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  1. On 6/4/2017 at 2:22 AM, baron-pierreIV said:

    Didn't realize this is even going on.  But it's in faraway Hamilton, so with all the other more important things going on in the world, not on my radar. 

    Yeah...Same old same old...5am - 6am start times for New Zealand and the racing is all of 20mins at best. Very fast though. The more manageable AC50 cats can really move but are far more unforgiving with errors. 

    Semi Finals have begun with Team NZ choosing BAR UK as it's challenger while Artemis Sweden and Team Japan paired off for their challenger racing.

    Weird rules as always in the Round Robins with Oracle Team USA joining in. The top challengers got to choose who they raced against in the Semis. That was Team NZ, so naturally they chose the weakest qualifier. Artemis Sweden was second and had to settle for Team Japan.

    Two races each today...The Sweden v Japan series looks to be a dusey...But NZ v UK could be a cake walk unless Team BAR can really up their game.


  2. Day One of Round Robin 2...Just the three races today.

    (Completely reverses the race format of Round Robin 1)

    Today's racing went without hitch.

    In a re-race of yesterday's Artemis Sweden v Emirates Team NZ, Team NZ won comfortably after trailing and then passing Sweden at leg five. Soon after Artemis were penalized for not giving way the ETNZ...This time the umpires got it right.

    Oracle USA easily took revenge on France by over two minutes and Artemis simply couldn't come back from it's earlier defeat to ETNZ to be beaten by BAR Great Britain.

  3. Day Three. Final races for Round Robin 1 .

    Artemis Sweden should feel aggrieved after being wrongfully penalized by the race umpires during their race against ETNZ...and who were well on the way to a spectacular victory. Unfortunately the decision can no longer be overturned by the on shore arbitration process as no physical contact on the water was made. Umpires were under the impression that Artemis failed to give enough right of way to ETNZ at mark five but later revealed to be of no consequence. 



  4. Another factor to consider is that when Durban were awarded the Games...The Global economy was still clearing away a residual GFC funk and there was still trepidation as to what hosting a VERY large sporting event would be like. Glasgow showed the way but most Nations just didn't want to risk it. 

    Now, with most OECD Nation economies starting to boom again, a little more spending is occurring and new concepts into hosting very large multi sport events are now allowing multiple cities and/or regions to consider joint hosting.

    It would be sad if four years from now we see Durban or another South African raising it's hand but then being reminded of "what happened last time" - ask Denver how that feels.

  5. :) 2017 World Masters Games opens tonight, NZ time, in Auckland.

    22500 athletes have poured into the city and surrounding regions to take up sports competitions.

    This is New Zealand's large hosting of a multi-sport event. It is covertly being watched by the IOC and NZ Olympic Committee to see how a "regional" Olympics might be managed. 

    A more relaxed affair...The event has come in on budget of @$100 million, including infrastructure upgrades. The idea of moving events out into the upper North Island region was a great money saving move. It was pointless to build duplicate facilities in Auckland and burdening even more cost onto the struggling city. The main key regional cities helping out are Hamilton, Tauranga, Cambridge/Lake Karapiro, Taupo, and Whangarei. This has also given rise to a future Commonwealth Games hosting in the regional format.

  6. 9 hours ago, Lord David said:

    If Australia wants to put its hand up again because no one else wants to bid, then why not Adelaide? They made a bid for 1998 and failed against Kuala Lumpur.

    There's far more infrastructure since then and I'm sure the Adelaide Oval can easily accommodate an athletics track, or have a reduced seating with a raised track (which of course also helps with ceremonies).

    It seems like the missing link to complete the "set". But then Adelaide did make an early run for 2018, backed away as they saw the then still rising costs and Auckland hinting another go (although later revealed as an unauthorized proposal). Gold Coast jumped in when "Auckland" pulled out.

    The CWGs are now looking towards regional hosting and this is something Australia could lead with.

  7. On 4/13/2017 at 2:44 PM, zekekelso said:

    So, wait, there's a Victoria in Canada and in Australia. Or is that like the requirement to be a Commonwealth country... you have to have a Victoria. 

    :lol: There are "Victoria"s this, that and those all over the former Empire which reached it's height in her reign...Could've been so much worse if her half formed mel-bred Teutonic imbecile lame freak of a grandson had got things going his way a hundred years ago...:huh:

  8. 19 minutes ago, intoronto said:

    Vote fails at Toronto city council. The mayor was among those voting against it.

    Does not mean the bid is dead... It will now be sent to the economic development committee (which consists of 6 of the same councilors).

    2 of them voted yes 2 of them voted no and were not there. I believe it takes just a majority vote to proceed there.

    The next EDC meeting is next week Friday.

    Yes, got to have a cooling period as sensible accounting checks the numbers...

    The reality soon reveals its self. 

    Also gives the likes of Toronto to "call the shots"  to the CGF...They can so easily negotiate for a paired down games.

  9. Former NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games Chief, Bruce Ullrich, says the Games footprint need to be scaled back to make them more appealing and affordable to future hosts. Costs are simply far to high for a majority of Commonwealth cities with a base cost of US$500million. Funding that can only be provided by national Government as unlike the Olympics with it's massive American and European view audiences, TV and advertising revenue barely covering costs. Mentioned was how to lower the cost of Games villages as these are fast becoming small towns or elaborate expensive apartment/flat high rise complexes. This is were the spread the team sports around concept comes in....

    ...He suggests that team sports be farmed out to surrounding centres which would carry the cost of hosting that particular team sport and carry appropriate CWGs banners and colours but without the host city name . The main Host city would retain the main "core" sports and focal point CWGs Host City titles.

    This is a concept that is gaining support with the Commonwealth Games Federation as they continue to "understand" why Durban failed. For smaller nations this would go a long way to retaining the Games appeal. His concept leans on his wish to see Christchurch as NZ's next host city and saw how the 2011 RWC united the nation with pool matches spread around the country even though Auckland was considered central host.

  10. 51 minutes ago, LatinXTC said:

    Well there you go. A cricket stadium to my knowledge has the biggest field in all of sports. It's also usually circular. Atlanta managed to squeeze one in a baseball stadium. This shows a cricket stadium has a lot more room to work with.

    Atlanta '96 and as an aside Manchester '02 both used incomplete, to be re-purposed, stadiums. Originally the MCG wasn't going to be used but in the end the cheaper cost of laying down a track with minor alterations to the oval for the standard IAAF 100m starting lanes with the prestige of the "G" meant it was going nowhere else. Glasgow '14 went the other way and built a deck track over the football pitch. 

  11. Four Australian cities have expressed an interest in hosting the 2022 CWGs...

    I have visited all four of them in my lifetime and can say can ALL can easily prepare to host the event on time. BUT would need to be told ASAP. 

    It really would be easier to leave the games in Australia, however there would be a push for a one final home games for the Queen, if she is still going, in her 70th Jubilee... This is where England's cities may have the upper hand. 

  12. 11 hours ago, spiele said:

    Again this ties into my reply in another thread - you do realise that the infrastructure works directly associated with Gold Coast 2018 far exceeds anything built by Melbourne for 2006?

    Melbourne was a turnkey start engine and go Games. Everything was already there.

    Gold Coast is building legacy structures for future use. As with Sydney, London and Melbourne, their facilities will not waste away. 


    Glasgow didn't "Save" the CWGs, but did show that savings in dollars could be made with common sense.


  13. :angry: well ain't that just a kicker in the between legs area!

    Athletics NZ and NZOC has decided to cut funding for NZ's qualifying Track and Field athletes who wish to attend next year's CWGs. Instead giving full focus on team sports!

    Athletics NZ will now focus funding towards the London World Track and Field Champs instead...So clearly you can see where NZ is focussing it's T&F future in building up to the Olympic Games. I guess logic dictates our limited funding be allowed to place athletes among sports power nations not in the CGF. Waste of time disrupting them with a diminishing event.

    Oh well...another nail in the coffin. :(

  14. Jeez Rob, I would think not... 

    If we are going to a Northern Hemisphere games, really only four and a half years to the "we are ready" inspection. Bureaucracy always slams these big multi-events hard so there goes at least another year of arsing around...

    If Liverpool is posturing and chest beating, at least they are determined...because outside of the big three England cities, or the world, no one else is.

  15. 1 hour ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

    They are probably not saying anything publicly until KL show their hand.  There is some sentiment in SEA that Singapore punches above it's weight and is not that integrated with it's neighbours - so it is diplomatically more astute to sit back and just speak to whoever they need to in private at this point.

    Or Singapore just plain don't want these Games.  They may not want them as they will have the whiff of "second hand" Games perhaps?

    Bloody good point...But since KL has been there and done that - and probably doomed the games with it's massive upsizing - don't really care?

    I'm going with your final sentence...Singaporians probably feel what you said - But in saying that, would they have time to prepare to the gold mark high standards we would totally expect from them? "Singapore" means superior in that part of the world...and what the general perception of Singapore is everywhere else.

  16. 10 hours ago, Rob. said:

    The London stadium is still an athletics stadium. The new lower tier seating bringing the crowd closer for football is just fancy scaffolding and will be removed each summer when the stadium hosts athletics. The stadium is actually hosting the World Athletics Championships this summer.

    It's quite similar to your Etihad Stadium in Melbourne when it's in soccer configuration:


    Did they give up on that retractable roller system?

    Anyways, a three way split with Liverpool, London, and Birmingham doing a joint hosting. More for sharing facilities...something we need to realize since the CWGs are costly for the event they are.

    Gold Coast could be the last time we see a singular city host the event.

  17. 5 hours ago, Rob. said:

    Not sure the headline is complete on the money. Offering to "help" sounds fairly non-committal, maybe they just want to offer Liverpool options at this stage (e.g. if Liverpool wants to bid but doesn't want to build a velodrome). Let's wait and see...


    Those 2002 Games were pretty good. One of the better hostings.

    Agree with your comment...More helping Liverpool with facilities (?). 

    I'm still leaning towards London as fall back host but only if all other options are exhausted. That includes leaving them in Australia. 

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