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  1. Two Silvers and two Bronzes bump the tally one past NZOC CWG Chef de Mission Rob Waddell's minimum medal expectations.

    Slivers for Eliza McCartney, Pole Vault and Dame Val, Shot Put.

    Bronzes for our Boxers Patrick Mailata, Mens+91kg class and popular favorite Alexis Pritchard, Womens+57kgs class. Good to see boxing returning to credibility with quality athletes all round the commonwealth.

    Day 9 - yes nearly over, 

    B) Gold - 10

    :) Sliver - 14

    :) Bronze - 12

    The team sports finals will finish out the games as always, and NZ is in with a chance for a Gold, and at least Silver and Bronze. 

  2. Day nine and Sam Gaze is reaping the aftermath for his "flipping the bird" actions at fellow compatriot Anton Cooper when his bike suffered a malfunction and Cooper failed to stop and see what was wrong.

    And only made worse with a hollow apology on air in an interview that didn't go well.

    He has been fine $250 for his unsportsmanlike like behaviour.

    This is a growing problem with some athletes of the self absorbed Gen Y era. Gaze is from a privileged background and seems to have no sense of is situation.

    He is hoping to redeem himself in the Road Race tomorrow.

    ...Meanwhile a Bronze in the Boxing from Troy Garton in the Women's 60kg class takes the bronze into double digits...But NZ's overall medal standing has fallen to sixth on the gold table and seventh overall.

    See if we can go hard for the last two days.

  3. :huh: Woo...Controversial day on the Mountain Bike track with a repeat of the 2014 race result...This time the other way round Sam Gaze taking Gold and Anton Cooper, Silver. BUT they are both being investigated for bad sportsmanship - towards each other with tensions spilling over at the final dash to the finish line with pushing and shoving between the two. It's no secret that these two have an intense rivalry...After further investigation it was decided to allow the results

    Elsewhere... Men's Beach Volleyball, brothers Ben and Sam O'Dea,  Bronze.  Mens Bowls, B6/7/8 Triple, Mark Noble, Bruce Wakefield, Barry Wynks, Silver.

    Day 8.

    B) Gold - 10

    :) Silver - 12

    :) Bronze - 9

  4. Tasmyn Benny opens the medal count for today scoring a Bronze medal in the 45kg class boxing... Her bronze also takes that medal count to the minimum required. 

    However NZ Netball continues to fall further with its loss to England. It is now relying in other results to qualify for the semis. It is seen as proof of the sport in NZ continuing to fade as young girls take up more lucrative sports such as Rugby, Football and Olympic events.

    Ended up a quiet day, with the one Bronze added to the total. 

    B) Gold - 9

    :) Silver - 10

    :) Bronze - 8


  5. 3 hours ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    From an English viewpoint, the less said the better :wacko:


    Always expectations v reality. 

    If a certain target isn't reached everyone starts pointing fingers. I'd be quite happy with the result so far for England... Remembering the badgering you all gave Australia four years ago... And now reaping the consequences of them hosting a Home games with a vengeance. 

    In four years time it will be your turn again. England just has to be ready for it. 

    IMO I do believe England has fallen back a little but I am disappointed in Scotland and Wales. And where are the off shore  Home islands? A classic case of the locals moving to the mainland to succeed? 

  6. Halfway through the Games and you can clearly see the gulf between the two superpowers of sport...and the rest of us. It also shows the reason why there is a lack of interest outside UK and Australia hosting them. 

    Canada holds third place on overall medals although the table only figures Gold as currency. At the moment India holds that position with Canada, NZ and SA swapping around for 4th. I'm predicting it will end Australia, naturally, and unassailaby, First, England comfortably second, Canada third, India, fourth, New Zealand, fifth and South Africa sixth... Although the last two could swap. 

    But... This is the CWGs and anything is likely. 

    Oh and I'm calling these the BEST CWGs ever already! :)

  7. 5 minutes ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    Handy for an invasion of the Islas Malvinas ...

    You figured it out? :huh:

    I seriously doubt Argentina would try it now - there's a Sub armed with Tomahawks hanging around the region ready to rain hell down on Buenos Aries within hours.  Oh how Thatcher wished she'd had that option...So she made sure the future could.

  8. Canada seems to be bouncing around  the 4, 5, 6 position with NZ and South Africa as the table bases itself on Golds, but is really is already in 3rd in medal totals, bumping off India who lead the battle for "bronze" position thanks to its 10 golds for now. 

    I'm predicting Canada should pick up another handful of Gold to cement its position in third by the end of the games.

  9. Day 6 was "quiet" day. Just one medal each:

    Gold, Julia Ratcliffe - Hammer Throw

    Silver, Linda Villumsen - Cycling Road Time Trial

    Bronze, Hamish Bond - Cycling Road Time Trial

    Table so far - 

    B) Gold - 9

    :) Silver - 10

    :) Bronze - 7

    Still plenty of medals to be had for NZ - But you can clearly see the massive gulf on the medal table. NZ is positioned 4th on the table but will have to keep winning a gold a day to maintain it. South Africa is only in 5th because NZ have more silvers and Canada 1 less gold yet they have 21 silvers and 15 bronze...:wacko:


  10. 12 hours ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    As from 2016, we have a new possible hosting contender:


    Building this airport was impressive in it's own right. As you can see, they had to bridge a deep gully to get the length thanks to RESA requirements. The runway was going to be shorter. UK managed to find extra funds to extend it via MoD budget. It can now handle pax restricted B737-900/A320neo types. 

  11. The day after...And reality sets in - We probably wont see a day like that for the rest of the games. As it did last time - Day 5 is like "flush" and the tin starts to dry up until the last couple of days where there is a mad rush.

    Still some exciting prospects - Hockey, Basketball, Road Cycling, Sevens (women), and Track and Field still to go. 

    NZOC...The main sports body that controls the CWGs have admitted that to grow the medal table, we need to attack the minor sports as much as the glamour events.

  12. First medal of what has been a weird day...But it's a Gold to Joelle King in Women's Squash!

    Weightlifting continues to bomb with controversial transgender Laural Hubbard blowing out an elbow on her third lift...one the way to what would've been a gold.

    There is still hope in David Leti in the heavy weight division.

    Now we wait for Tom Walsh... 

  13. A day of medals for NZ.

    Following the Women's 20km Walk's Silver...

    Gold for Singles Women's Bowls Commonwealth champ, Jo Edwards...Maintaining her rank from 2014. (reaching NZ's Gold minimum total)

    While the Track Cycling finish it's program with Silver for Eddie Dawkins in the 1km time trial, Silver for Campbell Stewart in the 40km Points race and Bronze for Natasha Hansen in the Track Cycling Keirin.  Cycling clearly rebuilding after a bumpy two years since Rio but now on the other side heading for Tokyo.

    There have been some fails:

    Netball bombed with a shock loss to Malawi 57 - 53. They have failed to ignite and must beat Scotland and England to qualify for the semis. While the Weightlifting is bracing themselves for the arrival of Transgender, Lauren Hubbard. There has been a noticeable amount of tension in the Weightlifting team during these games...not just over the Hubbard issue, but within the team. Current CWGs 85kg champ Richie Patterson failed to lift any of his qualifying weights while Pip Patterson, wife of Richie clearly showed signs of tension with an F-bomb to the TV camera during her lifting program. So far all the weightlifters have failed to medal.

    At end of day four:

    B) Gold - 4

    :) Silver - 7

    :) Bronze - 6

    Tom Walsh heads out tonight (day five) to throw for Gold in the Shot Put. While Sophie Pascoe jumps into the pool another potential Gold winning race.


  14. :D Loving the "Look" of the Gold Coast games...

    It really is an outstanding venue...Probably a little too into Autumn thanks to the Winter Olympics. Would have been great in March.

    Still The GC is the GC and proves that the Regional Concept works for keeping costs low (compared to other OTT spend ups).

    Something I did notice are the continued to be full stadiums and venues...Ok it's the weekend but this has continued the theme of the locals really embracing the Games. A theme that has kept going since 2002. 

    I can remember the last time NZ hosted them in 1990 and seeing a near empty stadium and apathy from Kiwis. I would think that attitudes have changed in 28 years...I wonder if a regional games can be had here in NZ? Who knows?



  15. :) A random Silver in the Women's 20km Walk to Alana Barber! Already in the Bronze position until that curse of all walkers, disqualification for the Australian in front of her almost at the finish line. (Our predicted Silver minimum now passed)

    We'll take it!...Still more to come tonight.

    Oh and it's great the "real" games have begun - Track and Field.:);)

  16. :) Day three ends in Gold for NZ with two expected medallers providing glory.

    Sophie Pascoe easily winning the Women's Para 4 x 200m Swim and Sam Webster wining the Men's Cycling Sprint.

    A Silver in the Men's 15km Scratch Race for Campbell Stewart and a Bronze for Emma Cumming for the 500m Time Trial.

    Track Cycling redeeming itself after a bumpy four years of mixed results and clearly showing the way forward for Tokyo 2020. 

    Day Three improves the medal table:

    B) Gold - 3

    :) Silver - 4

    :) Bronze - 5

    Silver already reaching the minimum target and gold just one away from theirs.

    Team sports doing well, although the Bowls have failed again. 

    Stand by for Day 4.



  17. Day two has good but not great results on the cycling track, 1 silver and two bronzes and a surprise bronze in the pool. Weightlifting very disappointing and some TV clips showing a fractured team is concerning. All the team sports are doing great in their heats, but Netball very shaky.  Boxing is showing promise and the Men's Gymnastics Team event is looking good for a medal.
    Already the Triathlon team has been told that all funding is now cut and the men's team still hasn't raced yet. 

    Medal table not moving much...Stagnating in eighth position on the table with Australia now well past England in first.

    B) Gold - 1

    :) Silver - 3

    :) Bronze - 3 

    What will day three bring?



  18. 11 hours ago, Alexjc said:

    :angry: Oh what a great start....Destroyed in the Women's Triathalon (not that we had any chance) and NOW just disqualified from the Bronze Final in the Cycling 4s Relay against Canada later tonight...One of the bikes had incorrect equipment - Another curse on our generously funded Track Team. 

    :)At least the Women's Cycling 4s are guaranteed a Silver tonight as they race against Australia in the gold final. 

    :D Redemption on the cycling track...Men's Sprint Gold...Plus Silver in Women's Pursuit and Women's Sprint.

    Finishing what has been a reasonably good but filled with nerves Day 1 for NZ.

    Medal Total:

    B) Gold - 1

    :) Silver - 2

    :) Bronze - 0


  19. :angry: Oh what a great start....Destroyed in the Women's Triathalon (not that we had any chance) and NOW just disqualified from the Bronze Final in the Cycling 4s Relay against Canada later tonight...One of the bikes had incorrect equipment - Another curse on our generously funded Track Team. 

    :)At least the Women's Cycling 4s are guaranteed a Silver tonight as they race against Australia in the gold final. 

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