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  1. 1 hour ago, Rob. said:


    Bannon was the power behind the throne...and had simply run out of friends in the West Wing. 


    As for learning from history...You can clearly make the Trump comparison to Woodrow Wilson - almost exactly.

    Under Wilson, a confirmed white racist, the US Government was torn apart and segregation reenacted. Jim Crow laws legitimized.

    Really you are looking a one hundred year battle that Trump - or really - Bannon deliberately tore the scab off and allowed the infection to fester and grow again. 

  2. Tom Walsh got New Zealand's first ever Mens Gold at the IAAF Champs in the Shot Put. But the two American participants tried to appeal the judges over faults given to two of their throws that would've been a Gold winner. They have fallen through but kind of ruins it.

    And now there is a Nora gastro virus outbreak. 

    Overall though, still a great games and Seb Coe really needs to push through hardline reforms to clean up the dodgy.

  3. Have just noticed a more eye friendly look...The fourth incarnation that I've seen since joining a gazillion years ago. Seems brighter and more user freindly. 

    Page turn that Rob has mentioned still not fixed but not a biggy. (By the way Rob, that's my Cup). :)

    Site has gone quiet over the last few years, mainly since London...but I think it could light up a bit more when Paris and LA are finalised and a new venue for the 2022 CWGs named.

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  4. A quick picture round up of the 35th America's Cup...A watershed event. 

    Although a lovely spot, Bermuda was an ill thought venue. This was a failed attempt to create a Formula 1 like series that was always the brainchild of Russell Coutts (I refuse to title him Sir, he doesn't deserve it). 

    One positive is the just under two month time frame. These wind powered "hydroplanes" really did leave you on a high since a two hour drag became little more than a twenty minute sprint. EXPECT the return of the "Nationality" rule. Yes you can have "foreign hired guns" on your boat, but they will be a minority.

    There are plans to go to an even scarier monofoil design that would allow for proper match racing but thanks to Team NZ introducing Cyclorgrinding, we could see the AC50 stay.

    There are also plans for 2021 to return the Americas Cup it's "Dignity". The Royal NZ Yacht Squadron have plans to create a return to tradition and with help from the NZ Govt, recreate the global but accessible "prestige" brand it was back in 2007 when Spain hosted it. NZ hosts APEC in the same year and means a visit from China, US and Russian presidents, whoever they may be. 

    Already the Govt wants to accelerate the massive infrastructure transport program that is seeing the underground railway beneath the Auckland CBD be finished in time as well as pushing Auckland Airport along with a new runway and better connectivity, which, as Aucklanders know, is bloody atrocious!  

  5. 18 hours ago, paul said:

    Congratulation Team NZ! Still wish we had seen a stronger performance from the O team but this win by NZ is great for the Americas Cup overal and amazing for the team that dominated.

    True. :huh: All thanks to a simple but logical form of human strength - Leg Power! 

    How many people laughed at having Olympic cyclists pedaling all the hydraulics up into those controls?

    "Cyclordrolics" is now a word!B)

    Still, it does feel like a massive demon has been lifted from what is still considered the 2013 Disaster. 

    Surprisingly the day isn't as "party" as the first win in 1995 was (yes, I'm that old). It's just past midday here in NZ and already the victory has been moved to the sports section of the news hour bulletins and Rugby has taken over again.

    Still -


    Luna Rossa Team Prada of Italy is confirmed Challenger Of Record!!!:) It was always going to be! The wonderful working relationship both it and Team NZ have, go all the way back to 2000. A very popular team and they were equally guttered at ETNZ's failed 2013 bid. They stepped aside for this challenge and devoted funding to Team NZ.

    Great to have Luna Rossa back.

    Already other challengers are coming in from USA, Sweden, France, Spain, UK and Japan...Also a possible Australian bid.

    Far more affordable this time round ALTHOUGH foiling Monohulls - even faster and scarier that the cats are being looked at.



  6. :) 

    One each today for Races 5 & 6.

    Race five looked to be a set up for another two ETNZ drag races with Oracle screwing up the start and making silly mistakes...Team NZ punishing them accordingly...

    Race six was completely the opposite. Oracle wining the start and promptly knobbling Team NZ with some brilliant match racing...When ETNZ gained the lead, Oracle cashed in on ETNZs errors as they seemed to not handle the tight racing as well as Oracle. But overall it was Oracle that had luck on their side. They read a wind shift better and took advantage.

    Race seven and eight tomorrow with similar conditions although forecasts do say dying breezes...to the point of no racing.

    At least we have got another week of racing to go.

  7. The J Class were such beautiful boats from another time. In the last thirty years they have been dug out of swamps, pulled out of museums and lovingly restored by cashed up internet billionaires.


    Sadly a modern (well a 1988 version) J Class sits on a plinth at Viaduct Habour in Auckland as a folly. It was used in the Dead of Gift challenge that year and faced off against - a catamaran... 


  8. :(:angry: Seeing those annoying two words beginning to appear - "Systemic Failure"... Politicians love using them. Blame will be pointed at anyone involved in approving the full refit of this building - yet will find nothing wrong. It was refurbished to correct code, including moved pipe works, and cladding.  

    You can now see the focus will be around this cladding material. Other countries going through a similar tower block building boom have banned this method of cladding in construction BUT the material used is permissible in correct use. 

    Also a fire prevention covering was recommended (but not demanded) to be used at an extra quid in cost per sheet. This is where the focus of inquiry will lean. 

  9. 10 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Watched some of the coverage today and I was just wondering if the spirit of princess Diana isn't watching over the proceedings>  Why??

    ARTEMIS is an anagram of EMIRATES (except for an extra "E" of Emirates).  What are the chances of that coincidence happening?

    And "Artemis" of course, is the Greek name for Diana, whose last boyfriend was an Arab boy (Dodie, hence Emirates)!! 

    And then, of course, the ORACLE of Delphi has the answer to everything!  So . . . . . 


    :lol: What have you been smoking Mister!!!B)



    Sweden will have to dig deep tomorrow...They have done it before...

  10. 1 hour ago, paul said:

    He knows his stuff and should be able to hold a team together for 2020. It took NZ three failed challenges to be successful in it's fourth because of Russell Coutts. And only lost to Switzerland because Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth were bought out with big $$$. Oracle holds the America's Cup because of Russell Coutts.

  11. 2 hours ago, Olympian2004 said:

    And the ugly farce that are the Tories of the years 2015-2017 continues:

    (Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-40231107)

    So Theresa May has now been officially taken hostage by her own party. Why doesn't she simply quit? Cringeworthy!

    I think...she will. However there is an unofficial Tory Party ABB rule applying here (anyone but Boris). So they will be desperately trying to find someone.

    Who wants to lay a good bet David Cameron has been approached to come back?

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