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  1. The full spectacular extravaganza http://youtu.be/V9F63f7rnmA
  2. Yeah, considering that on the news they were going crazy about the biggest fireworks display in Christchurch since the Millennium. Major letdown there, i reduce my mark to 2/10 based on no fireworks. Where Kim DotCom when you need him lol
  3. The army band are now playing Did anyone declare the tournament open? Ceremonies rating = 2.5/10
  4. Never heard of her. John Key, ever the statesman and as eloquent as always and slightly intoxicated?
  5. Now Lorde impersonator is back with another parade of nations For Christchurch, yeah probably appropriate, but for an nternational Sporting event Opening Ceremony watched by 1 Billion people - pretty lame.
  6. I wish Ritchie was on me That cricket match segment was awkward, just didnt work. Prob looked amazing on paper
  7. Some famous New Zealanders, and some apologising for not being there lol I'm on Prime Matty, refuse to pay for SKY I am only tolerating this because of Ritchie and wanting to see the fireworks lol
  8. More Natives now Now Hayley Westernra is singing the Irish song, you Raise Me Up Whilst we are seeing video of fields, farms and roads Now Solo Mio are back to sing They are singing the pearl fishers duet, a french composed song. or as new zealanders know it the train advert song Now a surprise, Justin Bieber Now a Primary School production of a cricket match
  9. The natives just sang a cheery wee song and have now bounced off the stage. Commercials again
  10. The Parade of Nations eh, why did they use the Cricket Ireland Flag instead of the Irish country flag? odd. Massive cheer for Scotland (cwc2015 winners) Whoever directed this segment is a genius, i hope they sign him/her up for Rio
  11. After the Glasgow 2014 screen, I need my glasses for the led screen here Matty, i missed the start, was there a countdown? Right now the cultural part with some Natives
  12. Now Solo Mio are performing. I actually like these guys alot
  13. Although Richie is a god, I would actually wouldn't mind having all three of them Now we have 4 Captains from 4 teams being interviewed Where is David Atkins when you need him There seems to be alot of teenage girls in the audience
  14. Who is this person? Is she a Lorde impersonator Matty I agree, would well take him oof For those who cant watch the ceremony a singer who looks like Lorde and who cant sing has just sung a song. Now an old Cricketer is being interviewed.
  15. Yeah this is an outdoor Granada 2015. I guess its appropriate for cricket.
  16. The news here is bigging it up big style. Bigger than the Rugby World Cup with an audience of 1 Billion watching the Opening Ceremony. 1,000 performers, the biggest firework display since the Millenium The All Blacks Was going to go watch it at the big screen at the Wellington Fanzone, but I couldn't find it. The Opening Ceremony has been shrouded in secrecy according to the news casters. I wonder what the big secret spectacular moment will be..... Anyway, just over 2 hours to go
  17. So event starts at 18:30pm NZ time http://bethere.co.nz/event/14055 Let us join here and we can discuss in true gamesbids tradition, the details live of this Opening Ceremony.
  18. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11400328 ICC Cricket World Cup computers stolen
  19. Seen a commercial for Saturdays Opening Ceremony on tv last night. Hoping that this opening Ceremony will change the trend of **** openings of 2015 after the AFC Australia opening and Granada Universiade opening fiascoes.
  20. OMG, Spain must be completely broke, what a disgrace of an opening ceremony, was like a high school sports meet. Pathetic.
  21. I still say that for each Olympic Games, the torch should visit the previous hosts as a way of keeping that connection and part of the privilege and esteem of being an Olympic Host, and then tour the host country.
  22. My personal favourite is Barcelona, as it is a simple deviation from the main Olympic logo which I think was the games that began the modernised Olympic logos.
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