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    Glasgow. It's lovely.
  1. It has clearly upset someone... look at the PM he just sent me: Well just like everything you are a fake member of the Glasgow committee and a Sham LOL. Scotland is one of the most racist places on earth and everyone know that COCKSUCKER I really like the way he capitalised that last word.
  2. Hello all Back in Glasgow now - we all arrived yesterday lunchtime. It was an amazing experience being in Colombo, but part of me was quite sad to have missed the euphoria of Glasgow in the hours and days after the announcement. I've now had a chance to read through all of the posts that people made running up to - and after the announcement. Wow! If it was heated before, then this was positively volcanic! Some more insights into our campaign below, but I just wanted to say one thing. And to make it absolutely crystal clear. Everyone on our team was aware of the rubbish that JJ was spouting
  3. You would have thought that the Evaluation Commission would have noticed this? But alas no. JJ is the only one. Thank the lord for JJ.
  4. Radio silence for Jim Jones..... I have come to realise that the more that we answer this fool of a man, the more fun he takes from it. So from now on, can i suggest an alternative approach....? Lets just ignore him. Dont reply to his messages. Dont engage him is dialogue. Hopefully then he will take his racist views elsewhere and we can get on with some serious discussion.
  5. Check out these comments from the Indian Sports Minister.... How to win friends and influence people! New Delhi, Apr 11 (PTI) In a surprising statement, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mani Shankar Aiyar today said hosting Commonwealth Games at a huge cost of Rs 7,000 crore was of little relevance to common Indians and it was only an attempt to improve the country's global image. "Whether you organise Commonwealth Games in Delhi or in Melbourne, the state of people living in the colonies right opposite the game site (on the banks of Yamuna) will remain the same," Aiyar said at a CII se
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