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  1. It is the strangest site to get on...It take ages to join so I sympythies with you CAF, I think it really isn't all that well run, but I like looking at skysrapers and what's new and up comming, like NZ's first REAL skyscraper, Elliot Tower. I have tried to join the forum but keep getting turned back. Still managed to read some of those "comments" though!
  2. I believe Premium Members are the only ones who can control the moderation options, and post "official" polls...It's our right as paid up members... I'm only dreading the day "J" gathers up enough Nigerian Currency pebbels to pay for an annual subscription!
  3. Well that's me well and truly told off!! I will restart it now. BUT what miffed me was how out of control the topic gets when a certain somebody really winds up. This was NOT suppose to be a pro v anti Gay topic... It was suppose to be a basic poll. sadly when that "somebody" gets a hold of a topic, it becomes a grandstand event for his immature mind,...and we feed off it!
  4. Moderator, We have a "member" in the Commonwealth Games Threads called "James" who is making rather nasty remarks and personal threats against other members when this person is challenged in debates. "James" has only shown up since the start of this month and has proceeded to offend many people already. I'm wondering if he is and alter ego of an established member? Have a look.
  5. Another thing that may not work in Singapore's favor is their intolerence of "Youthful" behaviour. Just ask Micheal Fay. With so many youngsters at the event, can Singapore put up with teenage exuberence! I doubt it! Singapore is a Police State, it needs to be, but tolerence is something they are not known for. There would be a definite international backlash if an incident were to occur. Singapore would be safer to host the CWGs than the Youth Olympics. Great place to work and play, I visit regulary, however a large influx of teenagers, especially of the American kind, would drive the authorities crazy. I don't think Singapore realises what they are getting into.
  6. This could be a litmus test for Singapore to feel out how it could cope with a Commonwealth Games. and yes this could be a final test for Singapore's habit of backpeddling.
  7. I just love all the naysayers that try to do their best to ruin it for everyone else! It gives me pleasure knowing that they are the ones who will say, "what a great Games they were" after the event is over, I've heard it all before...Carry on New Delhi 2010 - just ignor the criticisim.
  9. The A380 will certainly be the biggest but the 737 has such a headstart that no other airliner will catch it saleswise, even the A320 is still 2000 units behind and that gap isn't closing. The 737 designation may stay with the type as the post 787 generation of 100 - 200 seater is developed (with a slightly wider body) thus allowing Boeing to continue with it's record run. I'm still amazed that the 737 has developed so much as to swallow up the 727 and 757 programmes. With range now the moniker, with the present NG series, the post 787 generation will absolutly knock out the competition and be the perfect complement to the 787 and 747-8.
  10. The trusty pocket jet has been part of aviation's life for forty years now. 5000 airframes built and still another 1200 on order! As you read this, 1200 737's are in the air while landing and taking off continuosly 24/7 What a record! Many say it's the Douglas DC3/C47 as the greatest, yet it was by default as 97% that were built were for the military. Only now are the airforces around the world taking advantage of this versitile airframe! With clearly no end in sight, and for that matter a replacement on the drawing board, this airliner will see it's fiftieth birthday while still in production. Something the DC3 could never claim! Airbus is still in catch up mode. Is this the greatest airliner ever?
  11. Agree with the Singapore thing, that city really only is a business centre... Got to remember that Melbourne got 2006 because Wellington and New Dehli dropped away, the CWGF would gladly accept a bid from Adelaide from 2018 onwards if they wanted them.
  12. The South Australian capital is the last of the major cities to host the CWGs, anything is likley when it comes to bidding and 2018 or 2022 are an easy bet if New Zealand dosn't front up. Of all the major citys in Australia that I've visited, Adelaide is the nicest city. Just the right size for a CWG.
  13. A study by the NZ Government's Sports agency is now being done to map out the future of that country's sports hosting asperations, a report is due sometime mid year.
  14. It's quite sizable for a stadium but would need reclamation of it's environs. It's such hot property at the moment, so I doubt if the Ports Of Auckland, the land's owner would want to give it up for a stadium when better money can be made building apartment blocks. Carlaw Park a case in point, the council speculated that it was interested in the site for a staduim of sorts, in an instant the land value soared and the apartment developers had the bigger wallets. :verysad: Sad but True.
  15. Tank Farm was one place mentioned but Hubbard (and Co) have to remain coy about definite sites as speculation can cause land prices to fluctuate. As we all know this is what happend to Carlaw Park and now that famous venue is being turned into apartment blocks!
  16. The NZ Government has just unleashed $1.5billion for Auckland's transport needs... Rail, Busways, Ferries etc will benefit.
  17. Bummer about the V8's, off to Horsham Downs with those. Mayor Dick Hubbard has just released plans for a tunnel crossing of the habour and plans for a 60k pax stadium in the city. Early days yet, but the beginning of a bold plan to get the Olympics here by the 2040's. The habour crossing is needed as he pointed out that if the bridge was knoced out the cost to the city would be huge. The NW motorway simply wouldn't cope. Oh and yes the NZ Government does have a s##t pile of money stashed away for goodness knows what!!!
  18. New Zealnd would host a Summer OG but not untill the 2040s and beyond. However there is a plan to focus on 2040 as that date is NZs bicentenary year, who knows. The idea of a Winter Olympics sometime soon has been bantered about and yes NZ has come very close to bidding for them. Yet another plan is on the board for 2014 involving Queenstown/Wanaka/Christchurch. But as has been mentioned, NZ is small and with the Americas Cup, Rugby WC now firmly set into that nation's sporting mindset as the next biggest things on the to grab list. A Wellington Commonwealth Games bid could overthrow a WOG bid as the latter is expensive to host. Still, as Jacque Rouge has said, "just bid"
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