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Status Updates posted by Scotguy

  1. Grant1993 is very annoying with all his Scotland posts, I wish he would post serious stuff or not at all.

  2. My Vancouver red mittens are keeping my hands very warm on these cold morning going to work :)

  3. Highly recommends the film Brave - well done Disney/Pixar

    1. afiqnadzir


      gonna watch it tommorow

  4. Is off to Fiji for 4 days :)

    1. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      Have a great time, A.!!!

  5. Watching the Barcelona 92 opening ceremony again - simply stunning

  6. Looking forward to going to see Brave at the Cinema, may have to translate for the man lol

  7. Euro 2012 Kicks off today :)

  8. My London 2012 ticket has arrived in Glasgow where it is being kept safe awaiting my arrival :)

  9. Moldova in the final - will my dream become a preminition afterall? hmm

  10. Had a dream last night that Moldova won ESC 2012, hope it was just dreaming nonsense and not a premunition.

    1. emre


      ahahahahaahha ... man u made me laugh loudly :) who was the second?:D

    2. intoronto


      Well Azerbaijan won last year, so Moldova which also is a former soviet republic is not out of the realm of possibility.

  11. Buying a new car.... but what one to get? hmmm

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    2. emre


      peugeot rcz :)

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Gotta say - I love my new VW Golf - and the diesel version is really fuel efficient as well - hardly ever have to fill up the tank.

    4. Soaring


      Go with a Tesla! Well, they are not the easiest car to get your hands on.

      I'm looking at getting a GMC Terrain in the next year or two.

  12. So its Boris for another Term

    1. Shrek201


      The Orbit must have its good points I suppose.

  13. Another year older....

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    2. Lee


      Happy Birthday mate!

    3. Soaring


      Happy birthday, hope it's a good one!

    4. emre


      not older but better u r getting :) happy birthday man:)

  14. Going to watch a few Titanic Documentaries tonight

  15. First day back at work today :(

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    2. emre


      1st i dont like antalya too touristic :) second i dont have any time :(

    3. intoronto


      LOL it is the best beach area of Turkey? Everyone could use a vacation.

    4. emre


      well most touristic like i said. but i prefer aegean side. antalya is too hot for me 20+ sea degree :)

  16. Have asked my bf to marry me

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    2. Scotguy
    3. Lee


      I am sensing an April Fool? Congratulations if it's not, but I think it is.

    4. Scotguy
  17. Rols you need to clear your inbox, want to talk to you about something!

  18. Good weather here in Fiji is over, major storm setting in :(

  19. Have arrived in Fiji :)

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Hope the weather's warm and balmy!

    2. Scotguy


      the weather is stunning rols. its a beautiful country. I tried to pm u but ur inbox is full. I want your advice on something

  20. Had an awesome day Scuba Diving, if you havn't done it, try it

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    2. deawebo


      I had the chance to try it in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic but I had no money thy day, I want to try it!! :P

    3. emre


      lol csmping and now scuba... expecting bungee jumping or sky diving from u next time... any sharks there?

    4. Soaring


      Never tried scuba diving, only snorkeling once in the Caribbean. I get a little freaked out with being under water too long

  21. Stadium:Scotguy is coming!!!

    1. emre


      which stadium? whats happeneing?

  22. One more day to vote for the Best Eurovision Entry ever

  23. Met someone, very lovely :)

    1. Lee


      good stuff! nice way to start 2012.

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