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  1. Thanks Rols... After my own hiatus, i decided to come back for the Rio games and also my 10th year on the site. Although not as busy and exciting as it has been here as in previous games, it has been nice to read and chat with you guys again during an Olympiad 2018 def will be a good sporting year with Winters, Commies and World Cup - although hope we can continue until then...
  2. That start to the closing should have been in the opening... much better
  3. I think Rio has been to the Olympic Games what Delhi was to the Commonwealth Games in 2010, albeit to a lesser extent. First time hosts, organisational failures, expected to be a poster games for the next generation of potential host cities, but failing to nail it...
  4. Yeah, it seems that the typeface of just rio 2016 is everywhere and the logo not so much...
  5. For me the sport definately won the day...... i cant help but think what could have been in general if Brazil was in a better state than it is. All in all, not the games i had hoped for a few years back, certainly no where near the best. I would say that Glasgow 2014 had a better organistation and enthusiasm. If the sporting competition wasnt first class and amazing i would have likened these games to a commies or a pan am/asian But the sport was defo Olympic and perfect.... the sports 10/10, Overall score for me......5/10 - just too many negative things happening to ignore
  6. Been hearing alot of athletes saying that after their competition has ended that they are heading home. If there didnt look to be many athletes in the opening ceremony, the closing may well look very bare...
  7. Scotland's Katherine Grainger has become the most decorated British Female Athlete after winning Silver in Rowing...
  8. Perhaps they could go down the Commonwealth Games route with having several core sports then the remaining proposed by the hosts depending on their existing venues and popularity etc Much money gets spent on creating venues like canoe/kayak courses that most cities dont have the need for post games
  9. Perhaps the likes of Baku and Doha don't seem that bad after all...
  10. I watched the BBC version of the OC live and i seen the RIO firework spelling, didn't really mention it because it only happened, i think about 3 shorts times.
  11. Its a shame that the outside cauldron sculpture doesnt seem to move... Also what will happen to the Maracana Cauldron? Will it be moved to the Olympic Stadium for the athletics events and then moved back for the closing? or will it keep burning in the Maracana? or will it be put out to be relit just before the closing ceremony?
  12. Lit the flame today in the Olympic Stadium in my recently completed Olympic Park
  13. The ceremony starts at 11am Saturday morning here in New Zealand I am planning not to leave the house, especially as its due to be raining most of the day in Wellington, so I will be wrapped up warm with coffee, waffles , eggs and bacon...not very Brazillian i know but need to keep my strength up for the 16 days of constant sports ahead.
  14. A record breaking number of 50 Scottish Athletes will compete at Rio 2016. This games as part of Team GB but in future no doubt as a separate nation. This is a thread to celebrate and discuss the success that they achieve during the games... The athletes are: Scottish athletes in Team GB (15): Eilidh Doyle - 400mH, 4x400m relay Chris O'Hare - 1500m Lynsey Sharp - 800m Andrew Butchart - 5,000m Laura Muir - 1500m Callum Hawkins - marathon Lennie Waite - 3,000m steeplechase Tsegai Tewelde - ma
  15. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton and Chris Froome on thier wins this weekend...

  16. Another attack today, this time in Stuttgart. Reports saying a Syrian Asylum seeker has killed one and injured another on the street with a machete
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