bed when choosing Rio to go ahead of Doha, despite Doha scoring higher. The IOC should have had both of them go through and simply eliminated them both for Tokyo. Rio would bid again for 2020, much stronger and perhaps might not be in this mess.
  18. So many empty seats. Watching the CBC feed (replay of course, had work today, couldn't watch live). O Canada indeed! They always deliver. Surprised they didn't try to fill the seats by either delaying the start, or getting people to come in and watch. My overall judgement is yet to happen. They should have kept the cubes from the Opening Ceremony, even if not used at all. Perhaps it would have made the stadium look more full.
  19. The Paralympics will never be before the Olympics, nor will it revert back to other cities/nations hosting. It's not the afterthought or dessert. It's it's own unique event. They hold the Olympics first for that maximum exposure and ensuring they get the proper dates. The make the Paralympics come a couple of weeks after, knowing well that there won't be as much exposure due to children coming back to school etc. Let's just see how cheap the Rio Paralympics Opening Ceremony will be... I don't think the games should combine to form a mega event. The Olympics should be extended by a week f
  20. For what? Global Warming to catch up and make it more viable for Melbourne to host in July/August where it might not be so rainy?
  21. Did you just mention the US in indirect association with the Pan American Games? Let's see when the US finally does want to do a proper bid...
  22. I expect McMahon Stadium to be used as the ceremonies venue, even if this project were to go underway. You really want a pyrotechnics extravaganza with proper fireworks, not just token ones seen in Vancouver and what people saw on the video screens of the outside of the stadium. After all, it would be right next to the Athletes' Village and still be in use as the University of Calgary's main stadium. So I'd expect a total upgrade/renovation of the venue to 60,000, as it was in 1988, using temporary individual seating this time. New video screens in the corners of the stadium too, an improve
  23. Wait you're saying this was better than London? London was grandiose! The only stuff I would have tweaked with London would be: - The idea of the Glastonbury crowd. You have a "Mosh" and "Posh" pit, where lucky contestants (who bought a raffle ticket) get to be an actual part of that Opening Ceremony. The "Mosh" crowd get a pleasant country style picnic to enjoy throughout the night, whilst the "Posh" crowd have almost an afternoon style tea setting, at the opposite end of the stadium. - The arrival of James Bond and the Queen via parachuting from the helicopter. There should have been
  24. Make it a week longer to increase viability and give more flexibility (especially to the additional sports added for 2020) and lower the capacity requirements for venues.
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