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  1. Hmm...

    An "observer" nation member perhaps...Just too unwieldy too be an effectual member without winding everyone else up. Many CF member nations are in the club simply because America isn't. They can speak freely without any recriminations and that usually involves spouting off at the USA and treatment by them...

    This idea has been blown out of proportion after an alleged  comment in passing made by Her Majesty last month stating that she would welcome USA as a Commonwealth member and President Trump was favourable to talk more on the idea.

    This is on the back of Ireland looking at rejoining the Commonwealth as a healing over it's violent independence a hundred years ago.

    An open invitation to attend the Commonwealth Games exists as the original premise was for "all English Speaking People unite in sports" event. Considering half the USA  speak Spanish now, could be a problem.

    There is a new alliance being bantered around the diplomatic circles and trade lobbies...The CANZUKS Alliance (Canada,Australia,NZ,UK,Singapore). The general feeling among it's members is to foster open visa and easy trade flow between what have always been considered the Commonwealth's premier nations. This is a creation partly caused by Brexit and the election of isolationist Trump. It also has caused an us and them within the Commonwealth, with the organisation clearly splitting into two levels of "wealth". 



  2. Durban has been put out of it's misery today by the Commonwealth Games Federation.

    However the CGF does wish to work with South Africa in getting the Games onto the continent and don't rule out a 2026 hosting.

    Blame, clearly, has been directed at the South African Government in not being forthcoming towards funding the event. Durban 2022 is also coming in for criticism for not having clarity, namely some premium events which had to be dropped from the program.

  3. 11 hours ago, Rob. said:

    A repeat of a recent host seems possible. Gold Coast back to back, but would they really want that, and would we? Could Melbourne be a goer - like London it would seem to be an easy fit? Glasgow might like it again but I'm completely unsure what would need building/reconfiguring for that to happen, maybe @Scotguy can say.



    But would it be a strain on the Scottish/Glasgow taxpayers?... also it would be the second time Scotland has pulled the CWGs out from the you know what.

    Logic dictates London as the fall back city. Remember we are not hosting in Olympic sized event and scattering venues into greater England wont matter.

    The only other alternative is to leave them in Australia...

  4. On 3/7/2017 at 3:51 AM, intoronto said:

    York Region is literally a part of the Greater Toronto Area, nothing substantially bigger. The Pan Am Games were regional (with 17 municipalities). This had its benefits but also presented its challenges (such as transportation).

    The concept isn't new...Wellington's 2006 CWGs proposal was encompassing the small cities of Whanganui and Palmerston North for facilities sharing...And a proposed Auckland/Hamilton/Tauranga was discussed around the time Auckland was planning a bid for 2018. (IMO New Zealand's last chance this side of 2030). Canada could be the nation that gives a "Provincial" wide event a go? 

  5. 21 hours ago, Gonzo said:

    I think we have almost reached the point where it is enviable that all multi-sport events including the CommGames & Olympics will be "host countries" rather than "host cities"

    2022 CG games will probably be the beginning of that trend with Durban stripped and the events farmed around to cities in the UK

    Durban seems to have made it through this time... More the fact that they are now co operating with the South African Government better.

    BUT the future does look like a more spread out events footprint for smaller countries to take up a hosting economically. Even Canada had proposed a "York Regional" CWGs. With Gold Coast more towards this idea, we'll find out this time next year.

  6. On 3/2/2017 at 0:41 AM, yoshi said:

    Nationwide hub-type games would be ideal for Wales. 

    Matching this modern concept is the CGF adopting what Fifa, World Rugby (and now the IOC might...)  have done - Double Booking.

    This can secure 2026 and 2030 thus allowing more time to prepare.

    Also stop with this ground up building of facilities so they end up rusting away. Nothing wrong with modern temporary stands and facilities. Glasgow gave a good demonstration of this including sending the Diving events to Edinburgh.  

  7. :)

    Well So Far So Good with a quick meeting between Durban 22, South African Govt and the CGF today seems to have held back doom for now. 

    I'm thinking a bit more seriousness by Durban towards the magnitude of what they are hosting was what's needed. Also the SA Government does need to help...It's on a scale of the World Cup but with events concentrated on Durban.

  8. 1 hour ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

    The Games will be smaller after the Gold Coast- this is a good thing.

    NZ for example should be able to afford to host, it is crazy that it can't.

    Oh we can...It's just that the only two cities that could host are in the middle of massive infrastructure building programs...

    The CGF is looking at a so called "Nationwide" type event that would allow a hub city or cities to be a focal point. a classic scenario would be Auckland opening and Wellington closing while sports are scattered around regions.

    Auckland does want to host but not until the late 20s and Christchurch wants to host 2030 as a crowning achievement. 

  9. :( I'm hoping against hope...But sadly we may be looking at our first host cancellation since WWII.

    If so, where to from here?

    Personally I now believe a review of some of the more expensive to host sports need to either pair down or go. Sevens come to mind - Since it is now an Olympic sport, is it needed? The annual tournament circuit keeps interest going and it also has it's own World Cup. Manchester got it bang on with the main stadium hosting before the Athletics program got underway. 

    Cycling - Yes this has become and exclusive elitist sport...Even NZ is suddenly finding it costly although we do have excellent facilities.

    If we go back down to a near original program of nine sports groups, would that help. 

    Do we need to bring in "cheap to operate" sports like Darts? - Great TV and venue viewing.

  10. 1 hour ago, Scotguy said:

    Glasgow saved the Commonwealth Games once, they can do it again. 4 years to build another athletes village.... plenty of areas needing regeneration.

    Scotland has saved them twice...But does it want to do it again? - Can it afford to?

    This is a sign that the games need to be paired down...

    I dread to say it, but some Team sports need to go.

  11. Who will Gold Coast City hand off the CGF flag to at the end of next year's games?

    ...Sadly it could be to - Gold Coast City. :(

    Durban is expected to tap out of hosting the 2022 edition as costs for the third level event continue to blow out of control.

    This leaves either an Australian "ready to go city" or England as emergency hosts.

    Personally, they should stay in Australia until 2026. There is no other country that can step up in time that has the facilities AND the physical attraction that Australia will have to offer in what will be an embarrassment for the CGF and Commonwealth in general. 

  12. Auckland has announced it's self out of bidding for an emergency hosting of the CWGs in 2022. (Should it need to come to that...)

    Mayor Phil Goff has said there simply is no chance as Auckland is in the middle of a massive infrastructure building project (involving roads, rail, and new airport terminal among others) already costing billions and no room for hurriedly installing facilities.

    :( Sorry guys...New Zealand tapping out.



  13. On 2/8/2017 at 11:36 PM, Rob. said:

    With England bidding for 2026 I don't think London is really a possibility. 

    They may not have a choice Rob... Albeit a very paired down event... And would need to know by at least June.

    Dare I say New Zealand to fill the breach???... I doubt it unless it was absorbed as a nationwide event. Auckland opening, Wellington closing?


  14. Aftermath...Government Funding for NZ 2020 Olympic cycle released.

    And boy oh boy did two Tier One sports take a severe hit.

    Cycle and Swimming have been punished for their abysmal efforts taking a near half million dollar per annum cut. Swimming dropped into Tier Two funding mainly for the diving and Water Polo.

    Triathlon has been moved into the minor sports funding category.

    Rowing had a freeze in regular funding citing the plans to move into the big boat programs now that the ones and twos boats era medalists are retiring out. Rowing is already well corporately funded.

    Canoing/Kayaking gets a sizable boost as the program is centralised to Lake Karapiro beside the Rowing...moved to Tier One status after years of political infighting.

    ATHLETICS. Moved into Tier One position thanks to a resurge in its medal table...More the fact to boost field sports and enhance mid to long distance running.

    Yachting keeps its levels as it is well funded by the private sector.

    But the BIGGEST winner out of all of them is Paralympics NZ!

    A massive 400% funding boost for its entire program. Now a respectable near $30million for the Olympic cycle. It also secured free to view funding for TVNZ. The High Performance Sports council agreed that the Paralympians thoroughly deserve Tier One status and felt the 2020 team should be doubled in size.

    Overall funding is pretty good and yes the poor performance by some programs have been dealt with... NZ is well placed for another great Olympics in 2020.

  15. One thing I did enjoy here were the "hypothetical bids" discussions involving cities that could host at a stretch of the imagination. Minneapolis, Vegas, Brisbane, Auckland, Bangkok and Cape Town et al...

    (So far the only city that has come out of this area is Rio.)

    Some good discussions but eventually theories would be worn down and ended.

    Still, the concept of the web "big boards" don't seem to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials who are now starting to come on line.


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