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  1. What about Slovenia? Ljubljana has some arenas, could replace the old outdoor speed skating oval, has that Nordic Centre and a Biathlon course. As well as the necessary ski resorts of course.
  2. So that must be where Melbourne got it's Atlanta torch. The Australian Sports Museum has every Summer torch except Helsinki 1952.
  3. Do it the old fashioned way with cardboard cutouts. You could have paid homage to frontline workers worldwide by having their likeness where the spectators would have been.
  4. No crowds meant no audience participation. Aside from the obvious Ceremonies book and maybe a torch, what else would a Tokyo 2020 audience kit have?
  5. Would it have been different if there was no Covid? Who knows. But it was indeed a somewhat lackluster effort, even without the audience. Why not have a zoom like presentation and have "spectators" projected on the seats? More homages to the tireless frontline workers? Yes, using Imagine by John Lennon was cringe again. I would have loved to have seen the kids from Nagano 1998 all grown up with their own children parading around the stadium to the tune of Children Rule the World. But that might have been a pre Covid idea. Bolero, but no Ode to Joy eh?
  6. Salt Lake City might be the likely bid, but Lake Placid might want a shot at it. They're hosting the 2023 Winter Universiade.
  7. Try eBay. That's where I got mine. Not necessarily in great condition, but I settled with what I got.
  8. How would temporary arenas be a waste of money when you're really just proposing 1? The venues for Snowboard/Freestyle Skiing may be temporary, but they don't count. This is of course assuming that Quebec goes for that approach. I wouldn't call Tokyo's new national stadium a mistake. Remember, they redid the Zaha Hadid design after huge backlash and concern over costs. The Tokyo games are a money pit anyways, so that shouldn't be an example for forthcoming bids. I suppose you could use the indoor Telus Stadium at Laval University for something, but that would be well suited as main indoor dining hall, where an easy 2,000+ diners could be housed any any dining session. Or this would also be perfect as the ceremonies venue. Remove the track, remove the old grandstands and expand with new and temporary stands to up to 40,000. The indoor part houses the "luxury suites", which should be supplemented with new ones on the opposite grandstand, whilst the indoor field would house much of the performers/etc for use during the ceremonies.
  9. If the IOC and ISU were serious about reducing costs, then they will accept a 2,500 seater venue, especially if it's capable of hosting events. If Quebec propose their temporary ceremonies stadium, then a temporary arena will be the solution for Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating, like what Lausanne did for the Winter Youth Olympics. Calgary doesn't want to spend the funds to fix their ski jumps and sliding track, which was a huge factor as to why the 2026 bid didn't go ahead. So it's still a viable legacy. If the indoor stadium doesn't happen, then the temporary ceremonies venue is a go. You could even have it at the site of the former Quebec Coliseum for that Olympic Park feel whilst having the temporary arena elsewhere, like near Laval University.
  10. How are these legacies questionable? I am now aware that Gaetan Boucher Oval has been replaced. At 2,500 capacity it should be deemed adequate for Speed Skating. It wouldn't be a logistical nightmare to convert an indoor stadium used for ceremonies into part ice rink. It has been done and proven so many times in venues that need quick conversion from say a basketball court, to an international sized ice hockey rink. For example, Berlin's Mercedes Benz Arena does this on a regular basis, when it converts their Basketball team's court into an ice hockey rink for their Ice Hockey team. By 2030, there might be justification for a new stadium to serve a Canadian Football League team as a permanent tenant. It's simply a question if it were to be roofed, retractable roofed or temporary roofed. The alternative to this would be to propose that temporary ceremonies at the Plains of Abraham like in 2002 at a 45,000 seater capacity, with a temporary arena like what Lausanne did at the former Quebec Coliseum site. It would then break Lausanne's record for the world's largest temporary arena. Complexe 2 Glaces can be expanded with a clear legacy. You have an indoor pool as the driving force and key legacy. In addition to this, it justifies the complete removal of the old Saint Romuald Arena, as the expanded main rink at Complexe 2 Glaces will be close or match that as the former arena. The indoor pool replaces the outdoor pool at Saint Romuald Arena. A backup plan would either use PEPS at Laval University, or the new arena built at Trois-Rivières which is around 100km away. Even a new proposed stadium could be split for 2 ice rinks, allowing Pavilion de la Jeunesse for use for Curling. But having Complexe 2 Glaces allows for the secondary rink to be used as training Curling sheets. It does make sense for Quebec to build a legacy Ski Jump and Sliding Track, as a winter sports nation like Canada should be able to sustain 2 facilities, especially now that Calgary is no longer actively using theirs and has actually demolished their Sliding Track. You only then dismantle such facilities IF it doesn't have a legacy in the coming years, but I'm sure it can work. Of course Vancouver is more cost effective, they just hosted 20 years prior! But remember they bet both Calgary and Quebec for the 2010 race. Now that Calgary is clearly out, it makes sense for Quebec to at least try again, then if it fails for 2030, Vancouver could try for 2034. Just give them another shot at it, the bid will definitely be much stronger than 2002, provided only if they have more competent staff on their bid team and don't put out simplified "garbage" like their initial study. It needs to be more realistic, whilst more importantly, be more professional.
  11. In addition to this, the proposed site for Athletes' Accommodation would be the same as in 2002, Laval University. The difference to 2002, is that the whole of the PEPS complex would now be exclusively for use by athletes. For 2002, it was proposed to host Ice Hockey II. Media could be either housed in cruise ships or ideally in their own dedicated village, which could be turned into residential housing post Paralympics. Quebec has some hurdles, but it certainly needs a proper bid team to propose the best bid it can and not have to make so many concessions. Complexe 2 Glace Honco, which is right next to Saint Romuald Arena is definitely the ideal choice for Curling. Expand it to the minimum 3,000 (ideally 4,000) add an indoor legacy pool and other amenities. It already has a 150 seat restaurant, a bar and a fan shop, amongst other amenities. It has 2 rinks, in which the secondary one would be the training area for Curling. Turns out, Gaetan Boucher Speed Skating Oval is now indoors as the Centre de glaces de Québec and seats 2,500, which is almost completed. It might need to be expanded for an Olympics, but it's perfectly capable now of hosting Speed Skating.
  12. Quebec has most of the indoor venues, many of which were proposed during the 2002 bid. The Videotron Centre - Ice Hockey I Pavilion de la Jeunesse - Ice Hockey II Saint Romuald Arena - Curling Gaetan Boucher Speed Skating Oval (which will need a roof) - Speed Skating What will be needed is an arena for Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating. But this can be solved with a new indoor stadium that could also serve ceremonies. It can be built on the former site of Quebec Coliseum. The alternative to Saint Romuald Arena, is the nearby Complexe 2 Glace Honco. It has a main ice rink that seats 925 people. It could potentially be expanded and renovated for at least 3,000. Remove the roof, the non grandstand side wall and roller doors, expand seating etc. There is now potential legacy in proposing the Ski Jumps and Sliding Track (They could reuse the plans from 2002), as Calgary seems to be abandoning/downsizing theirs and therefore not making them competition capable. The only real hurdle is the 800m vertical for Men's Downhill. But if the FIS accept a mere 30m ramp and the finishing area on river barges, then it's not much of an issue, as the rail track that once dotted the mountain side is now mostly tunneled and Le Massif had indeed got further vertical through the intoduction of a new piste created in the 2000's. It's simply a matter of will, as well as costs. Quebec could surely do it alone.
  13. Downhill will have to suffice at Le Massif. Even with the same proposed plan from 2002. The alternative site, Acropole des Draveurs (which has the desired vertical), was clearly an environmental no even during the 2002 bid, so that's not an option. On the plus side, you can now justify having legacy Ski Jumps and a Sliding Track now that Calgary is abandoning theirs. And even with Quebec Coliseum demolished, the site could serve a new indoor stadium (preferably with a retractable roof, seating at least 40,000), which could serve Ceremonies, Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating. All other sports (particularly ice ones) will serve existing venues and temporary venues. Expo Cite's Centre des Foires, could be expanded further. Maybe 2 column free 5,000sqm halls taking over the carparks (with underground car parking added) as well as new individual meeting rooms? An overall capacity of over 30,000sqm of space should suffice. This would be the site of Broadcasters, as was in the 2002 bid. Quebec's Congress Centre would serve the Press, as was proposed in the 2002 bid. Athletes would be housed at Laval University as per the 2002 bid, but having the complete PEPS complex for exclusive use for themselves. You could propose new housing for most or all of the Media, which would could be sold as public housing post Olympics. Cruise Ships will supplement any existing and proposed accommodation. It is clear that Lake Placid and the like will not be involved with the bid or be part of it. It could work and will definitely be stronger than their 2002 bid.
  14. But does Brisbane need one? In 1992, they proposed to use the 1982 Commonwealth Games Pool for Aquatics at an 8,000 seater capacity when the diving pool is replaced with a temporary grandstand. Then they offered Fortitude Valley Pool for Waterpolo preliminaries. Diving would have been held at a new "aquatics" centre in the Boondal cluster.
  15. But Brisbane needs a much needed modern arena. Not a swimming pool with 15,000 seater spectator capacity.
  16. They're not obliged to host anything prior to the Olympics. It's events like World Championships that prove they can host. But warm up events like what London did in 2012 a year prior to the Olympics helps, even if it's not an official Championship.
  17. But the organisers are still proposing 2 other "arenas". Are they really necessary?
  18. Why don't they just propose the same site a QEII Stadium, but build a new stadium on this site? You place a new athletics track on an East-West axis, with the 50,000+ stands there. The new main grandstand will have a view of Brisbane's CBD. People would need to go there for Boxing at Nissan Arena anyways. If they could move people back and forth in 1982, without the need for heavy rail, they can do it again.
  19. It doesn't need to be a retractable roof (though it has been proven in various other stadiums in the past), it could be a temporary one. A legacy for Lang Park as it indeed could use a renovation come 2032.
  20. They held the 2000 Preliminaries there. Plus, Sydney used its Olympic Stadium while in its athletics configuration for Football finals. Brisbane could do the same. By all means build the new arena, but not necessarily for use for Swimming. It could host Volleyball. Coomera Indoor Sports Centre now gets Basketball Preliminaries, maybe shared with the proposed Sunshine Coast Convention Centre. Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre becomes redundant, with the proposed replacement for Chandler Arena still being offered for Gymnastics. By the looks of it, the bid is proposing 3 new arenas to be built. Granted, one will be a much needed major world class arena, whilst the other 2 will be repurposed for multi-sports, it's still seems a tad unnecessary to have 3, when you only really need one. A missed opportunity here.
  21. There's other venues for that. You can have Rugby 7's at Robina Stadium in Gold Coast and Soccer could be held at the main stadium or Gabba. It's not needed, merely proposed. Being used as an indoor venue is so much more versatile.
  22. No chance of Lang Park having either a retractable roof or temporary one so it could be divided for use as 2 "indoor" arenas like the Georgia Dome was used in Atlanta 1996? Yes, Brisbane could use a new arena, but this might solve their Aquatics Centre (main pool) problem, as well as add another option for one of the indoor team sports (most likely the site of Basketball, as that's the most popular).
  23. Try eBay. But don't expect it to for the prices some Summer/Winter Olympic torches are going for.
  24. So Tokyo/Japan doesn't want 2022, because Beijing will be hosting the Winter Olympics and taking credit for you know what?
  25. Yes I've got an Atlanta 1996 set too. Most recently it was Vancouver 2010 (but not in the wooden presentation case). Incidentally, as part of the Agon buy, I got an Albertville 1992 set, but in French.
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