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Status Updates posted by Scotguy

  1. Met DJ Forbes today..... he is smokin hot

  2. On chapter four already of my first book :)

  3. Anderson Cooper.....lovely :)

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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Meh .. not really my taste.

    3. emre


      isn't he a bit old to be lovely? :)

    4. krow


      you don't know who anderson cooper is?? i thought every famous person in the US was famous everywhere.

      cooper is our silver fox. and he's a (gloria) vanderbilt.

  4. Mitt Romney and Ru Paul.... now that would be a debate.

    1. Kenadian


      LOL! Just imagine what Santorum would do.

  5. Tried to send you a message dude but won't let me. Just thought i'd say hi :)

  6. Got those first date jitters :s

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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      LOL - I think most of us antipodeans consider Scots accents sexy. Just have to hear Sean Connery to make me swoon!

    3. Scotguy


      haha thanks Rolspenny :P

    4. deawebo


      Oooooo i tottaly understand you with talking to fast. But take it easyyyyy mate

  7. Happy Hogmanay everyone!

    1. deawebo


      feliz año nuevo to yo too!! i guess that means the same... ?? LOL

  8. working night shift on new years eve. wonder what sights i will see.

  9. Just sitting eating my pizza in the flat and a good ol earthquake decided to give me a rattle, had to get up and hold my tv as it was shaking bad lol

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    2. Alexjc


      You live in Wellington...expect it!

    3. baron-pierreIV


      Just make sure u have your copies of SECRETS OF THE O's in hand, just like Matty, when the shakeies start!!

    4. deawebo


      NZL is always shaking... i live in a very sismic country too.

  10. My new signature (Thanks Max) is also the logo of my company, with some exiting projects set for 2012

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    2. oakydoky


      Cool logo. What projects are you punting?

    3. Scotguy


      Planning to publish a project i done last year. Also planning a website. I already have a facebook page campaigning for Independence and i plan to increase my political spirations both at home and here in NZ

    4. cormiermax


      Wow that sounds great man! Glad I could help with the logo, tell me if you need anything else!

  11. Hi Baron. How are you?

    I really want to start work on writing a book about Imperial Russia and the Romanovs, a topic which i have always been interested in.

    Do you have any advice regarding copyright and getting permission to use certain information and photos?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks mate, if you could PM me. youe inbox is full.

  12. So... boys and girls, when's the next Comp?

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    2. cormiermax


      Id love another logo comp.

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Not busy - just more the past few attempts at a comp haven't had much of a response. Maybe it IS time now. Though I see Baron's double logo one seems to have sparked up a bit the past few days.

    4. cormiermax


      Meh, I never really take comps seriously if its not set up by the usual gang.

  13. Hi mate.

    I just purchased the film Rio 3D and thought of you :)

    Looking forward to watching it

  14. Is on route to Auckland for RWC Final :)

    1. oakydoky


      Stop lying you're going to watch the sport. You're going there to ogle the players ya dirty wee ride. Just kiddin'. Hope you have a grand time.

    2. Scotguy


      Cheers buddy, HaHa not far from the truth there mate

  15. surely its time for a new comp!!!!

  16. Has been on Gamesbids for 5 Years!!!

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    2. Mainad


      Lol..it's just occurred to me that I have too!

      Doesn't time fly??

    3. intoronto


      I have been here for 5 months

    4. intoronto


      Congrats too you

  17. Is craving a new comp

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      What about a "Permanent Olympic Host" bid comp? But anyone but the obvious - Athens.

  18. Удачи сборной России на Кубок мира по регби 2011

  19. Glasgow 2014 web game, can you get gold? http://www.glasgow2014.com/game.aspx

  20. Edinburgh Castle fireworks waterfall - magical

  21. We need a good old competition, with lots of interest!!!

    1. cormiermax


      Agreed its been awhile.

  22. I feel so sorry for Kevin from the Annecy Bid team, he needs a big hug :)

  23. Thanks Max for keeping me company during the 2018 presentations. Cheers Dude!

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