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  1. LDOG, me gustaria enviarte una mensaje personal, pero tu caja esta llena...

  2. Missing the Ohhh Ehhh Ahhhhh on my TV every afternoon... =[

  3. Soooo, what's the next event what we can do a sweepstakes for?

  4. Tomorrow i leave to go to the Commonwealth Games :)

  5. England out of World Cup, Murray out of Wimbledon, Froome out of Tour de France. UK Sport's jinx year of 2014 continues. Let's hope the Glasgow Games will finally give us something to smile about!

  6. The Tour de France is passing through London's Olympic park.. good to see those images as the backdrop of a sporting event

  7. This WC is way too much drama

  8. Happy Invisible Day!!

  9. We Are England

  10. We Are England

  11. England flop at World Cup. Murray crashes out of Wimbledon. 2014 is turning out to be one gigantic hangover year for UK sport following the glories of 2012 and 2013!

  12. 2-day break in the World Cup!

  13. 2-day break in the World Cup!

  14. One Nation. One Team. We Stand United.

  15. What should my profile picture be now that Algeria's out?

  16. After watching 40 World Cup games in 15 days, a much needed break tomorrow.

  17. So my sweep tema is outta the World Cup, oh well time to concentrate on Glasgow 2014 :)

  18. Goodbye, Spain. And leave the gold this time, k?

  19. If Wembley can have the 2011 and 2013 CL finals, why can't Brazil have the 2014 and 2022 World Cups?

  20. Now, I must say: C'mon England!!! Let's kick Uruguay out of the WC!

  21. Duetschland, Deustchland, Uber alles in der welt! Oh yeah, good job American and England!

  22. Tony, we don't need you to tell us when and where matches are being played...we already know.

  23. Congrats, Iran, for the most boring game ever ¬¬

  24. I belive! I believe that we will win!!! USA! USA!!! USA!!!! #secondteam

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