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  1. Good picks MoRush. Didn't Beijing look like this a year and a half out? p.s. Sir R. if JJ starts bombing you with sizable essays, well you asked for it!
  2. Nice one Sir R. You just baited him... By keeping to the topic at hand - New Delhi - will maintain a continuing flow of subject relivence. At the moment we were discussing a WORST CASE scenario of what would happen if the CGF pulled out of New Delhi at the last moment. Would a paired down games be abled to be hosted next year else where?
  3. JJ, try not to repeat what you have already mentioned earlier, as it has a habit of disconnecting the subject from others. Your points have been noted, you just need to remind with a quick point note i.e. 'as mentioned aready'. Still very good points though. We must remember here that this is a worst case scenario, New Delhi is still VERY MUCH next year's CWG host. Had've the CGF had it doubts, they would have cancelled back in 2007. It looks like India will make it to the finish line. Some of the news articals refer to detached infrastructure issues that will not affect the running of the games themselves. Roading and other facilities are always picked on when developing countries work hard to acheive what is required to host an event such as this...let alone developed nations. Lest give India a chance here.
  4. A track and field meet, with a paired down swimming and cycle programme would be a real barebones games. All the teams sports would be dumped. Pretty much anything that can fit into the main stadium, a velodrome (and a good road) and a pool would all thats needed. If there's a gun range and a decent bowls club near by, use it. Pretty basic stuff but enough to get by.
  5. If the 2010 games are cancelled, it would have an absolutely devestating affect on the Commonwealth as a whole. The gap tween Melbourne and Glasgow would be just too great. The Olympics were only cancelled due to World War and as what happened in 1976, move elswhere. I can confirm that Melbourne would now not step in to host a severly paired down games. It most likley be an UK city. India does have the drive to get the job done to the go ahead standard by September as per one year before games, and like Montreal in 1976, open on time.
  6. Part of my wish list of hosts. Perth hosting XXII Commonwealth Games. They have mooted the idea even though it would only have been 12 years since Australia last hosted, they make great hosts. I have no problems with this happening as Perth (and Darwin) is so far detached from the east coast seaboard, Jakarta's closer. Surprisingly it would only be the third city to host twice.(Edinbrugh and Auckland the other two.)
  7. AAAH HAA HAA HAAAAAAAA! wikipedia - that most factual and informative of online encyclopedias? - NOT! Tokelau is a New Zealand dependancy, for a start! Anyway to back up a bit, there is no stand by host city if the unlikely was to happen - the Games would be cancelled outright! Still what blew this situation up was the Youth Game in Pune. Outwardly a success but as teams start to come home, the horror stories of lax security and rat infested accomodations. New Delhi has been strongly advised to be ready by late next year (2009).
  8. Typical mid-gap (i.e. boring years) between games artical appeared in the NZ Herald today(15/11/08): AFP Reported: NEW DELHI GAMES THREATENED New Delhi, India could miss out on hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2010 if a dispute over the construction of the athletes' village is not resolved, a senior official said. The four yearly GAmes featuring 71 teams frome the Commonwealth countries are to be held in New Delhi from October 3 - 14, 2010. The athletes' village being built on the banks of the Yamuna River has been embroiled in a legal tussle after envirnmental groups protested that the construction would ruin the river bed. The Delhi High Court has asked an environmental expert to look inton whether the village that is to house 8500 athletes and officials should be built on the site. Austin Sealy, the chairman of the Commonwealth Games Federation co-ordinating committee, said any change, at this late stage, to the Games Village arrangements would seriously jeopardise India's hosting of the Games. AFP This kind of backs up the artical mentioned a few postings back by JJ, but as everyone who's nation has hosted knows, this seems just a ploy to stimulate publicity. I can remember the build up to the 1990 CWGs in Auckland and all the BS that went with it... And now just look what's comming out of London... (As if anyone could've predicted the future on 6 July 2005...Look what happened the next day! )
  9. Have to admit veteran broadcaster Peter Montgomery is right at home out at the rowing where NZ is expecting to do very well at. He really gets the heart going with his commentary.
  10. Yeah but the ariel shots pretty much showed mountanous terrain and not alot of places to stand along the way...It looked like they were on a newish major arterial road with not alot of standing places anyway... Also that spectre of the marathon in Athens 04 must be in the back of Beijing as well as the IOC's mind.
  11. Gosh SirRoltel! It's not all THAT bad! - Still thirteen days of competition to go!!!!!
  12. Ha Ha Ha...eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww Anyway good on Dubya! And what red blooded hetrosexual male wouldn't be aroused by well oiled, bronzed, lanky athletic, skimpy wet bikini clad women???
  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HHHHHAAAAA HHAA HA HA HA HA! Over here in backwards ol Kiwiland we have TVNZ's Freeview HD Digital Sports Channel 6 with wall to wall coverage, and we actually got full coverage of the Opening Ceremony! For the first time in years! Even regular VHF TV One has daily coverage tween news breaks. Seriously now, The coverage may be good but yet again we are stuck with ancient presenters that have been around since 1972! Yes Keith Quinn! Man would he just keel over and die!!!
  14. Yeah, this is where the competition starts to weed out the weak. Your medals will be decided here.
  15. Yeah, nothing still tops the 1992 arrow shot! Still...What will they do in London?
  16. Those kids will be absolutly knackered this morning! Still I have to admit that it was a good effort by China, but I feel that these ceremonies are fast becomming more nationalistic as time goes on. The last ceremony of this type was in Sydney2000, just too over the top!
  17. only 4 stars??? how did that happen? Oh well I'llbest start bombing your fifth star again!


  18. NOT DAME KIRI...She's a total (AND TYPICAL MAORI MATRIACAL) BITCH!!! Still, watching the protesters today pretty much signals what the 2008 games are heading for. Not disaster, but an awarness that China is STILL not a trustworthy member of the global stage. It's wrong to parallel these up coming games to 1936, but the violence shown by the communist government is a sign that a potential IOC tragidy is looming and it will be up to London to repair...As usuall. Roll on 2012!
  19. The DL seems to be quite healthy at the moment, all that good alpine air, so I think it won't matter for now. Still, China has been persistant over not allowing the break up of the former empire, look at Hong Kong, Maccau, and the renegade 'Taiwan' occupied island of Formosa as examples.
  20. China has always stated that Tibet is part of China, part of the loose formed former empire. Would the World be happy if Tibet was to be created a Hong Kong and Macau like semi autonomous state? Probibly, even if it means not allowing the Dalai Lama to return? Maybe.
  21. China seemed to have pushed the right to host an olympics since 1990, even post the Tianamen Square massacre. How they have slipped unter the radar is through it's capitalist style economy way of dealing with the outside world. Threatening no "free trade" deals with those who speak out. - Hence the reason why the likes of NZ refuse to murmer above a low mumble. Their huge "organised" human resorces and industrial might has ensured China has a loud voice on the international stage as the second superpower. India has only grabbed the initiative in the last thirty years and is well on the way to equalling China, but it won't be for another 30 or so years yet.
  22. Thanx for the updates by our China GB residents, it must be hard for you all. Take care.
  23. Woooo this is a good question. New Zealand athletes were told NOT to attend by the then dictator like Prime Minister Robert Muldoon. Who was leaned on by the almighty US of A (just watch War on Democarcy as an example). In those days, the Government held tight sway over everybody as 90% of all jobs were government controlled. The threat was made that athletes would not be allowed to take holidays and employers were forced to come down hard on any that tried to. The only athletes that participated were the rowing fours that had been stationed in Moscow before NZ joined the boycott. They could only attend under the NZOCG federation flag and if they were to win gold, the Olympic Anthem was to be played. Pretty darn stupid if you tell me...all to "keep the good guys happy".
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