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  1. We need to get over the North v South thing... What we now have to live with is the fact that these large events will go to countries that can afford them... In saying that, South Africa would be a great host and shouldn't have the 2022 CWGs debacle compaired to a 2023 RWC bid. This will be a nationwide event and the cost spread around what is still a wealthy country. Best of all, facilities are already in place. (New Zealand owes SA a favour here, as they supported our 2011 bid.) I still would love to see Ireland as a host nation. It would be one almighty party! Anyway since one of these hasn't happened in a while, The Future - 2023 Ireland 2027 South Africa 2031 United States 2035 France/Italy 2039 Australia 2043 England 2047 New Zealand/Fiji/Samoa
  2. GAMESBIDS!!!!!! (Winter Olympics still has a hope as it can be sustained at a fixed venue in Europe if need be.) The main Forum page menu....!!! Seriously!!! UPDATE IT!!!! FFS!!!
  3. BIG SWING TO THE LEFT!!!! The worst form - extremism. THE RETURN OF FORTRESS NEW ZEALAND! Yet another fair and balanced country has fallen under the Trump wave. New Zealand, long considered a safe haven against the mess the world is in has closed the doors to the outside world. Largely ignored around the World, simply because it's government was seen as prosperous and stable, the general election last month threw up a spectacular no result. There was a considerable seismic shift to the left, but not enough to give Labour a clear majority over what is still a very popular and progressive National led coalition. This left the only minor party that could help create a government - New Zealand First, led by the pugnacious Winston Peters. Seen as out Donald Trump, he is well known for NZF's anti-immigration stance and retaining control of all NZ's essential assets. These policies will now take effect. New Zealand will have it's youngest Prime Minister since the 1850s in Jacinda Ardern at only 37 years. Winston Peter's political career is older than her. New Zealand DOES have social issues that desperately need addressing. Poverty - I've never seen so many homeless people sleeping rough, even in the tourist and smaller towns Home Ownership - This has fallen to 50%, from 80%. We just can't build houses fast enough. Health and Safety - higher rates of mental illness, obesity, hospital wait lists... Over Immigration - It's obvious...very obvious these days, a double edge sword as NZ is in it's biggest economic boom ever that shows no sign of easing up - we need a workforce and immigration is the only answer...but causes all the above problems. Que Winston Peters' NZ First and Labour - they jumped on the global wave of Nationalism now taking hold as countries turn away from globalization. You will be welcomed as tourists and working tourists, but don't expect to be invited to stay as easy as it has been.
  4. Sadly...It seems to be a current Western theme over the last few years. New trade Blocs are being created and a nasty case of Haves v Have not's is the norm. We are now so protective of our wealth the we feel threatened by those of the downtrodden that want to come in create some for themselves. I never thought NZ would fall for this...We came across as one of the more liberal nations out there. I hope that the current standing National led government can work out an acceptable deal with NZ First - they have in the past, but it didn't end well. Labour has also worked with NZF under Helen Clarke, but they were more left leaning which suited peters fine because he got a plumb Cabinet position.
  5. Similar Mix Member Proportional Representative style of Parliament/Bundestag...you pretty much hit it right on, ours is modeled on Germany's.
  6. The global slide towards nationalism has finally arrived in New Zealand with the Hung Parliament result of the 2017 General Election. Under MMP, the incumbent National Party has failed to get enough of the party vote to lead ahead of a resurgent Labour Party without the help of New Zealand First Party, the nationalist leaning creation of Winston Peters. Labour can form an alternative centre left government with the help of the Green Party that just made it back over the 5% threshold to get MPs into the House (they didn't win any seats) - But only if NZ First sides with them. National lost three of it's allied parties with both Maori Party and United Future falling well below the 5% threshold and not gaining seats. The third party, right leaning ACT Party retained it's only seat but also fell well below the threshold. Winston Peters lost his seat of Northland but his party gained nearly 8% of the vote and giving him the controlling 9 seats to negotiate with either main Parties. Peters is well known in the region for his Trump like rhetoric that is more akin towards the likes of One Australia, UKIP, or France Nationale. He is also the longest serving politician having been in the House since 1982 - apart from three years out in 2008-11. The general feeling in NZ over the last couple of years is the massive economic boom hasn't really served the majority...The country has serious social issues such as unaffordable housing, child poverty, and a growing drug problem affecting law and order...all this as inbound migration continues to strain the country's infrastructure. New roads, rail connections and utilities are being built or promised...But the biggest issue is NZ can't build houses fast enough, at an affordable price, thus casing social unrest. The average price of a house in Auckland is approximately $1 000 000.00. The election campaign has seen outrageous promises being made but as we know, most will go unfulfilled. There is now a general feeling that Globalization, something NZ helped create, is failing under the current model and NZers fear as the world falls apart that it's time to close the fortress gates and slow down immigration. Social issues are also under scrutiny. Some parties offered a referendum on Euthanasia and decriminalization of Marijuana...and this has angered the Right. The feeling is that the country is losing it's moral compass and some are looking towards Australia and it's Yes/No vote on same sex marriage as an example to help settle the issues here. Winston Peters has pounced on all of this and since you really can't define New Zealand First as either Left nor Right or Centrist - would that make them National Socialists? (but are pro Israeli) They sure sound like it...
  7. Considering the World we now live in... But staying positive - all the best to Paris and LA. LA has the advantage of time up their sleeves and can bookend the commercial era LA84 created. As someone who has fond memories of what was my first games I remember, LA84 was what I have judged post Olympic Games since. Paris always wanted a centennial summer games, now they have it. We now have three previous host mega cities hosting again - there is some security in that. At least the 20's are now spoken for. That will rest a few IOC minds.
  8. England is now out of contention for 2026 (probably along with the rest of UK)...This opens the door to Asia hosting again.
  9. It pretty much looks done and dusted. Birmingham 2022. It will be a great boost for the region and give another focal point of England outside that great meglaurban monster, London, just as Manchester 2002 was (and probably the best CWGs hosted in the commercial era.).
  10. New Zealand is looking at a potential 2030 hosting as well. Christchurch as head city is going to be a focal point.
  11. Bannon was the power behind the throne...and had simply run out of friends in the West Wing. As for learning from history...You can clearly make the Trump comparison to Woodrow Wilson - almost exactly. Under Wilson, a confirmed white racist, the US Government was torn apart and segregation reenacted. Jim Crow laws legitimized. Really you are looking a one hundred year battle that Trump - or really - Bannon deliberately tore the scab off and allowed the infection to fester and grow again.
  12. Tom Walsh got New Zealand's first ever Mens Gold at the IAAF Champs in the Shot Put. But the two American participants tried to appeal the judges over faults given to two of their throws that would've been a Gold winner. They have fallen through but kind of ruins it. And now there is a Nora gastro virus outbreak. Overall though, still a great games and Seb Coe really needs to push through hardline reforms to clean up the dodgy.
  13. You see...This is why London should've hosted the 2022 Commonwealth Games...
  14. Anyone else interested in these games...Especially after what happened in the 100m yesterday?
  15. Sorry dude on the other side of the world, b's and d's are the other way around...
  16. Have just noticed a more eye friendly look...The fourth incarnation that I've seen since joining a gazillion years ago. Seems brighter and more user freindly. Page turn that Rob has mentioned still not fixed but not a biggy. (By the way Rob, that's my Cup). Site has gone quiet over the last few years, mainly since London...but I think it could light up a bit more when Paris and LA are finalised and a new venue for the 2022 CWGs named.
  17. A quick picture round up of the 35th America's Cup...A watershed event. Although a lovely spot, Bermuda was an ill thought venue. This was a failed attempt to create a Formula 1 like series that was always the brainchild of Russell Coutts (I refuse to title him Sir, he doesn't deserve it). One positive is the just under two month time frame. These wind powered "hydroplanes" really did leave you on a high since a two hour drag became little more than a twenty minute sprint. EXPECT the return of the "Nationality" rule. Yes you can have "foreign hired guns" on your boat, but they will be a minority. There are plans to go to an even scarier monofoil design that would allow for proper match racing but thanks to Team NZ introducing Cyclorgrinding, we could see the AC50 stay. There are also plans for 2021 to return the Americas Cup it's "Dignity". The Royal NZ Yacht Squadron have plans to create a return to tradition and with help from the NZ Govt, recreate the global but accessible "prestige" brand it was back in 2007 when Spain hosted it. NZ hosts APEC in the same year and means a visit from China, US and Russian presidents, whoever they may be. Already the Govt wants to accelerate the massive infrastructure transport program that is seeing the underground railway beneath the Auckland CBD be finished in time as well as pushing Auckland Airport along with a new runway and better connectivity, which, as Aucklanders know, is bloody atrocious!
  18. To squash all rumors of the Cup going elsewhere (ie Dubai) now ... Auckland will be the host of the Challenger series and Cup finals. There will be series events though, Dubai, Italy and Bermuda are in the mix.
  19. True. All thanks to a simple but logical form of human strength - Leg Power! How many people laughed at having Olympic cyclists pedaling all the hydraulics up into those controls? "Cyclordrolics" is now a word! Still, it does feel like a massive demon has been lifted from what is still considered the 2013 Disaster. Surprisingly the day isn't as "party" as the first win in 1995 was (yes, I'm that old). It's just past midday here in NZ and already the victory has been moved to the sports section of the news hour bulletins and Rugby has taken over again. Still - Luna Rossa Team Prada of Italy is confirmed Challenger Of Record!!! It was always going to be! The wonderful working relationship both it and Team NZ have, go all the way back to 2000. A very popular team and they were equally guttered at ETNZ's failed 2013 bid. They stepped aside for this challenge and devoted funding to Team NZ. Great to have Luna Rossa back. Already other challengers are coming in from USA, Sweden, France, Spain, UK and Japan...Also a possible Australian bid. Far more affordable this time round ALTHOUGH foiling Monohulls - even faster and scarier that the cats are being looked at.
  20. The America's Cup is - once again - New Zealand's Cup!!!!! Fourteen years since NZ lost the cup to Switzerland and three challenges to win it back, we got there in the end. Got a feeling that NOTHING will get done at work anywhere today.... Yes Mr Ashby...It's over, you and your team did it!
  21. Match Point for Team New Zealand....But, we have been here before. Oracle Team USA may be down...But they are not out - All they have to do is win every one of their races left available to them...History says they have done it before...
  22. One each today for Races 5 & 6. Race five looked to be a set up for another two ETNZ drag races with Oracle screwing up the start and making silly mistakes...Team NZ punishing them accordingly... Race six was completely the opposite. Oracle wining the start and promptly knobbling Team NZ with some brilliant match racing...When ETNZ gained the lead, Oracle cashed in on ETNZs errors as they seemed to not handle the tight racing as well as Oracle. But overall it was Oracle that had luck on their side. They read a wind shift better and took advantage. Race seven and eight tomorrow with similar conditions although forecasts do say dying breezes...to the point of no racing. At least we have got another week of racing to go.
  23. Definitly NOT getting my hopes up until the end...Four races per weekend for the next three or four weeks yet...Nope, early days yet. Oracle WILL have something up their sleeves... That's what the five day rest periods are for. AC racing is all about mental Psy-ops.
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