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  1. Saw the London Cauldron at the Museum of London today....may post photos later :)

  2. Okay seriously.. ban them. Ban them both. Please. It has gotten to the point where the 2 of them are doing almost nothing useful but using public threads to insult each other. Someone please put a stop to this nonsense because it has gotten way out of control

    1. Alexjc


      Ignore option works just fine...just don't "quote" their posts when you really feel the need to reply.

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  3. The Asian Games medal table is the same every time these days. You have Japan and Korea fighting out for second place, the rest of the countries trying to get enough medals to be in the top 10, and China bein china and getting 50% of the medals :P

  4. england england england. england england. england? england ENGLAND england england england: england. england; england. england--england england england.

  5. NZ Elections today...considering what happened yesterday, it's sweet living in the easiest democracy in the world.

  6. ...That stood against him, proud Salmond's army. And sent him homewards to think again.

  7. Thoughts go out to the people of Sydney, too close of a call today.

  8. OOOO it's going to get complicated.

  9. I'm 76 Kardashians old. How many are you?

  10. Let's Go Scotland Independence Let's Go.

  11. Who wants to start taking bets on how long it will take for the Beijing 2022 thread to get locked again?

  12. Russia is what America would be like if everyone watched, read, and believed Fox News. Scary when you think about it.

  13. why is B 2022 locked?

    1. Alexjc


      Super Administrators seem a little heavy handed lately, didn't need locking. The use to delete back to the point of ignition. Some really good threads have been closed unfairly IMO.

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  14. Brazil finally won something in 2014! Female Volleyball Grand Prix! Congrats, girls! (Now, the record winner ever - 10 times)

  15. There was an earthquake? What earthquake?

  16. Most of Europe is heading towards civil war; quick man the barricades! In other news, the two people currently on my ignore list now have a Western Australian for company.

  17. It seems that the Scottish Nats who MOST dislike Farage are the ones who are most like him. Not a difficult coincidence to explain.

  18. Brave from @vickybeeching on #c4news but I now have the misfortune of knowing I share a planet with bigot Reverend Lively #howverychristian

  19. Penny for Jim Jones' thoughts....

  20. Penny for Jim Jones' thoughts....

  21. So....I draw the surefire, nailed-on, guaranteed winner in this sweepstake and what happens?! Thanks Australia!

    1. Alexjc


      I'd have taken Aus, but I got stuck with Uganda.

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  23. the IOC will be kicking themselves now that they gave the youth Olympics to Argentina following the atmosphere so far at the com games

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