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  1. I hope the 2010 Games wont overshadow Fennell's good work since taking the reigns. The Games were upsized and profile lifted, give or take what you make of it. Interesting to see that the potental to keep the games in exotic locations have been boosted by the appointment of Prince Tunku Imran.
  2. Of course, but NZ needs to get out there and grab 'global viewing' events for profile...WC Cricket is still a good event and I look foward to it since we havent seen it here since 1992. (Oh and rather freakishly - Jacque Roggie said an Olympics is NOT out of NZ's reach...) As for compressing the event down to a respectable six weeks - easly done as Australasia crosses four time zones. We got away with it in the last hosting so it should be all good.
  3. This tournament...Now I'd be more excited about. Could easly overshadow that year's RWC...or prehaps not. The U20 All Whites are going to have to improve somewhat though.
  4. When they rebuilt the main stand, It was profiled to have the front open air seats collapes back into themselves and with the seats over at the ASB Stand (we can say that now...the Cup's over) doing the same, the gound qualifies for CWC criteria. Also they turned the pitch around to maximise the oval. Sadly Christchurch's Lancaster Park is a write off. That WAS a cricket ground. Dunedin has the rebuilt University Oval and the lights from the abandoned Carisbrooke are to be re-erected there shortly. Hamilton has Seddon Park...probibly the best first class cricket ground in the country. Wellington has Westpact Stadium - nuff said Napier has Magpie Stadium Taupo has Owen Delainey Park All the above grounds are Day Nighters New Plymouth, Nelson and Queenstown have full daytime test grounds as well. So there is enough to choose from.
  5. Most likely...Pretty much the format for the 1992 Cup except Eden Park hosted the opening...With Aus v NZ playing - NZ victorious on that occasion. Eden Park is still a cricket ground - just, but there is still a thorn in NZ Cricket's side,- Christchurch.
  6. For the premium First Tier teams, large capacity stadia for ticket sale, yes. But I can remember the All Blacks in the 99RWC wanted to be based in Huddersfield as the ground was to their liking. I just can't reconcile the fact that Wales 'expects' to have it's stadium in the picture since their team was the best performer in NZ. So do we expect France to demand Staid de France be used as well? No. England hosts alone...I mean if a small nation like NZ can do it?
  7. Add in Australia...Yes its all about population. As for Auckland's transport issues...this was and still is a long range work in progress and is not ready to be finshed untill 2025! Had've NZ hosted this in 2015, then the new electric units be running and the underground loop would've helped alot!
  8. Darn! I'm hoping against hope that the RFU doesn't dole out Pool matches to the 'other' 'countries' in the UK. I know that Cardiff Arms Park is second only to Twickers as UK's pre-eminant rugby ground, but stiff! London could absorb the whole tournament alone! This isn't 1991 0r 1999...The RWC has evolved out of the amature era, through the formative years and is now on the cusp of being a major first tier global sports event! England can and should lead the way for the future, Japan will prove if Rugby can be sustainable by 2019 - a threat to the 15 man game will be Sevens with it's Olympic debut three years earlier.
  9. Since the 2011 event is about to draw to a close...I believe it's time to open the 'Long Range' thread to take us to the England 2015 event. Already the 2015 organisers who have been in New Zealand have lifted out ideas of what to do and what not! Roll on around RWC2015 England!
  10. haa true. I dunno, time will heal and there will be a coup at FIFA, it's sticking out like a sore thumb at the moment. I'd be more concerned that the IRB will turn into something like FIFA shortly.
  11. ...You gotta have Europe/Russia on a regular rotation as this is revenue, so 2023 will end up with them. However South Africa would wish to host them again by then. 2027 would see South Africa go up against A Possible 'Americas' bid. By the '30s it would be time to swing by Australia again - but remember that Union is only the third player in the oval ball game, and by then Football will be the dominant game in that country - there is a likely chance Australia would've hosted the FIFA WC. New Zealand could stage the event in the '30s, but only if Australia wasn't going to bid. A European hosting would also have to be shoe-horned in there somewhere as well.
  12. As a stand alone host, yes. And only because NZ didn't get it's s##t together. Australia did share some games in the inaugrial event in 1987.
  13. This is such a shame...No wonder the CWGs are becomming a turn off. But then this IS India's fault. At least Glasgow looks to be placing the CWGs onto a more frugal and sustainable path...If they do succeed, then I might start liking the Commonwealths again!
  14. All Black's Dan Carter out of Rugby World Cup!!! Suddenly Australia's chances to win it a third time have surged up.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Oz has its own injury woes. I think it's the Boks who are starting to loom ominously for a third title!

  15. Ding!...If this rail system is in place by 2026...
  16. This artical just appeared in the NZ Herald this morning. Wasn't the Sydney-Canberra XPT route suppose to be the beginning of this 25 years ago? Bloody expensive to build, and pointless if the airlines can undercut fares. Sydney - Melbourne would be the first section built. The problem with HSTs are the fact that they have to be custom built, track bed up, for the region they serve in - i.e. you can't run a Shinkansen in Europe or a German ICE in Japan - thus their horrendous cost. As for the Sydney - Canberra route, if you're going to spend money like this, you might as well go for Ultra HST...MagLev. These trains could really finish off the small commuter airlines and give Qantaslink a hard knock on this route.
  17. Africa/Arabia: Durban, Abu Dhabi, Doha. North America Summer: Toronto, San Francisco, Houston. North America Winter: Reno-Tahoe, Quebec City, cough*Denver*cough. South America Summer: Lima. South America Winter: Santiago. Europe Summer: Madrid, Rome, St Petersburg, Paris. Europe Winter: Annecy, St Moritz, Stockholm. Asia Summer: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Shanghai, Deiju, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpa. Asia Winter: Harbin. Oceania Summer: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland. Oceania Winter: Christchurch-Queenstown, Thredbo.
  18. Got a feeling that Sri Lanka will end up hosting one of those other second tier regional games... Considering both you and I are from nations that were former colonies of the UK, I don't think we're supporting colonialisim...What happens here on the CWG site is that we are seen as 'White' nations that are considered children of Great Britain. Racisim on the otherhand, well I do believe members here do balance on very thin ice. Probibly blurred by nationalisim which this site doesn't really promote but due to the nature of the subject(s) mentioned, naturally brings out.
  19. Rrrr...What I'm tring to say is with Melbourne's sports grounds ALREADY in situ, it STILL needed a $billion to host it. It should've cost no more the half that. Being a Sydneysider you probibly don't get that! Auckland wasn't the one that 'woossied' out, the NZ Government did...Kind of a blessing now with the benefit of hinesight. There would've been every chance that Auckland be told to pull out by about now leaving Hambantota the only candidate. Gold Coast probibly could'nt gear up an emergency bid. Where would've that left you? And as for this debate, at least I don't offend Sri Lanka by deliberatly miss-spelling Hambantota in my posts...The CWG site seems to be where your ugly side comes out Rols...
  20. A wind up...But also allowing for the games to be used as a development tool. This is a greenfields development...Grandeous yes but built over time. We probibly thought SA's FIFA WC stadia over the top, but as we can see look what has been left behind. Hambantota will probibly miss out this time round and would have to fight hard if SL jumps back in for 2022. But we don't know what's going to happen in the next decade...2026 could still head Hambantota's way as the facilities would have settled in by then. Probibly after hosting a regional games of the likes. I do support the games moving down to Beta/Capa sized cities (represented by GC) as most Commonwealth countries pretty much fit into this category. Not quite...Yes Melbourne had ALL the facilities but it still cost Melbourne $1 Billion to host this second tier event?...Sheesh, for the sports capital of the region, this is still over the top!
  21. Oh well Hambantota will have to fight it out with South Africa for the 2022 edition then.
  22. Sooo...the 2022 OWGs are more likely to be Western Europe v USA then?...A traditional 'non frontier' hosting bid?
  23. Loved the build up to that jabb! Any hoo, yeah a southern OWGs. With Christchurch a total write off for the next 30-50 years, what minimal chance the Southern Hemiphere have in hosting this now prestigous event are now gone... That is of course, if a youth OWGs is never considered? NZ and Australia could easily host those?
  24. Well the Tsunami arrived in NZ almost unnoticable...Still the destruction of the Tsunami seems to have distracted all the News services to the fact there is a considerable amount of earthquake damage...This will really hurt the global economy.
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