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  1. But does Brisbane need one? In 1992, they proposed to use the 1982 Commonwealth Games Pool for Aquatics at an 8,000 seater capacity when the diving pool is replaced with a temporary grandstand. Then they offered Fortitude Valley Pool for Waterpolo preliminaries. Diving would have been held at a new "aquatics" centre in the Boondal cluster.
  2. But Brisbane needs a much needed modern arena. Not a swimming pool with 15,000 seater spectator capacity.
  3. They're not obliged to host anything prior to the Olympics. It's events like World Championships that prove they can host. But warm up events like what London did in 2012 a year prior to the Olympics helps, even if it's not an official Championship.
  4. But the organisers are still proposing 2 other "arenas". Are they really necessary?
  5. Why don't they just propose the same site a QEII Stadium, but build a new stadium on this site? You place a new athletics track on an East-West axis, with the 50,000+ stands there. The new main grandstand will have a view of Brisbane's CBD. People would need to go there for Boxing at Nissan Arena anyways. If they could move people back and forth in 1982, without the need for heavy rail, they can do it again.
  6. It doesn't need to be a retractable roof (though it has been proven in various other stadiums in the past), it could be a temporary one. A legacy for Lang Park as it indeed could use a renovation come 2032.
  7. They held the 2000 Preliminaries there. Plus, Sydney used its Olympic Stadium while in its athletics configuration for Football finals. Brisbane could do the same. By all means build the new arena, but not necessarily for use for Swimming. It could host Volleyball. Coomera Indoor Sports Centre now gets Basketball Preliminaries, maybe shared with the proposed Sunshine Coast Convention Centre. Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre becomes redundant, with the proposed replacement for Chandler Arena still being offered for Gymnastics. By the looks of it, the bid is proposing 3 new arenas to
  8. There's other venues for that. You can have Rugby 7's at Robina Stadium in Gold Coast and Soccer could be held at the main stadium or Gabba. It's not needed, merely proposed. Being used as an indoor venue is so much more versatile.
  9. No chance of Lang Park having either a retractable roof or temporary one so it could be divided for use as 2 "indoor" arenas like the Georgia Dome was used in Atlanta 1996? Yes, Brisbane could use a new arena, but this might solve their Aquatics Centre (main pool) problem, as well as add another option for one of the indoor team sports (most likely the site of Basketball, as that's the most popular).
  10. Try eBay. But don't expect it to for the prices some Summer/Winter Olympic torches are going for.
  11. So Tokyo/Japan doesn't want 2022, because Beijing will be hosting the Winter Olympics and taking credit for you know what?
  12. Yes I've got an Atlanta 1996 set too. Most recently it was Vancouver 2010 (but not in the wooden presentation case). Incidentally, as part of the Agon buy, I got an Albertville 1992 set, but in French.
  13. Anyone got any new acquisitions? I've got this on the way from Agon Sportsworld.
  14. Remember that Eurovision stage design contest from ages ago? Well I made a proper one for a Lego Ideas competition. https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/8e778633-2524-42d0-b3f8-3b1921b2dbdc/application/97253478-2070-4851-b829-116d950b6765
  15. QSAC Is too old for such a thing. They proposed to expand it to 90,000 for the 1992 bid, but how that was ever going to achieved was questionable (though I'm sure the bid team would have made a scale model on how they were going to achieve this). I'd expect a new stadium, somewhere near public transport and easy accessibility. It can be downsized post Olympics if need be, provided that no one wants to become a tenant. That's the Achilles heel of the bid. The main stadium is going to take a huge chunk of the budget, even if you get privatize the construction of the Athletes' Village a
  16. I think Sarajevo could still host. Remember they had close to nothing outside of Skenderjia and the ski resorts for their 1984 bid, which was their first attempt. If the proposed subway line does get built come bid time, you propose the next stage of a second line linking the north with the south and this existing subway line, passing through the 1984 Olympic Stadium and perhaps terminating north at a new Olympic complex or "New Sarajevo", North west of Betanija, the site of the Olympic Stadium. The only venue at Betanija should only be the 1984 Olympic Stadium (assuming it is not r
  17. A retractable roof on Suncorp Stadium greatly boosts a bid as providing a solution for indoor sports and swimming. The legacy goes beyond the Olympics. Brisbane now has a large multi use indoor facility for indoor concerts and major sporting events. It can be closed when it rains and during the hot summer. I see it as the only feasible way of solving the arena issue without the need of building more arenas. Brisbane only needs a new modern arena downtown. Should Thas project not go ahead, Suncorp with a retractable roof is still an option. If Melbourne can solve their arena "
  18. Check out my post on Skyscrapercity's 2032 Olympics thread. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=158269620&postcount=259 I think Brisbane could pose a significantly stronger bid/plan with some innovation involved. Let's assume that a new arena is already built or being built come bid time. You don't factor in these costs for the overall plan. The 250 odd million or so on a new arena could be spent in upgrading Suncorp Stadium/Lang Park. Put a retractable roof on it and it could host indoor sports in 2 divided halls like Georgia Dome did for the 1996 Olympics in Atlan
  19. Interesting find. Who would have guessed that Hong Kong, set to be transferred to China in 1997, would have a billionaire who was willing to "donate" Beijing's 100,000 seater stadium.
  20. I would have liked to have seen a nod to Nagano with this torch. Tassels on the handle would have achieved this.
  21. Dates aside, Brisbane clearly can't even consider any aspirations of hosting now, given the state of their transport infrastructure. If they were proposing (or better yet building) 1, 2 or even 3 or more lines of actual underground subway to actually link the suburbs which are only accessible by bus, then we might be getting somewhere. The Chandler site would be perfect for an Olympic Park style setup, if only there were a subway line linking it to downtown Brisbane. 2 to 3 stations on this site, and of course the stations along the way to Roma St Station.
  22. And here I am thinking that the CWG should have a fixed number of sports which don't change every 4 years which are popular with most Commonwealth Nations.
  23. No it won't be a pain in the ass. Just end the season in August. Have the pre-season a tad earlier. The September/October window is perfect for an Olympics/Paralympics whilst allowing room for the Cricket season. Remember, the A-League will probably have to start later or have a pause during this period.
  24. Maybe it won't be lit by any famous Japanese athlete or someone for "symbolic" reasons. Perhaps a robot will light the cauldron up.
  25. I just noticed now, that they got a French company to do the feasibility study. What, they couldn't do it on their own? They couldn't get an Australian company to do this in more detail? As for a Melbourne Olympics, the hosting window shouldn't be too much of an issue. We should propose it in early September, without branching out to October (that can be for the Paralympics). The AFL Grand Final simply has to end earlier in August, allowing for the fit out to install the athletics track, removal of seating (like in the 2006 Commonwealth Games) and temporary things like for use during the
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