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  1. The Commonwealth Double! Both Mother and Daughter win today, congrats to London and Gold Coast. And great to see London maintaining a head lead in global sports.
  2. Glasgow 2014 - Gold Coast 2018...suddenly the Commonwealths look like they are returning to the upper second tier if not first tier sporting events.

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    2. Scotguy


      South Africa 2022 then its sealed

    3. Alexjc


      But SA still needs to show up...I think this will be the encouragement for them.

    4. Alexjc


      But SA still needs to show up...I think this will be the encouragement for them.

  3. Glasgow 2014 - Gold Coast 2018...suddenly the Commonwealths look like they are returning to the upper second tier if not first tier sporting events.

  4. ...But anyhow, Signed, Sealed and Delivered!!!! CONGRATULATIONS.... GOLD COAST!!!
  5. Micheal, the time scope here would be 2040...This is a good goal to set NZs sights on. It is a significant year as it will be the country's Bi-Centenary year. If we really wanted to go for something big, this would be it. But planning needs to be started now. Auckland's infrastructure programme will finish off in 2030 so most of the hard work is already underway.
  6. Apparantly this vote is going to come in tight...But Gold Coast will probibly get there anyway. What a shame Jim Jones is'nt here for the final run to the finish line...Now that would've been something.
  7. Always wary of Wikipedia...But if this is true, at least we are looking at an all England affair, which is good. Personally I'm happy with the format and it's good to see Wembley getting used. It's the Semis that have the excitment and popularity. I have to admit the build up to the Final here was not as tense as the semis...But then it was the final, which is another story.
  8. I always thought London was going to reprofile Main Stadium after the Paralympics...But I suppose if London wins the 2017 IAAF WCs then they wont? If London wins '17...Would this effect a Glasgow YOSGs bid for 2018. (p.s. I want London to win!!!)
  9. Question: Is there any room for that grandest of stadiums, Wembley? I know the IRB wants one main stadium to be the grand stage for this event, does it have to be Twickers? Yes the so called home of rugby should host the opening and some of the top end matches. But would Wembley be a real money spinner as the Grand Final venue?
  10. Good to see Alan Joyce getting his comuppance...Lets see how he tries to slide his way out of this one!
  11. Good stepping stones there. The Battle for the '26 CWGs between Auckland and Christchurch hosting rights aught to be good...But if a YOSG goes to Christchurch then that succession plan will work. Bidding for 32' could come up against stiff opposition especcially from America if that nation still hasen't hosted yet. I'd be reluctant for NZ to bid for 36'...there's a negitive stigma attached to it, well for now anyway.
  12. your opininon faster...don't agree but you do raise some issues.
  13. olympian, I was meaning the UAE as a whole - and Qatar Airways really stand out along with Etihad. Yes Emirates has become a 'thrashed to death' brand although they have really provided competition on the trans-Tasman route. Anyway Qantas could be back in the air after frantic negotiations overnight. However it will take six hours to restart so flights should be running by 10am. The government has upheld Fairwork's application of 21 days, and force Qantas to let it's workers back in.
  14. Singapore was once the finest Airline flying...But they have been surpassed by the UAE based airlines. Still a good airline though, still great service.
  15. I dunno about Qantas' reputation...It's already dented by Engineering problems...This reflects on the Government, they will have to step in but they really don't want to force the airline back in the air...They are of course, a Labor Government. Air New Zealand and Etihad airways have been formally asked to help partner airline Virgin Australia move people through - And tomorrow is Monday!..and the stock exchange will open. Qantas does seem to be crushing its self under it's own bloated weight. Alan Joyce will have to go after this, he has simply been a bad look for the company. Am dissapointed at the Prime Minister's response to this, if it was in NZ...wait a minute, we crushed that sort of unionisim years ago!
  16. Probibly resolved by then...But Australian Unions are some of the most millitant in the OECD and Qantas has had run ins with them in the past. However apart from the pilots strike way back in the 90's the airline carried on flying. Air New Zealand had a run in with Australian unionisim during the Ansett debarcle. Case in point: Ansett's 767s were the only models that had an engineers seat in the cockpit. This special order drove Boeing nuts as they had to redesign the cockpit - all because the Pilots and Engineers Union demanded it. As history shows, Air NZ barely got away with it's life. This time its all over crewing flights with overseas based people as they can be paid cheaper. Hence the reason why Qantas group has transferred most of it's Trans Tasman flights to Qantas NZ/Jetconnect control, including LCC Jetstar. Australian based crew are the most highly paid in the world. Air New Zealand has sent over it's spare 747s to help it's partner airline, Virgin Australia move the enevidable backlog of stranded Qantas passengers.
  17. What has gone wrong... ...All Aussie GB members??? Unions??? Anyway it's costing Queensland And Northern Territories Ariel Services @ $20million a day. Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Air New Zealand are rushing aircraft onto the trans tasman routes and domestic flights. Qantas NZ is unaffected so it's moving people the best it can.
  18. My only problem with Christchurch is it's distance from the major ski-fields. Mount Hutt lacks the require ski drop of 800meters...But could still pull it off. However it would be more favourable for Queenstown to be a central hub as this is in the heart of the South Island skiing country. A Chch/Queenstown bid would work BUT would the IOC allow for it, this is the only way a Winter Olympics can be hosted in NZ. Auckland will have that 'one day NZ will host the big one!' spector hanging over it untill NZ actually does...This requires long term planning for NZ. I'll be using a walking stick if the projected date of 2040 is anything to go by...But whats to stop NZ bidding in the 20's? (apart from Paris).
  19. Elsewhere in the GB threads there are discussions on Auckland's infrastructure developments and the twenty year plan. The second runway construction is a slow development project that has been underway for three years now. London's costs are because they wanted to create a whole new city area from wasteland.
  20. Good to see the dust blown off this folder! Yes NZ has surprised the world with successfully hosting the now first tier Rugby World Cup. IOC's president gives encouragement to our younger citizens in that one day Auckland will host the Olympic Games. (a 2040 bi-centennial present prehaps?) Jac Rogge was talking about the summer event, not the winter. That would be something to consider. As mentioned above, the South Island ski resorts might be just a little to far from Christchurch to make an effective OWG bid. Of course the smaller third tier YOSGs and YOWGs would be a great starter. What Mr Rogge was saying is that New Zealand - it's time to stand up and take notice of what, as a nation, we can achieve. With Auckland in the middle of a massive infrastructure rebuild and an economy that is surprisingly resilliant we now have no excuse for claiming size as an impediment. NZ past the 4 million mark five years ago and on current population sats, will hit 5 million in 2017. New Zealand - yes it CAN be done!
  21. ahh it's refreshing to see we have returned to normal broadcasting coverage! ...Oh and at the time the Government could see the 'Big it Up' style unaffordable for what the CWGs are worth and stopped Auckland from making a big mistake...Auckland was all for it!
  22. Manchester 2002 were the best Commonwealth Games ever IMHO...Amen! ...Well up till now anyway - Glasgow is a whole new world, wait to see what they will do to the CWGs. Also Gold Coast seems to have a more 'affordable' model on proposal...And of course the Rols favorite, Hambantota will continue with the 'Big it up' tradition.
  23. I personally do . - but Rols, you don't as do many others. Oh and don't throw Manchester in there with 'Over The Toppers', 2002 were the perfect model to follow, New Delhi should've followed Manchester's example...
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