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  1. Just sort of close this thread...Paul Henry tendered his resignation this afternoon to TVNZ boss Rik Ellis. It has been accepted. Citing the damage to the company and NZ to be to great to show his face on TV again. Sometimes you just got to know when to zip it!!
  2. Oh Scotguy! you totally spoiled it with pictures like that! 2014 is sooooooooooooooooo far awaaaaaaaaay! Anyways PAUL HENERY has be suspended for two weeks off air without pay after he finally blew it! He race based slandered the Governer General while interviewing the Prime Minister when disscussing the GG's replacement. The look on John Key's face is totally priceless. It also looks like an inquiry into his behaviour is about to begin...Wouldn't be surprised if he gets a full discplinary interview followed by dismissal.
  3. Personally I hate the guy...a symbol of arrogant White New Zealand that still simmers just below the surface in the more affluent areas of Auckland...still funny to watch though!
  4. Sevens, but will go for a wander to other events, not there for the whole games, bummer.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Netball goes by then, probibly hockey as well (amoungst other sports)...Expect a massive post games enquiry after these 2010 games. The report won't be good.
  6. I'm going because so is New Zealand...announced this evening, sweet... Got to remember it's the village that has the problems, not the venues which have really been 'shined up' over the last week. Apparently over 3000 cleaners are at work in the village now!
  7. Looks like New Zealand IS going to ND...NZOC has given thumbs up after returning from New Delhi. Team will start to arrive from Tuesday 28 with many sub teams arriving towards their events and allowed to leave after them...
  8. Prime News has reported that the NZOCC is on the verge of pulling the NZ team out of New Delhi. Due to the condition of the allocated apartments for the team.
  9. I think that whole CGF symbol style they use now just makes it bland...
  10. Hey it's getting really bad now...We could find out tomorrow if the games will be trimmed back, posponed or cancelled. Either way it's bad news for ND.
  11. Just saw 'Boris's' tower on BBC International....Build it, build it, build it.... Your right, it does look like a lot of pylons bent and twisted together. Still if I get a chance I'm going to climb it. So much fun will be had on it - viewing, absailing, bungie jumping, climbing, BASE jumping, just jumping...
  12. Seesh...A toss up 'tween South Africa, Australia, Italy, USA, Argentina. Australia would drop if it is awarded the 2022 FIFA WC. South Africa could get the return tournament as a safe pair of hands. They are due to host again and Rugby has made great inroads in Africa with both 15 and 7 aside codes. America seems indifferent to Rugby but Argentina/Uraguay could if the IRB allowed it...However the money driver, Europe may need to fill the coffers. 2027, so far away, looks likely to host an 'exotic' venue.
  13. I have no problem with Australia picking up the 'tab' so to speak. Twelve years is no issue anymore...Just look at the UK, 2002 - '14. They're a sports minded nation and have well proven to be great hosts of the CWGs. What could be of concern is Australia turning on the rest of the Commonwealth, after constantly having to host and saying 'stuff all of you, we're leaving'. What Gold Coast and Australia should do is use this enevetable bid to bail up the CGF as say change is need.
  14. Yaaaaaaay! This is good news for the Commonwealth...And a new city that has never been considered before. Go for it Gold Coast! Look what you missed out on Auckland... But then we know why now. My only concern is that Abuja is going to pull out all stops to secure 2018 and they will use the "Australia again!" card. This would scare the CGF if Gold Coast wins as this would signal to the African nations "why bother". May be we need a South African city to jump in... This is going to be a real Watch This Space thread.
  15. If the CGF is holding off a deadline for a year then prehaps they really don't want another Australian bid so soon and are cringing Abuja walking playing the african card. It seems they're holding out for a South African city to ride in on the wave of the 2010 FifaWC success. Still if no one else wants them...Maybee the games themselves need to be looked at.
  16. Well....The path is all clear for Gold Coast to bid now that Auckland has pulled out of the 2018 bid. Gold Coast would be a delightfull addition to the Commonwealth Games Hosts family. An unusual venue, alot like Edmonton '78 where not many people even heard of the place. A great holiday destination for Aussies and Kiwis alike. The whole area is pretty much built for leasure. Go for it Gold Coast.
  17. CWGs are still some ten months away...Anythings likley with such a risky venue, but hey - Seoul '88 was well within artillary range from the North Korean border, and everyone that mattered showed up anyway. As for any retribution in 2014 if England was not to show up this year, highly unlikely...But dumb luck would have it...Look what happened in 1986. - It wasn't even Scotland's fault!!!
  18. There is no chance of the CWGs moving elswhere now...They will only be cancelled if the worst situation occurs. If England was to pull out it probibly wouldn't matter - just a bad look - but if it starts a domino effect, with the likes of Canada, Australia, South Africa etc dropping out, then we have a problem.
  19. Mainly to our England GB members out there... Would it really matter if England didn't attend, considering a Home Olympics will only be two years away and most athletes would be 'saving' themselves for it anyway? Still, I hope England attends - just bring your own security forces as well.
  20. Actually the idea of KL jumping in has never crossed my mind...Malaysia could probibly cobble together a paired down but successful games... Still if Australia walks away, then the CWGs are in trouble - or would they be? It would have to take another major nation (eg Canada, or England) to pull out out as well to really finish them off.
  21. If anything, the games would be cancelled at the last moment, ie - mid 2010. Still, fingers crossed for a successful games As for the IT thingy, good point stevie. Just another one of those 'Engrish' events.
  22. Gosh...Gee, we just keep going around and around... New Delhi will host the 2010 CWG's or there will be no games at all. If the worst happens, then we may see a situation like during the 1980 SOG boycott where large regional games took place as a substitute. Or singular "Commonwealth" sports champs taken from the regular CWG events, like swimming, cycling, bowls etc.
  23. Yeah but India hasn't had the games lifted from them yet! They are still a going concern and todays events in Pakistan shouldn't in no way reflect any security issues in India. Lessons learned from the Mumbai attacks and the fact that the CWGs have full security should prove India's readiness.
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