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  1. Been there done that for the 2006 proposal...It was going to be a regional games but facilities acceptable then are not now. Wellington doesn't have an indoor velodrome. The original idea was to have Track cycling in Whanganui on it's then new outdoor circuit. There were plans to put a roof on it but have stalled since the National Track Cycling centre was built near Hamilton. There are only two covered velodromes in NZ, the other is at Invercargill. Also Wellington is deeply in debt and couldn't cope with the expense. Weather wise it can be very fickle even in high Summer which is February. As for Westpac Stadium, it is due for a massive refurbishment soon and could loose it's Oval shape as NZ Cricket now prefers to use it's much loved and popular Basin Reserve Oval, which is getting a massive upgrade with light towers. There is also no room for a practice track.
  2. Host nations get to load events to favour home advantage...There were 150 events in the pool as an example for Gold Coast. Get smart England - do the same!
  3. Welcome back - straight to the point - and nailed it!!!!
  4. Hamilton is a linchpin to the hosting. It will have to carry at least the Sevens and some Cricket...Simply a waste of money not to...and naturally Hamilton will have to carry surplus accommodation for Cambridge and Karapiro. Tauranga would also have to host the cricket as well as the Volleyball. I can see "neutral" branding for the CWGs. Something like "23rd CWGs" and then "[insert venue city name here]" a la RWC. Auckland would still host Opening and Closing...I did notice Eden Park being avoided unless for the cricket. It cant be used for anything else...It would require expensive modifications and the demolition of the West stand to plonk a temporary track down both in it and on ground B for practice. They cannot build a new stadium in time. Mt Smart is now a dump. So we are looking at North Habour...
  5. Okay, he will always be remember for playing pretty much himself as alter ego Gunnery Sargent Hartman the the Kubrick classic, Full Metal Jacket. In his audition he swore his famous biting soul destroying insults for an hour straight without repeating himself...Stanley Kubrick even had to ask him what a "reach around" was... So lets have a memorial to all the classic insults he uttered in the move before Mods steps in: "All you twinkle toed communist maggots" - fire away.
  6. This is THE memory of my first Olympics in 1984 (too young to remember the ones before in my time)...Be gentle! and those stands better be gone from the arch gate way by 2028.
  7. It didn't take long... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/102994169/what-would-a-new-zealand-hosted-commonwealth-games-look-like-in-2026-or-beyond
  8. And here we go New Zealand. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/102994169/what-would-a-new-zealand-hosted-commonwealth-games-look-like-in-2026-or-beyond
  9. It can take up to ten years to go from and idea to reality. Track back to "Jim Jones'" GC 2018 Bid thread which began back in 2009 to get an idea of what the logistics involves. I doubt if there will be a bid from Australia for 2026 simply because no city has truly got serious, not even Adelaide. Perth has shown interest but not until 2030 which could have a log jam bid war due to it's significance. Oh and here's the first credible hint from New Zealand. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/102994169/what-would-a-new-zealand-hosted-commonwealth-games-look-like-in-2026-or-beyond
  10. And now to give out the School Report Cards.... Athletics Track and Field - Golds...Silvers...Bronze!!!! A really good swag bag. Really good at chucking or slinging cannon balls, leaping over hypothetical walls on the end of a pole, throwing spears, and walking long distances. Also some oh so close results. Athletics has returned to the front again. A+ Basketball - Still a growing sport in NZ and both teams came within striking distance for finals but had to settle on Bronzes each. A good future. B+ Beach Volleyball - Fun in the sun and still a sport growing here...a Bronze to go with the bronze bodies - interesting that the clothing requirements for the women is little more that the tiniest bikinis that just ask for malfunctions yet...Men's just show up in Boardies and t-shirts. Still one of the Fun spectator sports like the sevens. A Boxing - A wonderful effort for a team that shied away from the limelight...Yet has done so much to bring back credibility to a once maligned Sport. All can hold their heads high with a clutch of medals including a popular Gold to cap off Boxing NZs efforts. A+ Cycling Track - Keeping this separate as I believe this was one of the sports that got pointed at after a slide back since Glasgow and bottoming out at the World Champs in March. The team knew it and pulled out their best efforts - and came away with a good solid bag of Medals of all colours. Still plenty to work on but a turn around very much noticed A Cycling Mountain - Ok a Gold and Silver in the Mountain Biking BUT forever tarnished by petty bad sportsmanship and ruining the moment. Grow up Gen Y. D Cycling Road - Mixed results here, a couple of medals but a spectacular mis-communication in the last 500m of the mens race cost all medal chances - and there has been ructions in the group. Because of the medals...B- Gymnastics - A good showing but no medals as promised. C Hockey - Finally...Redemption for the Women, Gold at long last, and a battle for the men to the final and to hold back a monster for a credible Silver result. Well Done! A+ Lawn Bowls - Expected to at least Gold in two events...yet only minor medalled. Glory days past them now C+ Netball - ...I think we can attribute the total collapse of this once held high with pride sport to a long decline at admin level going back to even before Glasgow 2014. There is clearly a huge split in Netball NZ at head office. And it has made it to team level with spectacular fails including falling to new powerhouses Malawi and Jamaica. I'm not even going to begin to fathom what is going to happen to Netball now. Girls leaving in droves to other sports are now starting to eat away at the old greyheads running netball in NZ. F Rugby Sevens - Double barreled Gold blast returning New Zealand to the top of the Commonwealth and redeeming the code after disappointments of Rio 16...what else but A+ Shooting - Failed...Simple. Went in expecting to medal as they have always since 1990. Nothing. D Squash - I don't think even they were expecting more than one medal...They nearly cleaned the place out!!! A Swimming - Sophie Pascoe - She is her own brand. A+ Swimming - Everything else - One bronze medal...a glimmer of hope C+ Triathlon - The Mixed Fours redeemed what is still a failed sport - made worse that NZ help invent it. It's time for our much loved Andrea Hewitt to bow out and become a super coach. It's time to unleash those monsters that are growing in our high schools...yet another sport with a glimmer of hope C- Weightlifting - David Litti - I have to separate him from the rest. What an example of modest and humble sportsmanship - and rewarded accordingly...here as well. A+ Weightlifting - Bruised egos, Marital spats, on air outbursts...and the most controversial weightlifter in the world at the moment competing...yet she was the one who had the most dignity out of the rest after her horrific injury. Nothing to be proud of after promising alot...D- Wrestling - Simply outclassed on the mat...But not without trying and some oh so close moments. C Host City Gold Coast - One of the best CWGs held and only ruined by that shambolic Closing Ceremony. But not taking away for proving the concept is still alive. A And finally: TVNZ - Coverage and reporting was just deplorable. Three channels and yet no co-ordination causing finals to be missed. Smother advertising ruining the flow of both Opening and Closing Ceremonies and live broadcasts missing important moments. And then came the totally inappropriate lines of questions to athletes who were coming down from a high either winning of losing. This culminated in a downright cruel attack on the embattled Silver Ferns captain by former Silver Fern player and now sportscaster Jenny May Clarkson (nee Coffin). Social media has constantly been going off on this and the broadcaster's coverage of the CWGs. The general consensus was they should've provided some Pay Per View channels - they have the capability, and have proved it by swiping the 2019 RWC off Sky TV. F There we are
  11. Breaking News. "We got it so wrong" David Beattie has admitted that not showing the Athletes arriving into the stadium and the general near ignoring of the Athletes in the closing ceremony will forever tarnish the Closing Ceremony on what were otherwise a great Games. Pretty much up front in the News today. Sad really...
  12. Adelaide sticks out as the next host. The problem with the games are that nations want to attend but are reluctant to host... (pointing at NZ and Singapore). Australia does make a great host simply because they know how to handle large multi events well. It would be nice if Aussie can skip a cycle but really there is every chance we will be back in 2026 or even 2030. Especially if a future Brisbane 32 Olympics bid fails...and NZ still throws a hospital pass.
  13. The Opening Ceremony...Too long and didn't overly get the party started. C The Actual Commonwealth Games...Excellent. A The host broadcast rights holder, some unknown til now USA based provider. (not Channel 7)...D...and boy are they starting to cop it from the NZ and Australian early Breakfast shows the morning after. The Closing Ceremony...D...What a shambles, and where were the Athletes???? So much for the great beach party that was originally planned. The Gold Coast leading the way for the "Regional cities hosting" concept...A winner, but you need to be an outstanding place.A Australia overall as a host...Really, should just alternate the games between them and UK...and only because you need eight years to prepare a host region...Adelaide, your next.A Finally: New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games...Thanks for the memories, good, bad, and outstanding! Credibility for some sports that had the finger pointed at them redeeming themselves. Some did disappoint, and others simply smashed it out of the park they were playing in. For a little country, 46 medals evenly matched with one extra silver, oh and the Good Sportsmanship award in there too, Bloody Brilliant!!!A Thanks Australia!A
  14. Oh Wow! The Closing ceremony is being panned as one of the worst!!!! The biggest and obvious criticism is that the Athletes March into the stadium wasn't broadcast and there were a shade under 5000 seats empty. Also it seemed that the Officials were too self congratulatory to notice the athletes which we couldn't see thanks to the use of lights and above ground cameras. I have to admit I switched off as the delay drag by TVNZ and it's ads begin to annoy. Apparently the moment Prince Edward closed the games, everyone started to leave and the entertainment got tackier with a rendition of Xanadu included in the mix.- Saw that on the breakfast news - have to agree. Most of the athletes had left to the outside bars and wrap up parties back at the village. Some had planes to catch home. What a shame.
  15. And one last award: Weightlifter David Litti has won the CWGs Good Sportsmanship Award. Totally deserved!!! GOLD - 15 SLIVER - 16 BRONZE - 15 Sportsmanship - 1
  16. TVNZ are time slipping thanks to the ads...So we in NZ are falling behind.
  17. Yeah I'm not into this closing ceremony s***. Haven't seen one since 2002 (which was pretty good.) pretty much kids are the future cliche crap...
  18. Waaaaa...That's the coolest name ever!!!! (Deadpool) But what a friggin soppy song!!! Oh and we are going to have some creepy little kid as MC...What is it with Aussie's fascination with young kids as the centerpiece of these shows!!!
  19. Yeap...Totally got it wrong!!! But TVNZ's coverage was terrible.
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