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  1. Edinburgh Castle fireworks waterfall - magical

  2. Escrevo-te hoje, não apenas como CEO da nossa oferta, mas como um fã de esportes e membro leal da Gamesbids.

    Quando o anúncio foi feito hoje de que haveria uma concorrência de 2022 candidatura aos Jogos Olímpicos, eu estava preparado para se sentar e ver as ofertas. Após o sucesso de orientadores de Atlanta de 2020 Jogos Olímpicos de Verão, eu ...

  3. Hey Martin

    was wondering, will mUnich use the OLympic Stadium or the Allianz Arena for the ceremonies if it wins the 2018 Games? And did you hear that Lena is going to represent Germany at ESC 2011?

  4. Hi Baron. How are you?

    I really want to start work on writing a book about Imperial Russia and the Romanovs, a topic which i have always been interested in.

    Do you have any advice regarding copyright and getting permission to use certain information and photos?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks mate, if you could PM me. youe inbox is full.

  5. Hi mate.

    I just purchased the film Rio 3D and thought of you :)

    Looking forward to watching it

  6. Please support Manchester, New Hampshire 2022 for the XXIV Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games -

  7. The Wellington 2026 Bid Video:

  8. Wellington 2026 bid video:

    1. deawebo


      Good video. It's a shame I didn't saw it before my vote -.- lol

  9. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton and Chris Froome on thier wins this weekend...

  10. My thoughts and prayers with the people of Munich tonight....Stay strong

  11. "Deeply moved following the attack in Nice. My condolences to the family and friends of the victims, my thoughts with those who have been injured. Liberté, égalité, fraternité: France will not give in.

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