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  1. 1 hour ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

    Should we be wondering about China (population 1.4 billion, so far 15 gold medals) or GB (population 65 million, so far 11 gold medals) ?

    It's when you start seeing China 1,2,3, or consistantly in a medal place, or winning by huge margins you have to think what's in the "water".

    The mixed 50m Relay results must have raised your eyebrows.

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    As with London, this thread will carry on with results from our team.

    Awesome Opening Ceremony!!!

    Actually better than the Olympics OC.

    A more relaxed affair, apart from the formal opening...IOC would have been looking on in envy. No stress and happy crowds enjoying the night. Moving scenes for the Cauldron lighting. Rain playing its part and the stadium lifting up the torch bearers on. 10/10

    Our annoyingly tiny team are going for 18 medals.

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