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  1. On 7/14/2021 at 10:29 AM, arwebb said:

    The fact there has only been one Commonwealth Games outside the UK and Australia so far this century really emphasises that point. But, having experienced the Glasgow games first hand as I did, I never had the impression that they were too big for the event or for the city. I can't really speak about the Gold Coast as my memory of those Games is pretty sketchy. But it seems to me that what is needed is, perhaps, a model following the kind of logic that the Rugby World Cup seems to have, where it's understood that going to a heartland nation like, say, New Zealand, comes with a financial hit which can be made up for by going to a more lucrative market the time after that. If that means reducing venue requirements and the like to encourage more than just the UK and Australia, then so be it.

    New Zealand's CWG hosting isn't on this current Left leaning government's agenda this side of 2030. There was a last minute approach for a Christchurch 2026 hosting by locals but really just to encourage the new roofed main stadium to be built. (Don't even get started on that debacle...now underway but only 25k seats!)

  2. If there is still a community here on GB Forums, I wouldn't mind having a centralized discussion here on what the future, if there will be one, of the Commonwealth Games.

    Clearly we have seen since at least 2014, a disinterest in hosting what is now considered an anachronism from another time. 

    Cost verses benefits seems to be what causes local politics to shy away without the help of provincial/state or central governments whom are usually luke-warm to dishing out money for what is little more than a 14 day sports extravaganza of countries that only have British colonization...in most cases...not entirely peaceful, as a distant connection.

    The big elephant is expense...We have seen what can go wrong when it gets out of hand, especially when "developing" countries try to host...The mismanagement and corruption of 2010 being a letdown after decades of India wanting to host and the heartbreak of South Africa not willing to back it's host city, Durban, in providing funding. Both countries considered wealthy enough but unable to justify the pointless over reaching costs.

    And now we have the shattered World of the "Post Covid Era" beginning to emerge from hibernation. Sports around the world now having to rebuild momentum lost. Even the Olympics are struggling to host a delayed games as I write this in 2021. 

    If the Games are to survive, what needs to be done?

    Points to ponder:

    Commonwealth relevance: Are we still a unified Commonwealth? Countries are beginning to retreat into regional trade and cultural blocs of relevance.

    Demise of Queen Elizabeth II: The aura surrounding QEII is as astounding as it will ever be. She has always been considered the glue that holds the Commonwealth together but we need to realize that her reign is almost over, every chance she will be around for 2022, thankfully another home games for her, but 2026 suddenly doesn't look realistic anymore after she lost her "rock" this year. Quite a few countries may consider it an opportune time to call it a day when she passes.

    City hosts v Regional hosts: We all know that money is the central issue here. This multisport event has to contend with others as well as singular events that can unify a nation rather than focusing on a sole city. Could it be more prudent for the CWGs to become a nationwide event just to spread out the costs? This was an idea that New Zealand proposed some time back...mainly to hold back apathy from regional centres who rightfully want to know why their taxes should be used.

    Regular guaranteed hosting circuit: Even if it's just for 12 to 16 years. Could the CGF follow the IOC in awarding multi-host regulars...currently the only countries that take interest are Australia and the UK. Nothing wrong in having pre-prepared facilities to use. (See below)

    Make use of what you got: Nothing wrong in refurbishing facilities rather than building bigger and better only to find that you are left with a ghost town costing locals for years after. Temporary facilities are considered a normal thing nowadays, and not considered a cheap cop out. The IOC is finally realizing this. We have seen good examples in 1994, 2014 and even 2018 (those games considered one of the best). 2002 was seen as another example of a city using what it had and used a pre planned built stadium (Man City's) as it's focus that worked well...which leads to:

    Sustainability: What of the legacy? The classic is always the "got to have" purpose built Athlete's village. Long gone are the days of the local university's student dorms or military base barracks being used. Today we build neighborhoods in multi stack form...This is the crux of a hosting as most cities need new housing estates and nowhere in the world can they be built fast enough...2014 was one of the best examples and this is what could tilt a games in a city's favour. It's a great excuse to give it a go...Something Auckland has tried to push in it's plans.

    Regional and Global Security: Clearly we have seen a dangerous paradigm shift in global politics, more so in the last decade, as the world becomes a more unstable place. Covid has only inflamed this. We have gone from one Superpower in the last 25 years to the birth of a new one and return of another. We have seen the rise of Left and Right extremisms, UK leaving Europe causing instability, and a surge in military spending. Countries are moving to secure their positions in this new world and want a new outlook....

    Yes there will still be a Commonwealth of sorts, but it will keep fading into the either and, although there may be a couple of hosting's left for them, I cant see the Commonwealth Games making it out of, let alone, into the 2030s unless a whole new iteration for the is made.

    My thoughts...What are yours?



  3. :huh: Wow...

    The Americas Cup remains New Zealand's Cup...

    Beating Luna Rosa 3-7.

    But speculation is that the new Challenger of Record, INEOS Team UK has proposed a one off Deed of Gift challenge best of three race series around the Isle of Wight in 2022 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years reign on the throne. They would pay all costs to move Emirates Team NZ over to the UK and agreed to still host the 2024 cup in Auckland if they win...

    The current AC 75 foiling monohulls being used.

    It's an offer that has upset other regular challengers who would prefer the status quo of a cyclic event. 

    Deed of Gift challenges are seen as pretentious although the 2010 America's Cup between the then defenders, Alinghi and challenger Golden Bay YC was seen as a popular result when the later won. This bringing an end to what many in the AC racing community saw as a rogue syndicate full of paid for services mercenaries.

    Strict new nationality rules for the next two regattas will see only country of origin and long term residents of challenging syndicates crew allowed...Thus shutting the door on the likes of Alinghi unless they follow the rules.


  4. :oWow, totally forgot about this thread.

    Been an interesting buildup to 36th edition.

    America's Cup Class 75 Foiling Monohull yachts reaching speeds of up to 50+ knots.

    :(Covid 19 really disrupting the event, especially the Prada Cup and the lead up regattas.

    There were three challengers, 

    United States: Team USA

    Great Britain: IENOS Team UK

    Italy: Prada Pirelli Luna Rosa...(challenger of record).

    :huh: Difficult to handle, the AC75s were constantly being developed and adapted within the rules by all three challengers with spectacular results.

    The big shock was the elimination of Team USA when their yacht got airborne, slammed down onto the sea, rolled over and partially sank after sustaining considerable damage. The repairs changed the way the yacht handled and the crew couldn't adapt in time. Bundled out in the three way semifinal.:(

    IENOS Team UK had a rough start to the cup with many predicting they would be the first to go as they couldn't get their AC75 to work properly during the Xmas regattas. Working through the holiday period they managed to get it right and advanced through to the Prada Cup final after shocking pundits with straight victories in the first round semifinals. However it came to naught in the finals when a battle hardened Luna Rosa, having ruthlessly knocked out Team USA in the second round semifinal promptly did the same to IENOS Team UK, conceding only one race. They just couldn't keep up with Luna Rosa which has been developing their AC75 with the same vigor and Team New Zealand which seems to have a tremendous speed advantage...  


    America's Cup 36 racing supposed to have started Saturday 6 March  but Auckland was in another lockdown until this morning, so Wednesday 10 March will start the racing between Italy's Prada Pirelli Luna Rosa and current cup holders Emirates Team New Zealand.   

    Here we go again...:wacko:

  5. 20 hours ago, Rob. said:

    Lol, along with the rest of Europe I take it? Unfortunately UEFA decided to instruct its members to vote as a bloc. With UEFA saying they'll only support one European bid for 2030, stepping out of line and losing UEFA support for 2030 would end up being a much worse result for us than annoying New Zealand.

    I don't know how you prevent that sort of thing going on, but bloc voting seems to be the way of things now for all confederations, and FAs seem reluctant to upset their continental apple carts as they're worried about the consequences.

    I'm happy you guys won anyway! Looking forward to it. 

    :D Just teasing... But really, there will be more revenue gained from TV/Online viewing now in the post Corona era. Naturally Aussies and Kiwis will fill out stadiums and probably a large horde of supporters from USA. I don't think a lot of Europeans would want to risk a flight to the other side of the world. We've only got three years to prepare. 

  6. On 11/17/2019 at 6:03 PM, Vill said:

    How about if Auckland or New Zealand goes a completely new direction and look into a possible Universiade?  Albeit Auckland sorts out the stadium situation and completes it's major infrastructure projects. I think this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. This event could be use as a litmus test if New Zealand can really pull off an Olympic Games (Much like the 2017 World Masters Game were) and also to promote University sports in New Zealand. A fact to ponder is that the Summer Universiade hasn't been to the Southern Hemisphere since Brazil hosted it in 1963. We rank 36 on the all-time Summer Universiade medal table with 15 Gold medals and 47 medals in total. It's a shame that the Universiades gets little to no coverage in New Zealand otherwise we could be sending larger delegations to these games compared to the 50 or so athletes that were sent to the 2019 games.

    From what I've heard is the Universiades are just one big "hot young bodies having sex orgies" event. Even the Olympics are chaste in comparison.  

    NZ needs to host Sports events with meaning...Which is what it does. 


  7. On ‎4‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 12:17 AM, yoshi said:

    Oh, no doubt there - Adelaide will host a great games, all you mention plus the Adelaide Oval is crying out for a CG track (like I say, it should’ve been them before GC), & of course having no host is worse. It’s just a great shame that only our countries seem interested anymore. You can probably put Perth 2034 down now.

    Even though the real new frontier type countries have probably been terrified by Delhi then Durban, even 2026 in Canada or NZ would be something different. With what’s happened there lately, Christchurch 2026 would be a particularly good story & target for the city. Not sure why it doesn’t appear to have even been considered by them :(

    It's Simple...NZ has no interest in them...Yes there is always a "when are we going to host again?" every time the games are on but it soon shuts down when $$$$ are shown. The only city that can realistically host them for now is Auckland but that city is in the throws of a decade long infrastructure building boom that wont be ready in time.

    Also remember the last time Christchurch hosted was in 1974 when it was just the 10 core sports. Christchurch is still far from recovered in Earthquake damage repairs...Ratepayers have enough to pay for service already.

    I still think the next host will be Australian...if nobody else wants them...And sadly they may have to stay in England if otherwise.

  8. 9 hours ago, arwebb said:

    There is little any of us can say that can offer any form of comfort to those who have been affected by this hideous atrocity. What shocked me most when I heard the news this morning, though, was that such an outrage had occurred in perhaps the last country on Earth that you would expect something like this to happen in.

    True...As it started to unfold it felt like 9/11. It was late dinnertime when the death toll was officially announced, you could sense the country collectively bursting into tears.

    Over the Tasman our cousins seems to have taken it hard. It was one of their own that did it. Australia giving it equal coverage.

    NZ's terrorist alert is still High, meaning attack immenent/underway.

    The "Five Eyes" network in action.

    Thanks to those nations who have sent sympathies, including Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Turkey, Germany/EU, Indonesia among the many.


  9. :angry:An AUSTRALIAN Born White Supremacist has lead a band of Terrorists on a Shooting Massacre in Christchurch, killing over 40 people in two inner city mosques.

    What a horrific day in New Zealand's history.

    New South Wales born 28 year old Brenton Tarrant laid out a 40 odd page manifesto of what he planned to do, why he chose New Zealand (it's cultural diversity, tolerance of religion, acceptance of sexual orientation...pretty much everything he as a White Australian HATES) and then he filmed it!!!! He says an attack in NZ would give massive global impact. He succeeded!  He has been remanded in custody on a single murder "holding charge" until April 5 when more in-depth charges are laid.






  10. On 1/5/2019 at 7:47 AM, Olympianfan said:


    New Zealand I don't see them having it in Wellington or Christchurch any more and Auckland is shaping out to be the major sports centre in New Zealand but will the current government allow it I don't think the Green Party in the coalition government will agree to it.


    New Zealand's main cities...Flat out not interested in a CWGs this side of 2030. 

    I'm wondering if a paired down "emergency" venue is being geared up? 

  11. It does make you think...Perhaps having LA, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo on a permanent standby basis?

    I'm grateful that I will be alive for LA to bookend the "Commercial/OTT" era that city began.  The Olympics need to evolve into a "nationwide" like event simply to handle costs. 

    I know that LA will set a new standard...It needs to...LA seems to be the benchmark that sets the Games.

  12. On 11/24/2018 at 8:15 PM, thatsnotmypuppy said:

    I agree with most of the above.

    It seems an Expo leaves a more readily usable legacy.  In Brisbane we have a lovely stretch of parkland and a man-made beach right up against the river in the inner city thanks to the 1988 Expo.  Lisbon has good legacy from theirs.  Shanghai... is a work in progress...

    Agree...Went to Expo88. It was awesome. It had a huge beacon light you could see flashing over 100kms away.

    New Zealand's pavilion was considered the best and put the country on the map.

    After the Expo closed, they packed up the pavilion and brought it home and reassembled it beside Auckland Airport (AKL).

    There are still bits of it left in Brizzy and agree that the legacy is a good one.

    NZ last hosted a "sanctioned" Expo in 1925 in Dunedin and it's legacy is beautiful sports grounds including the current University Cricket Oval, now the main Cricket ground in the south.


  13. 1 hour ago, yoshi said:

    Forgive the outsider - why shouldn't Wellington be considered? Capital, second (I think) city & the last big Kiwi city left out - & that stadium looks oh-so-ready for a temporary track. 

    Been there done that for the 2006 proposal...It was going to be a regional games but facilities acceptable then are not now. Wellington doesn't have an indoor velodrome. The original idea was to have Track cycling in Whanganui on it's then new outdoor circuit. There were plans to put a roof on it but have stalled since the National Track Cycling centre was built near Hamilton. There are only two covered velodromes in NZ, the other is at Invercargill. Also Wellington is deeply in debt and couldn't cope with the expense. Weather wise it can be very fickle even in high Summer which is February. As for Westpac Stadium, it is due for a massive refurbishment soon and could loose it's Oval shape as NZ Cricket now prefers to use it's much loved and popular Basin Reserve Oval, which is getting a massive upgrade with light towers. There is also no room for a practice track.

  14. 1 hour ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    Mostly, home advantage shifted. What might be worth pondering is that, unlike in Melbourne 2006 (and even in Kuala Lumpur 1998- it may be no accident that the video game Koala Lumpur was released in 1997) Australia did not get more medals than all the Home Nations put together. 

    Host nations get to load events to favour home advantage...There were 150 events in the pool as an example for Gold Coast.

    Get smart England - do the same!

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  15. 10 hours ago, Scotguy said:

    'I'm back bitches' :D

    Decided to come out of posting retirement to give my verdict on these games.

    The sports side of it - first class A+

    The ceremonies were the worst i have ever seen and that closing was a train wreck, easily the worst closing ceremony ever of all = Z-

    The Birmingham 2022 handover segment was the worst since Manchester's handover in KL 98. i didn't even watch until the end, i was that bored. Birmingham does not seem to have an identity and that shone through last night...

    :lol: Welcome back - straight to the point - and nailed it!!!!

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