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  1. Everyone has their Disney time, and mine was during their second Golden age of The Little Mermaid (1989) to Tarzan (1999)
  2. If Australia wins, then it would probably be held in London.
  3. United Kingdom nil point http://youtu.be/eniaB0xchTY
  4. Australian singer and X-Factor judge Guy Sebastian will represent Australia at ESC 2015
  5. Considering cricket in Scotland is such a minor sport, can't imagine many people know we have a cricket team, i think our boys are doing us proud down under
  6. Best Production Design - The Grand Budapest hotel Best Cinematography - Birdman
  7. Best Visual Effects - Intersteller Best Animated Short - Feast
  8. Best Sound Mixing - Whiplash Best Sound Editing - American Sniper Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)
  9. Best Costume Design - The Grand Budapest Hotel. Best Make Up and Hair - The Grand Budapest Hotel
  10. C'mon boys, send them homewards, to think again
  11. Just seen the video of the Chelsea Fans denying passage on the Paris Underground to a colored man. Absolutely disgusting and doing so as a guest in another country. They're club and country should be ashamed of fans who are acting in this way.
  12. Wellington Mayor Fucked up during the England official Welcoming Ceremony, calling the England captain by the wrong name.
  13. Very proud of our team today, a loss yeah but with a few runs, on the current form of hosts New Zealand. Well done boys, for a country of 5 million where cricket is barely known. Be proud sons of Alba.
  14. Scotland V New Zealand tomorrow. C'mon Sons of Alba!
  15. The complete Opening Ceremony of Cricket World Cup 2015 http://youtu.be/V9F63f7rnmA
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