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  1. Italy has won JESC 2014

    1. ofan


      And no one gives a flying fuuck...

    2. Rob.


      It seems so...is this like the YOG? Normally Eurovisions get this board into a frenzy? :D

  2. What an amazing goal by Shaun Maloney for Scotland http://youtu.be/KJhZo13jQeg
  3. Nah, you weren't there, you don't know Glasgow. The games fitted the city very well, not too lavish, honest, where the sport shone through. Other cities could learn from Glasgow, why pretend to be something your not for a few weeks, money is not everything.
  4. you know, you can all joke but at the end of the day the glasgow games were staged within a resonable budget and being there the atmosphere was amazing. Look at the olympics, noone wants to host them too expensive. go on have your jibes and sniggers but at least the glasgow games were a model of how to do it, personal, local, electric atmosphere, amazing sports and friendship. or do you all want sochi style games fantastic ceremonies but atmosphere as exciting as a bad fart.
  5. This Years Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Valetta, Malta tomorrow 15th November 2014. Malta is the reigning champion. There are 16 countries competing this year. here is all the songs: http://youtu.be/USTL1Ouw01U
  6. I am not sure, but unlike other international competitions, these games did not run at a loss.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30025966 Glasgow 2014 tourism 'worth £282m' to Scottish economy
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-29935465 Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games 'was £25m under budget'
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-29917606 Glasgow secures Queen's Commonwealth Games Baton
  10. this is sad http://oikotimes.com/2014/11/03/terry-wogan-calls-conchita-wurst-a-freak/ Terry Wogan calls Conchita Wurst a ‘freak’
  11. Just heard a story that the small Auckland Rail loop may be delayed until 2020 due to budget constraints so makes an Olympic hosting, whether Summer or Winter almost ridiculous if they can't plan and build a small rail link on time and budget.
  12. The money involved in delivering a successful bid is phenomenal for New Zealand, not only in building venues configured for winter sports but the extra accommodation and transport/infrastructure links needed. Auckland is bursting at the seams, and there are arguments already regrading the public transport plans and costs there. New Zealand is capable of hosting only those smaller events, suitable to meet its needs in terms of infrastructure and finances.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-29777813 Glasgow 2014: Games medical equipment sent to Africa
  14. Well, the 2023 Pan Am Games Comp turned out to be a disaster :s

    1. thatsnotmypuppy


      Unless Rols runs it - it is doomed to fail.

    2. mr.bernham


      Yeah, there went hours of my life down the drain.

  15. He posted in the Sydney 2040 thread 6 days ago.
  16. The voting for this competition has gone on for far too long, 10 days since this vote off alone was started. Enthusiasm has waned and people have forgotten that this is happening. Whatever the reason, it is a sad state of affairs for the promotion and continuing participation and promotion of bid book comps on here.
  17. Northern Ireland and Wales doing well so far, although they do have easier groups compared to Scotland and England.
  18. My 12, in no particular order: 1 - The Mediterranean Segment, Barcelona 1992 2 - The Nature Segment, Sydney 2000 3 - The Silhouette Greek Segment, Atlanta 1996 4 - The Drums Countdown, Beijing 2008 5 - The Peaks of Endeavor Segment, Vancouver 2010 6 - The Seek Peace Segment, Manchester 2002 7 - The Floating Isles Segment, Sochi 2014 8 - Welcome to the World Segment, Atlanta 1996 9 - The Scottie Dogs, Glasgow 2014 10 - The Enchanted Forest Segment, Salt Lake City 2002 11 - The Elephants, South Africa 2010 12 - The Stadium of Flags, LA 1984
  19. The Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg will host the preliminary draw for the 2018 FWC ON 25th July 2015
  20. Does anyone know if the BBC will realease a dvd/Bluray of the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-29517710 Eurovision Song Contest: BBC asks public for entries
  22. I know that, but I meant the European Games in general
  23. No, if you can't get your details right before you post, then don't post at all. I have made some mistakes with the LOGO competitions on here, and i have admitted to that and since have not repeated the issue. This thread and indeed ending my participation in future BID BOOK Competitions, is in regards to the bid book competitions i have taken part in over the 8 years i have been here, have always been my own work. So the thing is to differentiate betwen the two different types of competitions before jumping the gun and labeling everything as one, something which is obvious you lack.
  24. The official post Games report: http://www.thecgf.com/games/2014/glasgow2014-report.asp?yr=2014
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