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  1. It has clearly upset someone... look at the PM he just sent me: Well just like everything you are a fake member of the Glasgow committee and a Sham LOL. Scotland is one of the most racist places on earth and everyone know that COCKSUCKER I really like the way he capitalised that last word.
  2. Hello all Back in Glasgow now - we all arrived yesterday lunchtime. It was an amazing experience being in Colombo, but part of me was quite sad to have missed the euphoria of Glasgow in the hours and days after the announcement. I've now had a chance to read through all of the posts that people made running up to - and after the announcement. Wow! If it was heated before, then this was positively volcanic! Some more insights into our campaign below, but I just wanted to say one thing. And to make it absolutely crystal clear. Everyone on our team was aware of the rubbish that JJ was spouting in recent months - not just on here, but also on Scottish newspaper forums. He really angered us, he made us even more determined to win. When people on the team were tired, we would remember some of the disgraceful slurs he had made against us - and that drove us on. We are all incredibly proud of our city and our country - and we dont like it when people who know nothing about us start having a go. So thanks JJ. From everyone at Glasgow 2014 - Commonwealth Games host city. Anyway, some thoughts on the week - and the wider campaign in general. First off - the people from Abuja 2014. They were absolutely brilliant. That is not meant to sound anything other than genuine. Banje, the General, Djamil - all of them are great people. People who love their country and worked tirelessly for their country and their Bid. They too would have been ashamed to read the disgusting comments of JJ. I hope that they bid again. The reason that we won - and won so convincingly was not about what happened in Sri Lanka. It was about the immense amount of work that we did in visiting 67 countries and hosting 69. We didnt sit there and tell them about our Bid - we asked them what we should be doing. We made sure that our Bid was their Bid - that there would always be bits in their that they could recognise. Oh - and JJ. Your much vaunted story about Derek Casey presenting in Lagos.... I was also in the room that day. And no matter what you might think, your version of events is completely wrong! By the time we got to SL, we knew our strengths and we knew our friends. The prediction that we had internally for the final result (which was spot on) was not far away from the number we had in our last numbers count before we left Scotland. SL was all about holding on to what we had. Not winning new votes. We stuck to our Guns and stuck to our message. Glasgow was best for the athletes. If we could make sure that people always remembered our key message, then we knew we would win. Also, we knew our electorate. JJ spent months on here saying that they would be swayed by money and race. We knew differently. If Abuja 2014 listened to JJ on this, then they made a huge tactical error and it cost them dear. Every single one of the voters (and I have met them all) are all honourable people, who have a responsibility to their athletes. That is not my words - that is theirs. For JJ to bang on about race and money did the voters a massive dis-service. If there was one thing wrong with the Abuja final presentation (in my opinion) it is that they talked about what they would be giving the voters (free flights etc). We talked about what we would do for the athletes and their families. We talked about how we would give something back to the whole Commonwealth Family. Read the text of our presentation if you want. It is on our website. You will see exactly what we were saying. Again, that is what the voters had told us they wanted to hear. So that is what we gave them. I know that i would say this, but i think that we ran a beautiful campaign. One that was based on information and fact. One that, in the end, played on sentiment - but was always grounded in the reality of the situation. The voters care deeply about their athletes. I am proud to have been a part of this. And I really have enjoyed my time here on GamesBids. Even although I allowed JJ to get to me at times. JJ - a lesson for the future. Dont make me angry! Have a good day, dear friends.
  3. You would have thought that the Evaluation Commission would have noticed this? But alas no. JJ is the only one. Thank the lord for JJ.
  4. Radio silence for Jim Jones..... I have come to realise that the more that we answer this fool of a man, the more fun he takes from it. So from now on, can i suggest an alternative approach....? Lets just ignore him. Dont reply to his messages. Dont engage him is dialogue. Hopefully then he will take his racist views elsewhere and we can get on with some serious discussion.
  5. Check out these comments from the Indian Sports Minister.... How to win friends and influence people! New Delhi, Apr 11 (PTI) In a surprising statement, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mani Shankar Aiyar today said hosting Commonwealth Games at a huge cost of Rs 7,000 crore was of little relevance to common Indians and it was only an attempt to improve the country's global image. "Whether you organise Commonwealth Games in Delhi or in Melbourne, the state of people living in the colonies right opposite the game site (on the banks of Yamuna) will remain the same," Aiyar said at a CII seminar. He said most of Indian sports lovers would watch these games on television anyway, irrespective of the venue. "Government does not have enough money for social development programmes but has sanctioned Rs 7,000 for hosting the Commonwealth Games just to improve India's image internationally," the minister incharge of the country's Sports Affairs said to the surprise of the business leaders present that included CII President R Seshasayee, CEO and Chairman Bharati Enterprises Sunil Bharati Mittal, Hero Corporate Services Chairman Sunil Kant Munjal, Ballarpur Industries Chairman Gautam Thapar and Chairman Boston Consulting Group Arun Maira. Aiyar is the chairman of an Apex Committee in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports that will monitor the implementation of the decisions of the Group of Ministers and other matters related to the games. PTI
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