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  1. Thinking the same and it's great to see some rejuvenation in teams and disciplines that were having fingers pointed at them. However we only bettered Glasgow by One medal, and it was a Gold. So happy for the Hockey Women's Team...Redemption at long last and the Men's team holding back Australia to a respectable 2-0 loss and Silver. But seeing the NZ Sevens storm back to the top so fanatically just proves it was right to pull the A teams off the global Sevens circuit for the fortnight. Next year's Hamilton Sevens will have the women's teams play as well. However the were some fails...Netball will now have to go into a deep introspective inquiry... You can see there are very huge fractures in the organization and it seems to centre around the coaching structure. It's also losing popularity as young girls move toward more lucrative and action packed sports which really gave themselves some free positive advertising during the games. Basketball, Hockey, Sevens, Boxing and Track and Field. Gold Coast itself proved to be the best Games Host so far...It's the best I've seen...knocking off Manchester 2002 as my favourite. It also proves that up and coming regional centres can use the Games as a catalyst for infrastructure growth.
  2. New Zealand finishes the Commonwealth Games reaffirming it's dominance in Rugby Sevens - Double Gold...Men's and Women's. The Women doing it tough against Australia with a cliffhanger extra time try... While the Men's totally dominated Fiji who fell apart with some really dirty play and punished for it. Well done both teams. Final New Zealand Medal Standings: GOLD - 15 SILVER - 16 BRONZE - 15 Scraping past Glasgow 2014 in medal count and Gold count... Fifth place on the medal standings overall.
  3. Easily the most Successful Commonwealth Games so far, Gold Coast has paved the way for the new era of hosting. Clearly the regional cities and districts are a great catalyst for the continuation of the Games. So where now for Australia? There are so many regional and secondary cities that can now feel confident in studying a hosting option. Gold Coast proved that it can be a tool for growth with no need to interrupt what are now jammed up and bloated mega cities. Gold Coast now have excellent venues that will continue to develop as this region grows into an even bigger city that can join forces with Brisbane and Sunshine Coast to the north as a potential Olympic host in 2032. Australia has options...who's next? (Footnote: This page was set up after the last event and before the Closing Ceremony...)
  4. Err...NBC can go **** themselves. Terrestrial TV will be long gone as a viable concern by then. Amazon, Google and all the other online broadcasting providers will be owning the Olympics by this time. Queensland should go after a World Track and Field Champs and dare I say it...Another Commonwealth Games, this time Sunshine Coast or even further up north such as Cairns for the interim.
  5. UNF***ING BELIEVABLE!!!!! England are Netball Commonwealth Games Champions!!!! 52 - 51 in a no seconds Cliffhanger!!! The stadium is just stunned!!!
  6. I spoke too soon...GOLD Women's Doubles Squash - Totally forgot they were playing!!!! Pushed us into fifth place on the table but South Africa can easily knock us back. No way of going higher, Canada has too many medals to jump past even if we win both Sevens titles. The epic fail of the Netballers will see heads roll in what is fast becoming a secondary sport in NZ.
  7. The Last Day. Basketball Men's have scored their Bronze as a minor consolation for their cliffhanger game against Canada last night that denied them a final spot with Australia. Not much left now to score medals. Need two Golds to match Glasgow on both gold and medals totals. That means it all leans on the Sevens.
  8. Or Canada could host the next games after in 2026?...This idea of 2030 being a compulsory hosting, don't be surprised if those games are swamped with bids...Especially from Australia.
  9. Home nations merged Medal total isn't all that bad. Actually equals Australia who have had home advantage...Remember who has home advantage in 22.
  10. I always considered 2006 as over the top like KL98, and using Dame Kiri Te Kanawa to sing happy birthday to the Queen just tacky. This also had a disastrous effect on New Delhi who felt the need to compete. Impressive and costly OC but shambolic games. 2018 Open Ceremony DID drag on a little too long. Especially the opening galaxy sequence. Also I think the nighttime opening ceremonies are becoming tiresome, physically and mentally. The CGF should stipulate a further cut in time.
  11. Canada's team is no larger than New Zealand's...Would've thought you would have at least 350. But you do notice India finally making the effort to be taken seriously. I suppose having a successful Winter sports team could be a factor. I do have to admit Canada has faded from the Commonwealth Games since 1994 and the shock for Australia swiping 80% of everything, and then constant aborted attempts at finding a host city all the while taking on political pushers who gun for Olympic hosting glory - and end up swiping funding when successful. Don't be too hard on yourselves.
  12. Two more Bronze medals for the bag. Squash mixed Doubles and Women's Basketball. Two Silvers as well. Georgia Williams in Women's Road Cycling race and Men's Hockey. Mix it in with the two Golds and you get a pretty good penultimate day. Day 10 Gold - 12 Silver - 16 Bronze - 14 Three away from equaling Glasgow 2014. And two away from equaling the Gold tally...It will be tight. We may just scrape home.
  13. ...And another Gold. This time for David Nyika in the 91kg class Boxing. Great to see our Boxing program rewarded with a swag of medals and this gold just caps off the team's efforts nicely.
  14. GOLD!!! The one that really mattered!!!!! Women's Hockey v Australia. Final score 4 - 1. Every demon this team has been pushed down by has finally been released... Congratulations Black Sticks Women!!!
  15. Two Silvers and two Bronzes bump the tally one past NZOC CWG Chef de Mission Rob Waddell's minimum medal expectations. Slivers for Eliza McCartney, Pole Vault and Dame Val, Shot Put. Bronzes for our Boxers Patrick Mailata, Mens+91kg class and popular favorite Alexis Pritchard, Womens+57kgs class. Good to see boxing returning to credibility with quality athletes all round the commonwealth. Day 9 - yes nearly over, Gold - 10 Sliver - 14 Bronze - 12 The team sports finals will finish out the games as always, and NZ is in with a chance for a Gold, and at least Silver and Bronze.
  16. Day nine and Sam Gaze is reaping the aftermath for his "flipping the bird" actions at fellow compatriot Anton Cooper when his bike suffered a malfunction and Cooper failed to stop and see what was wrong. And only made worse with a hollow apology on air in an interview that didn't go well. He has been fine $250 for his unsportsmanlike like behaviour. This is a growing problem with some athletes of the self absorbed Gen Y era. Gaze is from a privileged background and seems to have no sense of is situation. He is hoping to redeem himself in the Road Race tomorrow. ...Meanwhile a Bronze in the Boxing from Troy Garton in the Women's 60kg class takes the bronze into double digits...But NZ's overall medal standing has fallen to sixth on the gold table and seventh overall. See if we can go hard for the last two days.
  17. After the successful penalty shoot out in the Women's Hockey Semi final...The Black Sticks have moved to the Gold final with...Australia. There is still aftermath over the Mountain Bike race and it's getting coverage here in NZ. Really if you are competing then you go all out but sportsmanship should be maintained at all times.
  18. Woo...Controversial day on the Mountain Bike track with a repeat of the 2014 race result...This time the other way round Sam Gaze taking Gold and Anton Cooper, Silver. BUT they are both being investigated for bad sportsmanship - towards each other with tensions spilling over at the final dash to the finish line with pushing and shoving between the two. It's no secret that these two have an intense rivalry...After further investigation it was decided to allow the results Elsewhere... Men's Beach Volleyball, brothers Ben and Sam O'Dea, Bronze. Mens Bowls, B6/7/8 Triple, Mark Noble, Bruce Wakefield, Barry Wynks, Silver. Day 8. Gold - 10 Silver - 12 Bronze - 9
  19. Tasmyn Benny opens the medal count for today scoring a Bronze medal in the 45kg class boxing... Her bronze also takes that medal count to the minimum required. However NZ Netball continues to fall further with its loss to England. It is now relying in other results to qualify for the semis. It is seen as proof of the sport in NZ continuing to fade as young girls take up more lucrative sports such as Rugby, Football and Olympic events. Ended up a quiet day, with the one Bronze added to the total. Gold - 9 Silver - 10 Bronze - 8
  20. Always expectations v reality. If a certain target isn't reached everyone starts pointing fingers. I'd be quite happy with the result so far for England... Remembering the badgering you all gave Australia four years ago... And now reaping the consequences of them hosting a Home games with a vengeance. In four years time it will be your turn again. England just has to be ready for it. IMO I do believe England has fallen back a little but I am disappointed in Scotland and Wales. And where are the off shore Home islands? A classic case of the locals moving to the mainland to succeed?
  21. Halfway through the Games and you can clearly see the gulf between the two superpowers of sport...and the rest of us. It also shows the reason why there is a lack of interest outside UK and Australia hosting them. Canada holds third place on overall medals although the table only figures Gold as currency. At the moment India holds that position with Canada, NZ and SA swapping around for 4th. I'm predicting it will end Australia, naturally, and unassailaby, First, England comfortably second, Canada third, India, fourth, New Zealand, fifth and South Africa sixth... Although the last two could swap. But... This is the CWGs and anything is likely. Oh and I'm calling these the BEST CWGs ever already!
  22. You figured it out? I seriously doubt Argentina would try it now - there's a Sub armed with Tomahawks hanging around the region ready to rain hell down on Buenos Aries within hours. Oh how Thatcher wished she'd had that option...So she made sure the future could.
  23. Canada seems to be bouncing around the 4, 5, 6 position with NZ and South Africa as the table bases itself on Golds, but is really is already in 3rd in medal totals, bumping off India who lead the battle for "bronze" position thanks to its 10 golds for now. I'm predicting Canada should pick up another handful of Gold to cement its position in third by the end of the games.
  24. Day 6 was "quiet" day. Just one medal each: Gold, Julia Ratcliffe - Hammer Throw Silver, Linda Villumsen - Cycling Road Time Trial Bronze, Hamish Bond - Cycling Road Time Trial Table so far - Gold - 9 Silver - 10 Bronze - 7 Still plenty of medals to be had for NZ - But you can clearly see the massive gulf on the medal table. NZ is positioned 4th on the table but will have to keep winning a gold a day to maintain it. South Africa is only in 5th because NZ have more silvers and Canada 1 less gold yet they have 21 silvers and 15 bronze...
  25. Building this airport was impressive in it's own right. As you can see, they had to bridge a deep gully to get the length thanks to RESA requirements. The runway was going to be shorter. UK managed to find extra funds to extend it via MoD budget. It can now handle pax restricted B737-900/A320neo types.
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