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  1. How to qualify in a good way...

    Wonderful sportsmanship in the women's 5000m heats...NZs Nikki Hamblin helping up US counterpart Abby D'Agostino when a Japanese runner in front of them momentarily tripped causing the inevitable chain reaction. D'Agostino helped Hamblin up and allowed Hamblin to carry on. D'Agostino fell again, still clearly injured with a badly scuffed knee. Hamblin then stopped and hauled her up again to finish the heat well back from the leaders. 

    Olympic officials promptly qualified the pair into the finals.


  2. :):blink:

    Trust the girls to come to the rescue... Womens Hockey through to the Semi Finals. 

    NZL 4 - AUS 2

    Needed that.

    Also Lisa Carrington easily through to the kayak 200m final tomorrow.

    Yachting... Mixed results (none of our sports groups have got away without some horrible bad luck). But the men seem to be on track for medals of sorts.

    Women's Golf No1 Liddya Ko arrives in Rio for the golf.

    Need another Gold.

  3. 36 minutes ago, micheal_warren said:

    Absolutely devastated with the hockey That was just heartbreaking! Now just witnessed the men's 100m. Bolt is a legend! Excellent to see. 

    I think I need to go for a run to let off some of this frustration. Very disappointing result with the hockey. But I guess it ain't over until its over. 

    So impressed with Bolt...fumbled his start and yet still managed to hold it together and power past Gatlen. Worthy of his title...everyone wants the good guy to win :)

    (Too dangerous for me to go for a run this afternoon...if I encounter a German tourist along the river path, I'd probably shove them into the water - best I crank up my exercycle on high setting instead!)

  4. :D

    Pheeww! Jaaaysssuuuss that was beyond close!!!!

    Mahe Drysdale to the Rescue!!

    Back to Back GOLD!...on a cliffhanger that finally went NZs way.

    Single Men's Sculls!

    And a bloody great effort by first time Women's Eights getting in fourth place.

    Men's Eights a respectable end in sixth place.

    A long time since Eights were in finals...good for 2020.

    So ends the NZ Rowing program in Rio...B-  

  5. Not criticising the Team...more the "Expected Results" build up that our parochial media has piled on us. Of course we have the right to be annoyed when it doesn't go our way...But I'm from the last generation of "Play to Win" era...not today's "Play to Participate" p.c. et al generation. 

    I do recall predicting the Sevens would turn out they way it did...and it didn't help AP Media cranking up an abnormally high medal haul. Going by what's coming up, at best we will equal London in all round medals.

    Probably should've used "Annoyed" rather than "depressed"...So wanted Queen V to win.

    Anyway I went for a quick run just to burn it off.

  6. :(

    Strange Day...so far

    Men's Hockey team suddenly grew some pairs and blasted their way into the Q Finals after beating Belgium 3-1...not bad. They join the Women who also have made it in.

    Silver in the rowing...Women's Pair. 

    Drysdale through to defend his Gold in the Single Sculls final.

    Valerie Adams Instantly qualified on top with one throw to go through and defend her title later this evening.

    Sadly no new tin in the Mens cycling to better yesterday's Silver. The team seems to have melted down under an all powerful GB and Australian teams. Big issues to look at there...Women's team starting out.

    Swimming, dead in the water.

    Very mixed efforts all round in the first six days...not bad - but not inspiring either. 

    At least the water still have some hope for Golds, Burling and Tiuke winning their racing...

    Golf sees Ryan Fox in the top ten. Ko still a few days away.

    But...Go Valerie.


  7. 6 hours ago, Rob. said:


    One last thing: This sport has to stay in the Games.


    And what a wonderful thing to see all the "expected" nations to fall and see new faces topple the mighty.

    To cap it all off...the spiritual home of Sevens take the Gold.

    The tournament sits nicely in the first week and the three day format great for the players...will need to assess the atrocious refereeing and lack of officiating, but only a minor blemish... Roll on 2020.

  8. Ouch! The body language between Steve Tiew (NZRU boss) and Sevens coach Sir Gordon Tietjens was palpable when they were interviewed on TV tonight.

    Steve Tiew has been getting a hard time from Kiwi fans in Rio since the Sevens men's side failed. Ironically Tiew is at the Olympics for his daughter who is in the women's Eights rowing crew.

    BUT we hold out for Bond and Murray...

  9. Overall this Olympiad has been an absolute S**ter first week for NZ.

    Hopefully we will get some rowing in today if weather holds. A gold in there.

    As for Rugby, NZRU just got served a slamming punch by All Blacks coach, Steve Hansen. Pretty much blaming them for not letting Sevens capable players out of Test and Super Rugby duties in Olympic year.


  10. :angry:

    That's NZs Sevens tournament all but over...

    GB 21 - NZ 19

    However NZ make it into Quarters as points aggregate and Fiji wining in their pool.

    And take on Fiji. :(


    ....Tough match

    Fiji starting to crank up in the second half...

    Fiji wins...12 - 7

    Rounding out a miserable Rugby campaign by the Men. 

    Predicted no medals from them but wasn't expecting them to fall so soon.

    Plate finals for them... :angry:

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