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  1. Tom Walsh - Shot Put - Gold! Tops out a busy Golden and Silver day 5 for NZ at the Gold Coast CWGs. Gold - 8 Silver - 9 Bronze - 6 ...All quiet on the bronze front with two needed to get to their minimum target.
  2. Redemption for the Kiwi Weightlifting program with David Liti lifting for Gold in the +105kg class - The BIG boys!!!
  3. Sophie Pascoe picks up her second Gold in SB9 100m Breaststroke... Holly Robinson picks up a Silver in F46 Javelin. Paul Coll grabs a Silver in the Men's Squash final (bit of a bummer there as was and expected gold) Tom Walsh now in competition for Shot Put but leading.
  4. First medal of what has been a weird day...But it's a Gold to Joelle King in Women's Squash! Weightlifting continues to bomb with controversial transgender Laural Hubbard blowing out an elbow on her third lift...one the way to what would've been a gold. There is still hope in David Leti in the heavy weight division. Now we wait for Tom Walsh...
  5. A day of medals for NZ. Following the Women's 20km Walk's Silver... Gold for Singles Women's Bowls Commonwealth champ, Jo Edwards...Maintaining her rank from 2014. (reaching NZ's Gold minimum total) While the Track Cycling finish it's program with Silver for Eddie Dawkins in the 1km time trial, Silver for Campbell Stewart in the 40km Points race and Bronze for Natasha Hansen in the Track Cycling Keirin. Cycling clearly rebuilding after a bumpy two years since Rio but now on the other side heading for Tokyo. There have been some fails: Netball bombed with a shock loss to Malawi 57 - 53. They have failed to ignite and must beat Scotland and England to qualify for the semis. While the Weightlifting is bracing themselves for the arrival of Transgender, Lauren Hubbard. There has been a noticeable amount of tension in the Weightlifting team during these games...not just over the Hubbard issue, but within the team. Current CWGs 85kg champ Richie Patterson failed to lift any of his qualifying weights while Pip Patterson, wife of Richie clearly showed signs of tension with an F-bomb to the TV camera during her lifting program. So far all the weightlifters have failed to medal. At end of day four: Gold - 4 Silver - 7 Bronze - 6 Tom Walsh heads out tonight (day five) to throw for Gold in the Shot Put. While Sophie Pascoe jumps into the pool another potential Gold winning race.
  6. Loving the "Look" of the Gold Coast games... It really is an outstanding venue...Probably a little too into Autumn thanks to the Winter Olympics. Would have been great in March. Still The GC is the GC and proves that the Regional Concept works for keeping costs low (compared to other OTT spend ups). Something I did notice are the continued to be full stadiums and venues...Ok it's the weekend but this has continued the theme of the locals really embracing the Games. A theme that has kept going since 2002. I can remember the last time NZ hosted them in 1990 and seeing a near empty stadium and apathy from Kiwis. I would think that attitudes have changed in 28 years...I wonder if a regional games can be had here in NZ? Who knows?
  7. A random Silver in the Women's 20km Walk to Alana Barber! Already in the Bronze position until that curse of all walkers, disqualification for the Australian in front of her almost at the finish line. (Our predicted Silver minimum now passed) We'll take it!...Still more to come tonight. Oh and it's great the "real" games have begun - Track and Field.
  8. Day three ends in Gold for NZ with two expected medallers providing glory. Sophie Pascoe easily winning the Women's Para 4 x 200m Swim and Sam Webster wining the Men's Cycling Sprint. A Silver in the Men's 15km Scratch Race for Campbell Stewart and a Bronze for Emma Cumming for the 500m Time Trial. Track Cycling redeeming itself after a bumpy four years of mixed results and clearly showing the way forward for Tokyo 2020. Day Three improves the medal table: Gold - 3 Silver - 4 Bronze - 5 Silver already reaching the minimum target and gold just one away from theirs. Team sports doing well, although the Bowls have failed again. Stand by for Day 4.
  9. And then the mixed Triathlon team scores a Bronze...But came no where near Australia and England who are clearly powerhouses in this game. Looking forward to Sophie Pascoe swimming for gold tonight.
  10. Day two has good but not great results on the cycling track, 1 silver and two bronzes and a surprise bronze in the pool. Weightlifting very disappointing and some TV clips showing a fractured team is concerning. All the team sports are doing great in their heats, but Netball very shaky. Boxing is showing promise and the Men's Gymnastics Team event is looking good for a medal. Already the Triathlon team has been told that all funding is now cut and the men's team still hasn't raced yet. Medal table not moving much...Stagnating in eighth position on the table with Australia now well past England in first. Gold - 1 Silver - 3 Bronze - 3 What will day three bring?
  11. Just wondering where are the regular CWGs contributors from the UK and others from around the Commonwealth No separate threads has been set up. Love to hear from England, Scotland and Wales as they were great contributors four years ago. Anything to do with the GC Games, sports, minor sports, antics - there will always be, results, out and about etc. Dump it here -
  12. It's starts off slow....But compared to '06, better as this was a totally new type of venue and city hosting. Local children and adults were the performers. Projections and inflatables for effect and to keep costs down. As for comparing to '14, not really. (got to remember there are cultural differences and at that time the Scotland independence vote date was approaching.) Also this is not and Olympics opening and up against Sydney 2000, not comparable. Some You Tube clips are out there.
  13. Redemption on the cycling track...Men's Sprint Gold...Plus Silver in Women's Pursuit and Women's Sprint. Finishing what has been a reasonably good but filled with nerves Day 1 for NZ. Medal Total: Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze - 0
  14. So I've just watched it again and yes...Very Gold Coast...Including that poor girl and her ample derriere!!! The cleansing ceremony with the burning leaves - Camilla so wanted to smoke that!!! Her eyes said it all. That was the only time she woke up!!! Overall it was a typical CWGs opening of the 21st century...different from 2014, which is what we want. But it didn't jump off the TV screen as outstanding - Better than Melbourne 06 though. (but nothing on that Sydney 2000 masterpiece, a totally different universe) I'll give it a score 8/10 - It was good but I'm here to watch the sports.
  15. Oh what a great start....Destroyed in the Women's Triathalon (not that we had any chance) and NOW just disqualified from the Bronze Final in the Cycling 4s Relay against Canada later tonight...One of the bikes had incorrect equipment - Another curse on our generously funded Track Team. At least the Women's Cycling 4s are guaranteed a Silver tonight as they race against Australia in the gold final.
  16. For me it's the next day... TVNZ are, rightfully, being torn apart for ruining the "ceremony" bits of the Opening with ad breaks. It spoiled the flow of Gold Coast's story which needed to be watched uninterrupted. I'm hoping Channel 7 posts the ceremony on You Tube so I can watch it in full. As with anything in today's social media world, it has had it's critics... Meaningless symbolism, patronizing the First Nation people, Aussie cliches, drawn out set pieces, and probably correct in saying - the Duchess of Cornwall's po faced look of boredom. But over all the reports coming in are of a pretty cool Opening that is of it's time...And has set up what are to be a great games. Personally - I now judge CWGs on the Manchester '02 Scale - I consider those games the best so far overall for everything in my memory of life (too young to remember 1974) - Gold Coast will need to top it.
  17. I've got to cut out...I've got an early start in the morning - The flow of the Ceremony has been ruined by TVNZ's ad coverage - And they are already trying to defend themselves on social media already... I've given them a 1 star on their Games FB page, I wont be the last.
  18. TVNZ On Demand is live but I wanted the Alternative Commentary.
  19. And then came the commercial breaks...... That's me switched off. And now I'm bombing TVNZ FB page with abuse.
  20. Interesting start... Also the weather adding its bit. Last time in Brisbane... It was the wind. Sh*t the commentary is hilarious.
  21. The rain is pouring down... Bummer. But at least the Alternative Commentary team are already taking the piss out of it!
  22. It's hilarious... They usually on for the Cricket or the Rugby. Shall we say it's not for the politically correct set...You'll be thinking it - they will say it!!!
  23. TVNZ has two channels operating. The main channel with Tony Street hosting with our main sports announcers. And... The channel I'm going to follow... TVNZ Duke... Which has that infamous "alternative commentary" announcing team for the ceremonies. Thats the main wall to wall CWGs channel with no cut outs for news etc...
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