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  1. I agree with Baron, sentimental reasons gave the games to Athens, hence them not being awarded the Centenial Games, and there was slip ups including the swimming roof and the stadium just being finished on time. I remember up to a year before the games reading stories in the papers that if the Greeks did not meet their deadlines then the IOC would move the games to a city with facilities ready to go. Im sure Los Angeles was looked at.
  2. I liked the Atlanta closing where the athletes were already seated in the stadium, this meant that they could enjoy the show then when the time came if they wanted to they could go and enjoy the atmosphere on th efield. I guess the only trouble with this is that is takes up seates that could generate revenue for the organisers, however the athletes deserve to relax and enjoy the show.
  3. At the end of the day guys it doesnt really matter because all that is important is that the athletes get their moment to shine and to experience the opening ceremony, and cheering crowds.
  4. Im sure Athens 2004 used the Greek alphabet during the opening ceremony. The Chinese should use their own system as it is their games, and everyone will get a chance to march into the stadium, although Greece ofcourse will still be first.
  5. Having an Olympic Flame pass through the biggest city or smallest town is a huge thing and fills people with excitement and Pride. The last Winter Games in Canada were a success and these will be no exception.
  6. Atlanta had more ticket sales than both Barcelona and Seoul put together.
  7. I think that th eMelbourne closing ceremony is probably the best closing i have ever seen. What do you think?
  8. [quote name='baron-pierreIV' date='Oct 26 2006, 12:11 PM' post='91884' Now, if, going by your thinking, Delhi 2010 featured quintessential English life in its CWG ceremonies, then certainly the onus falls on London 2012 to reciprocate and feature your 'Indian/Bollywood' dancing segment in their Ceremonies. Don't you think that would only be fair then? I do understand what you are saying, although the way in which i was meaning was that the indian culture is very dominant in most parts of the uk today, as certain cities such as London and Birmingham have enourmous Indian and Pakistani c
  9. There is no reason why this cannot happen, Sydneys presentation in atlanta was very very good, loads of props and people involved and also look at delhis commonwealth games handover in melbourne this year it was mass presented with thousands of people. As for the Indian dancer today more than ever the UK need to promote its diversity and there are many different cultures living in London that leaving them out of it would be very unfair
  10. Thanks for sticking up for me, i know what he means tho that i shuldnt expect but I did this with Atlanta and it was better than i thought. Just a bot of fun to see other peoples ideas
  11. There is no way that this bid would win the summer olympics, especially so soon after staging the winter olympics. As for the World cup, there would need to be alot more stadia built that could host soccer evernts.
  12. I think the London handover ceremony should involve: Scottish Pipe band Welsh choir Indian dancers Irish dancing Opera singers Robbie Williams and elton john singing The making of tower bridge using the olympic colours and people making London awaits u in 2012 Any one have any ideas what they think?
  13. The Delhi 2010 opening ceremony is going to be big and spectacular without a doubt, however i am very disappointed with their games logo. it seems very bland and isnot very striking. Melbournes logo was bright and modern. i am sure that there is loads of talented artists in India that could have came up with something better
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