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  1. Atlanta '96 and as an aside Manchester '02 both used incomplete, to be re-purposed, stadiums. Originally the MCG wasn't going to be used but in the end the cheaper cost of laying down a track with minor alterations to the oval for the standard IAAF 100m starting lanes with the prestige of the "G" meant it was going nowhere else. Glasgow '14 went the other way and built a deck track over the football pitch.
  2. Four Australian cities have expressed an interest in hosting the 2022 CWGs... I have visited all four of them in my lifetime and can say can ALL can easily prepare to host the event on time. BUT would need to be told ASAP. It really would be easier to leave the games in Australia, however there would be a push for a one final home games for the Queen, if she is still going, in her 70th Jubilee... This is where England's cities may have the upper hand.
  3. Melbourne was a turnkey start engine and go Games. Everything was already there. Gold Coast is building legacy structures for future use. As with Sydney, London and Melbourne, their facilities will not waste away. Glasgow didn't "Save" the CWGs, but did show that savings in dollars could be made with common sense.
  4. well ain't that just a kicker in the between legs area! Athletics NZ and NZOC has decided to cut funding for NZ's qualifying Track and Field athletes who wish to attend next year's CWGs. Instead giving full focus on team sports! Athletics NZ will now focus funding towards the London World Track and Field Champs instead...So clearly you can see where NZ is focussing it's T&F future in building up to the Olympic Games. I guess logic dictates our limited funding be allowed to place athletes among sports power nations not in the CGF. Waste of time disrupting them with a diminishing event. Oh well...another nail in the coffin.
  5. Jeez Rob, I would think not... If we are going to a Northern Hemisphere games, really only four and a half years to the "we are ready" inspection. Bureaucracy always slams these big multi-events hard so there goes at least another year of arsing around... If Liverpool is posturing and chest beating, at least they are determined...because outside of the big three England cities, or the world, no one else is.
  6. Bloody good point...But since KL has been there and done that - and probably doomed the games with it's massive upsizing - don't really care? I'm going with your final sentence...Singaporians probably feel what you said - But in saying that, would they have time to prepare to the gold mark high standards we would totally expect from them? "Singapore" means superior in that part of the world...and what the general perception of Singapore is everywhere else.
  7. Did they give up on that retractable roller system? Anyways, a three way split with Liverpool, London, and Birmingham doing a joint hosting. More for sharing facilities...something we need to realize since the CWGs are costly for the event they are. Gold Coast could be the last time we see a singular city host the event.
  8. Those 2002 Games were pretty good. One of the better hostings. Agree with your comment...More helping Liverpool with facilities (?). I'm still leaning towards London as fall back host but only if all other options are exhausted. That includes leaving them in Australia.
  9. I'm sure King Akheem (probably king by now - and yes there is a sequel in the works) could front up the bill...
  10. Hmm... An "observer" nation member perhaps...Just too unwieldy too be an effectual member without winding everyone else up. Many CF member nations are in the club simply because America isn't. They can speak freely without any recriminations and that usually involves spouting off at the USA and treatment by them... This idea has been blown out of proportion after an alleged comment in passing made by Her Majesty last month stating that she would welcome USA as a Commonwealth member and President Trump was favourable to talk more on the idea. This is on the back of Ireland looking at rejoining the Commonwealth as a healing over it's violent independence a hundred years ago. An open invitation to attend the Commonwealth Games exists as the original premise was for "all English Speaking People unite in sports" event. Considering half the USA speak Spanish now, could be a problem. There is a new alliance being bantered around the diplomatic circles and trade lobbies...The CANZUKS Alliance (Canada,Australia,NZ,UK,Singapore). The general feeling among it's members is to foster open visa and easy trade flow between what have always been considered the Commonwealth's premier nations. This is a creation partly caused by Brexit and the election of isolationist Trump. It also has caused an us and them within the Commonwealth, with the organisation clearly splitting into two levels of "wealth".
  11. BOOM!!! Now we really DO need a new host for 2022. Interesting to see no one in the above Poll has ticked Liverpool, yet they have already raised their hand as a stand in host. Sad to make the decision on the day The Queen sent the 2018 CWGs Baton out on it's pointlessly long journey to Gold Coast.
  12. Durban has been put out of it's misery today by the Commonwealth Games Federation. However the CGF does wish to work with South Africa in getting the Games onto the continent and don't rule out a 2026 hosting. Blame, clearly, has been directed at the South African Government in not being forthcoming towards funding the event. Durban 2022 is also coming in for criticism for not having clarity, namely some premium events which had to be dropped from the program.
  13. Considering the CGF have no choice to dictate terms in their favour...Shouldn't matter. Oh and a Victoria '94 type set up is all that's needed.
  14. But would it be a strain on the Scottish/Glasgow taxpayers?... also it would be the second time Scotland has pulled the CWGs out from the you know what. Logic dictates London as the fall back city. Remember we are not hosting in Olympic sized event and scattering venues into greater England wont matter. The only other alternative is to leave them in Australia...
  15. Just coming in on the Sports news over here...what a shame.
  16. The concept isn't new...Wellington's 2006 CWGs proposal was encompassing the small cities of Whanganui and Palmerston North for facilities sharing...And a proposed Auckland/Hamilton/Tauranga was discussed around the time Auckland was planning a bid for 2018. (IMO New Zealand's last chance this side of 2030). Canada could be the nation that gives a "Provincial" wide event a go?
  17. Durban seems to have made it through this time... More the fact that they are now co operating with the South African Government better. BUT the future does look like a more spread out events footprint for smaller countries to take up a hosting economically. Even Canada had proposed a "York Regional" CWGs. With Gold Coast more towards this idea, we'll find out this time next year.
  18. Matching this modern concept is the CGF adopting what Fifa, World Rugby (and now the IOC might...) have done - Double Booking. This can secure 2026 and 2030 thus allowing more time to prepare. Also stop with this ground up building of facilities so they end up rusting away. Nothing wrong with modern temporary stands and facilities. Glasgow gave a good demonstration of this including sending the Diving events to Edinburgh.
  19. Like others mentioning here, Australia would be a fair bet. Durban (and South Africa) is really screwing up preparations for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and that is such not a good look. Australia is stable and can easily throw up Brisbane or Melbourne as a host city.
  20. It looks like Durban has managed to convince the CGF and more importantly, the South African Government, that they have a more professional mandate to host the 2022 event. I would still put a back up city on standby if needed.
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