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  1. Can Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium/Lang Park be upgraded with a retractable roof and be used in a similar manner like Georgia Dome was used for Basketball and Gymnastics in Atlanta's 1996 Centennial Olympics? Remember Atlanta got a new arena only after the Olympics, so Brisbane could be the same. If a new arena comes bid time or is under construction, then use it, otherwise don't have it as the deal breaker for a potential Olympics.
  2. You throw every bit of alternative accommodation in there. Hostels, camping grounds, caravan parks, even cruise ships and home stays. For the media, a purpose built village and sub villages should be built, they should be able to cope without the need to be accommodated in precious hotel space.
  3. The feasibility study states that currently around 40,000+ accommodation in hotels/apartments is available in the region, with an expected 55,000+ come 2032. Other forms of alternative accommodation is proposed, but the key issue is housing the media. This is significantly short of the 81,000 stated to be needed for an Olympics. A purpose built Media Village should be proposed in conjunction with the required Athletes Village and sub Village sites. Have a main Media Village in Brisbane and smaller sub sites in Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Cruise Ships could cover any shortfall, j
  4. The feasibility study can be found here: https://seqmayors.qld.gov.au/initiatives/2mfHY5whV6uNpagYpw2v It's a regional bid, unlike the compact proposal for 1992. The main stadium is proposed at a permanent 25,000, expanded temporarily to 55,000. A far cry from QE II Stadium's proposed expansion for the 1992 Olympics at 95,000. A new arena is needed in Brisbane to supplement the existing Brisbane Entertainment Centre. The Media accommodation and Main Media Centre is an issue, as the Expo 88 suite which was proposed in 1992 as the location for this, is now the Brisbane
  5. Hmm... I totally forgot about this. So I got Spain and Denmark huh?
  6. Let's see how this goes. I'm in. At any rate, I'll be supporting Iceland and Australia!
  7. How about a mascot contest? For the 2024 Paris Olympics?
  8. I thought the into video was a good way of showing past Winter Olympic hosts. Sure, it's been done before, but it's an innovative way of representing them without having to announce them in English or Korean or even French, English and Korean. Too much of the budget seemed to be headed towards fireworks. Good short parade of nations, where it begins with Hand in Hand from Seoul 1988 and then blasts through K-Pop music. The drones seemed interesting, but they should have headed towards the ceremonies stadium, not fly past it. For those caught off guard, this effect could have eas
  9. Heck, even if Havana, Cuba were to host one day they would still have someone sing "Imagine". But of course, they have the excuse of having a statue of John Lennon (sitting on a bench) in one of their parks.
  10. Looking forward to that segment of the glorious People's Democratic Republic of Korea! It happens after that Korean War segment, before the peace segment.
  11. So you're the sneak that sniped my bid on the last minute! Good for you!
  12. Could you explain your logo, young man? Well basically I copied the logo we have now.
  13. It's Ostersund or bust. The city is clearly the Winter Sports capital of Sweden and the closest to Åre . Åre can use a new multipurpose hall (the Curling proposal for 2002) and Ostersund a new indoor arena. The other 2 arenas could be temporary, whilst a permanent Speed Skating oval would be built. It's the only reasonable choice. Stockholm is just too far.
  14. If Australia wants to put its hand up again because no one else wants to bid, then why not Adelaide? They made a bid for 1998 and failed against Kuala Lumpur. There's far more infrastructure since then and I'm sure the Adelaide Oval can easily accommodate an athletics track, or have a reduced seating with a raised track (which of course also helps with ceremonies).
  15. You want a bid book, something that's hard to come by, and your parents are going to pay for it? Do yourself a favour and go and get a reasonably priced luxury watch, that is of course, if they are wiling to pay for it! I doubt that you can find a good bid book at this time, so go for something that is readily available (and to be enjoyed too) and wait till the occasional bid book pops up on the likes of eBay or abe books or wherever.
  16. I got the NYC one. Missed on the Lillehammer 1992, which would have complimented my 1994 one. Was distracted watching TV, then the auction ended.
  17. That was the discussion on if Melbourne should host another Olympics, that Brisbane be the first to bid because it seems more likely to be host since it hasn't been awarded the games before. Only after a failed bid would Melbourne be the next bid. And how was the case for Sydney with regards to local domestic spectators hmm? They obviously flew extensively with airlines (such as the defunct Ansett) for the games, now there are far more domestic airlines (especially budget ones) than was the case in 2000. Train trips to and from say Sydney and Melbourne are a good couple of hours, but that's
  18. Smaller mass transit you say? We have the free tram network, in the CBD, which btw, is the world's most extensive tram network. In addition to this, we have an ever improving rail network, in which troublesome railway crossings are slowly getting removed. By 2028, we'd have the proposed metro tunnel built, rail link to the main airport, our secondary airport becoming international and numerous general highway improvements, which btw are the most extensive of any city in Australia. Smaller than Los Angeles? Remember they hosted the 1984 Olympics with far less than what they have now, they di
  19. Melbourne? Scaled down? Ha. Melbourne would most likely see the redevelopment of the Great Southern Stand to make it well over 100,000 all seated, even in athletics configuration.
  20. I recently won a set of 1998 Salt Lake City bid books, in fabric bound slipcase, not the elaborate leather bound messenger bag. Unfortunately I am to hear that the slipcase has become damaged during transit and returned to the seller. I got a refund, but this is some bad luck indeed.
  21. Condolences to all those affected of course, but I'm a no brainer when it comes to theme park rides. I can ride just about anything, especially the really "scary" thrill seekers. I've been on that river rapids ride, it's nothing too scary. But the reason as to why it had a "boat" topple over or whatever is probably due to poor maintenance of the ride and/or age. Rollercoaster Tycoon gives a good indicator on keeping maintenance on rides, even if it is a simulator.
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