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  1. The Best World Cup ever....... THANK YOU RUSSIA It came home!!!!!
  2. Its coming home, its coming home its coming, footballs coming home, its coming home, its coming home its coming, footballs coming home, its coming home, its coming home, its coming
  3. The best World Cup ever......THANK YOU RUSSIA!!!!!
  4. I guess i cant go on about having a comp and not enter so here goes....my entries: Paris 2024 - 'Because we're worth it' Ezurum 2026 - 'Continents United' LA 2028 - 'Welcome to the World'
  5. Well we had the perfect song in 2007 - Cyndi (My Heart is Yours) but it was rejected for Sccoch flying the flag for you A powerful ballad went on to win that year....
  6. But the UK were offered a chance to sing again to keep it on a level foot and potentially increase their chances of more votes, but they declined. the person running on stage was disappointing but if they are quick enough it can happen at any event. My main concern was how the hell did he manage to get a backpack into the arena, surely they should have been banned for general safety, checked or not...
  7. Wales will take part in this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully this will set the precedent for separate entries within the main contest.
  8. I guess it all depends on venues. Not sure what both cities have currently. In 1999 they used the same venue that hosted the 1979 contest in Jerusalem and that was way to small in 1999 so wouldn't really do it next year. The norm seems to be a 12000+ arena. Would love to see Dana International feature somehow in the contest. Perhaps as host The UK deserved its third from last place... not even any points from Ireland or Australia
  9. ISRAEL have won the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. After 20 years the contest goes back to Jerusalem...
  10. So only a few hours left until the 2018 Eurovision Final begins in Lisbon Portugal. Who do you think will win? The favourites are Cyprus, Israel and Australia
  11. I think that when the IOC declared that Africa would host this round that they thought that South Africa or Morocco would have bid, that way entertaining but but saying no thanks to the others. BUT......... looks like they stuck with it now.
  12. Swedish DJ Avicii has been found dead in Oman at the age of 28. Very sad - RIP As well as his international hits Avicii worked with the 2 B's form ABBA to compose the theme song of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo
  13. I agree with Rols and Robs here guys, as much as i would love a full bid book comp, i think that with the board as it is atm, something less time consuming, quicker and more fun for most people would be something like a logo comp or torch design etc. The trouble with the world cup logo comp is that now that the logos are standardized to the trophy template, it does pose some issue around limits of design. After that higglty piggly, we dont know who we are so lets just have a mix of everything we can ever think of, Birmingham handover, perhaps 2026 logo comp for #BRUM lol might be a good starter. Plus there is always the Eurovision and WC 2018 sweepstake ( oh, its all happening since ive been back )
  14. Right you lot Its been 6 months since anything was posted here and this site has been going down the gurgler for way to long now. Time to get our acts together and make this again the place where we can share our joy of all things Olympics and sporting events. Shall we have a good old comp to get everyone's spark back? Logo design, Torch Design, full games bid?
  15. With the XIst Commonwealth Games over i thought i would do a comparison between Glasgow and the Gold Coast to see who came out on top. Baton - Glasgow Mascot - Tie Medals - Glasgow Podium design - Glasgow Medal ceremony music - Glasgow Medal Ceremony outfits - Glasgow Look of the games - Glasgow Opening Ceremony - Gold Coast Weather - Gold Coast (although it rained more than it did in Glasgow) Outside event scenery - Glasgow Closing Ceremony - Glasgow Overall winner - GLASGOW
  16. I don't see an issue with having the flame visit the previous host cities, its a way to keep that connection alive, a day in each city, then a really great domestic relay.
  17. If its getting to this stage to just begin putting a bid together, then really is it worth it????? Just let it go
  18. 'I'm back bitches' Decided to come out of posting retirement to give my verdict on these games. The sports side of it - first class A+ The ceremonies were the worst i have ever seen and that closing was a train wreck, easily the worst closing ceremony ever of all = Z- The Birmingham 2022 handover segment was the worst since Manchester's handover in KL 98. i didn't even watch until the end, i was that bored. Birmingham does not seem to have an identity and that shone through last night...
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