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  1. TVNZ has live reporting from various points like a news broadcast. Has a full studio there.
  2. They just showed some "sneaky peeks" from the dress rehearsal ceremony...Pretty impressive...and very much a beach party. Looking forward to tonight for the real thing...Always remember the Opening sets the tone for the Games.
  3. Rugby World Cup was a Nationwide event and the nation was happy to pay for it...Just as it is willing to do for the up coming Womens FIFA WC bid. The CWGs were hosted in the 10 core sports era, not the mega games era it is now. The expectation to provide Olympic sized facilities weren't there. And with that , the cost. Athletes were happy to live in university hostel like facilities. I can remember the 1990 dining hall being an enormous canvas hanger like structure. Today you can see what an amazing venue the Gold Coast has provided. but at a price. It's also seen as what could be the future...Australia and UK swapping the games back and forth. There is every chance the 2026 games will be back in Australia if Malaysia doesn't want them. You can pretty much count South Africa out forever. 2030 could see a very strong and forceful bid from Canada. In the unlikely event NZ does bid, Auckland would be the only serious candidate and there is a stigma attached to that. The rest of the country can't stand Auckland, and with good reason...It has driven the cost of living up, and put strain on the government coffers as infrastructure building keeps falling behind.
  4. See...the stupid begins already... https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/sports-minister-to-check-out-whats-involved-in-hosting-games/ar-AAvmHsu?OCID=CALHeader And this current money wasting "we can save the world" full of s*** Govt will be dumb enough to waste $20 million in studies to have admit to something we already knew - pointless to host anymore.
  5. Eden Park now has a "No Build - No Modification" caviet on it now...It only has twenty years of life in it. Irony is the Gold Coast CWGs were Auckland's for the taking. GC was going to pull out if Auckland firmed up it's bid, but just couldn't convince local and Central governments on venues - North Habour Stadium was going to have the track placed on it. Eden Park would've hosted Opening and Closings as well as the Sevens. Also, the lean is towards Christchurch hosting - if ever - the games.
  6. New Zealand has looked into the CWGs over and over again and no doubt this will come up over the next two weeks. The conclusion will be the same...It's not worth the $1billion needed to host it.
  7. As the team gathers around Gold Coast for the CWGs, its time for a news and info here page. At least a 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 8 Bronze minimum is expected. All the best to our brave Sportswomen and Sportsmen as they battle it out in which what could be one of the last CWGs going.
  8. ...Make a huge Aussie Flag mosaic - actually that will probably happen. Prince Phillip looking on and make out he is getting into it and having fun...(ahh YouTube)
  9. Hope someone yells COOOOOOWEEEEE!!!! at the very start of the Ceremonies like they did up the road in Brizzy in 1982!
  10. MODERATORS... Can you please create a stand alone Thread site for the 2018 Commonwealth Games as you did for 2014. Appreciated.
  11. No...It's Number 1 and current World Cup champs. BUT in the SEVENS version of the game it is rated about number four - it used to be 1. There has been a huge internal split between the standard 15 man game and the 7s. They used to share resources i.e. players but NZRU places priority on the All Blacks (15 man team) to keep them first. Sevens at the CWGs in the mens game pretty much will go: Fiji (current Olympic champs): Gold South Africa: Silver Australia: Bronze England (current Olympic Silver) 4th Scotland, Canada, Wales, Kenya, Samoa, and New Zealand all have a chance to cause an upset and medal. USA, Japan and Argentina - top teams - aren't there as they are not in the Commonwealth. Sevens is a highly fluid game and teams need to show up with their best game on match day.
  12. Problem is that the CWGs Opening and Closing ceremonies are just not "the Gig" to line up to perform for anymore - Especially if you have nailed an Olympics ceremony.
  13. My predictions for NZ is, surprisingly, a low medal count. I would be amazed if we met 2014's Gold total. I believe it will be in the Field events where we will pick up some tin. Sevens: Mens, no medals. Women, at least a Silver. Netball: Bronze, at best. Basketball: Bronze if we are lucky. Cycling: At least one medal of each grade, but NZ has really fallen behind Aus and Eng in this sport. Nothing for Road cycling. Swimming: Pffffffffttt! Diving: A possible medal. Hockey: Bronze if we are lucky for both sexes. Track: There was only one real medal chance and now he's out. Could be a couple of surprises on the track though. Field: Pay dirt here, both cannon ball chuckers expected to Gold. Our supermodel looking pole vaulter expected to at least Silver. Could be some surprises in long jump and discuss. Shooting: Very much a Gold in here and a clutch of medals. Martial Arts: Could get something. TVNZ are going all out with broadcasting, creating a pop-up channel as well as across the board social app coverage. But there just doesn't seem to be that buzz about the CWGs like there used to be. It doesn't help that our main Olympic sports we medal in not there. Also the sad decline of Men's Sevens and the Cycling program are showing through. I'm going for: 4 Gold 4 Silver 8 Bronze. And as commentators are predicting when the CWGs are over for another cycle, a huge all over discussion of why our presence at the CWGs just no longer seems to matter
  14. If you haven't noticed of late...The IOC are beggers, not choosers with the way they have their bloated structure operating. The Winter games are starting to disappear into really strange places and I wouldn't be surprised if the IOC settles on a permanent venue circuit in Europe. As for the Summer games, well not an issue for another six years and the World could be a totally different place by then. Australia could easily be the 2032 host unless one of the Emirates shows up with a bigger wallet. As for the Anglo and Western European countries analogy...It's proof that shows. In the post LA commercial era only Greece has failed in legacy venues. All others have reused and re-manufactured facilities as time moves on. The ones that truly stand out are Atlanta, Sydney, and London with facilities that had already been spoken for in the planning stage. Sydney's Olympic Stadium is about to start on it's third incarnation with yet another major refurb - and it looks even better.
  15. Now that Birmingham is confirmed 2022 host...We now have to consider a 2026 host which needs to be sorted out in 2019...Yes it has snuck up on us that quick. The only real contender is Malaysia and a half arsed hand raise from Canada. There really isn't anyone else interested.
  16. Dunno...Watched QEII's Christmas speech last night and noticed that she was "slipping"... Would be a miracle if she made it, Prince Phillip will be gone by then. If Brum can pull off anything like Manchester '02 then that would be brilliant. '02 is one of the best CWGs ever held. Venue sharing with other centres is fine, especially that Birmingham is hamstrung by three years lost preparation time.
  17. OK...This is something that took hold of the most excessive country ever...USA a few years ago. Really it's was just mega retailers dumping dated and out of vogue stock on consumers wanting an unbelievable bargain in the new fangled world of mass online shopping. Anyway this whole retail mayhem has taken hold of my home country, New Zealand with our local retailers with their web sites going head to head with overseas online retailers...But also with stupendous in store bargains as well. So lets see who else's country has joined this monstrous retail days of madness: Is your country joining in??
  18. Thought I'd open a page for this still distant event with renderings of the new Foiling Mono Hull yachts that will be used. This was chosen because the seaway in Auckland's inner habour would've made the multi-hull cats difficult to handle in what can be difficult wind conditions. Grant Dalton said it was possible to have the multi-hull cats but they would be too far off shore for spectators to witness. The foiling mono-hulls can get up to considerable speed and can be even more scary to handle. They can also handle the Auckland inner habour seaway and wind conditions...And fans can watch from the shore. Here's a graphic... https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tvnz.co.nz%2Fone-news%2Fnew-zealand%2Fhosting-americas-cup-could-bring-1-billion-nz-economy&h=ATNhuNPEaZUptV3RLQvXHtmMroyWC2X03evXxUdC3YmGYIl3v7IlcF-cUA3h-GjItYcM7R2Tz79d3kBKdpCdpyOkhPmuRisVHPm8NbRUQx-dmW8pTAFpbEx6rWKAKjkJDrjCpE9rdCniTvUcxRyAc-H-87ZzxlsOcGy0OoEMGMJl_Q0IAyCvqHybxjwFU9Igam1x9ehRrx03GllLE1uzrgZHEtP2I28nl9qtQg4yZ9au_1LeWyI2V0OofgRupJ0BwEEoKT7o9GeN5EBDiVU4Lse-_gFc
  19. A huge sea change in global opinion over the Olympic Games in the last twenty five or so years since Sydney won the rights to 2000 is clearly obvious. GamesBids web page is still a reasonably good site for Olympic news and general sports hosting news, BUT the forum pages need updating NOW. The main menu still hasn't been reorganised since the double hosting of 2024 and 2028 were announced. We are still having to scroll past former events that hold little interest anymore. Another factor is that life has got faster and there just isn't the time to talk. Mainly in the between years where nothing major is going on - case in point - Australia and New Zealand are hosting the Rugby League World Cup which is only gaining a marginal presence in even the sports news simply because the last FIFA18 qualifiers are being played. It will light up in a couple or so months when PeyongChang hosts the OWGs and again for Russia18 but will go quiet for the rest of the year. Sports Bodies themselves are becoming jaded at the IOC due to it's oversized governance and now focusing on their own "world cup" events. And now in the world of multi media, TV coverage costs nearly $1 billion. As for those who were regular chatters...Life moves on. Yes we have had our ups and downs but in the anonymous web world, really all in no harm. Good luck in life Scotguy...Just now and then have a sneaky peek to keep up with the news...
  20. Why do I get the feeling MASSIVE amounts of money changed hands hours before the shock decision to give France the hosting rights to 2023 after a 16 year hiatus. Reality is, France is THE financial powerhouse of Rugby. Their club sides have cheque books that can buy up all the players in the top five nations. They have the management and the stadiums to pull off an amazing tournament. South Africa, although in the same time zone may have been hobbled by instability and the failed 2022 Commonwealth Games host rights may have played a hand. Ireland simply too small under World Rugby's criteria for venues and their hardening stance on "shared'' hosting with next door nations. The future now cant be predicted but I would say South Africa would stand a better chance for 2027. World Rugby would want the tournament south to appease but Argentina has made early rumblings as a potential host as well.
  21. I can only see this happening now. New Zealand Rugby Union has formally endorsed the SAFU led bid for 2023. This was always going to happen as a payback for South Africa's support for the remarkable 2011 bid by New Zealand. A logical choice with facilities already in place and a shared timezone with cash rich Europe. (This is what the future is going to look like for First Tier events...Nationwide bids to help share costs, something the IOC wants for 2032 and beyond just to save themselves.)
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