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  1. One thing I did enjoy here were the "hypothetical bids" discussions involving cities that could host at a stretch of the imagination. Minneapolis, Vegas, Brisbane, Auckland, Bangkok and Cape Town et al...

    (So far the only city that has come out of this area is Rio.)

    Some good discussions but eventually theories would be worn down and ended.

    Still, the concept of the web "big boards" don't seem to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials who are now starting to come on line.


  2. Pretty much nailed it...00, 02, 04, 10 and 12 all in easy to understand countries that relate to what is a heavily leaning Anglo/Euro site.

    Also the Olympic movement stinks at the moment...and the largest sports bodies are also going through similar scandals.

    Above all...We have got older. And less enthusiastic. 

    Kind of makes you want LA to win 2024 huh?

  3. :(


    What a way to start the week.

    New Zealand's pragmatic and popular Prime Minister, John Key has called it a day a year out from the General Election.

    He decided he'd had enough and wanted to leave with a great feeling of accomplishment in his heart. He has been Prime Minister for eight years and NZ National Party leader for ten.

    He became Prime Minister in 2008 on the eve of the GFC and using his clever monetary skills managed to steer the country through it along with a devastating earthquake and horrific coalmine disaster soon after.

    The Country's wealth grew tenfold in his three terms and is now sitting in the top ten wealthiest countries ranking...something it hasn't achieved since the late 1960s.

    His relaxed but serious style of mannerisms endeared him to the population, even those who disliked his centrist government. If a Snap election were to be held immediately, a National led government would romp home. He leaves as the country's most popular PM at his lowest percentage of 50%.

    He said he could no longer look people in the eye and say he would carry on, especially after another devestating earthquake in the South Island last month. 

    Current finance minister William 'Bill' English will take over as Prime Minister on 12  December with the country in its most stable and wealthiest position ever...a great legacy.


    Thank you for your service to New Zealand Right Honourable John F Key.

  4. Here's an interesting article on what is happening to the views of young white males over the last decade and a half...it makes for chillingly familiar reading...



    ...and it's happening pretty much in those countries that have been transformed by the Intellectual Social agenda that began after Nixon.

    To me, the boil over point that really swung voters Trump's way was the silly and petulant reaction over Transgender community bathrooms in schools...It was a push to far...


  5. @Rob 

    Good deep thoughtful insights from you and other level headed members here. I was hoping to see some real passion come out. But don't be hurting too much. 

    Sometimes I keep forgetting I write from a free and easygoing life is great country (although last night's 7.5 shaker a reminder of an unstable one) that is protected by a moat.

    Yes Trump is a buffoon but he did, finally, pull up the deep rotten underbelly of America. Hidden by media, especially companies owned by an expat Australian, Trump has exposed the worst.

    But then so did Farage in UK Brexit.

    It's difficult to comprehend the scale of deep seated animosity in "middle America" simmering  for decades. Even as a tourist I've never encountered anything serious apart from being told by a concerned well meaning local telling me not to stop in particular neighborhoods because "black crime" is high. 

    For the likes of Baron who have long made a home there, the nerves must be awfully raw. 

    This is NOT the America we wanted to see. This was old America surging up against something it detests...Freedom for Everyone who isn't a WASP Hetro.

    This is a disease that is spreading through what we thought were Liberal growing countries and it looks like its unstoppable...

    Every country has its sh!t stirrer...Sadly UK and USA, the mightiest of global nations have exposed theirs.

    Protest loudly...and I mean loudly... But stay safe in doing so. Don't put yourself in harms way.

    (By the way if you want to move to Canada, Australia or NZ do so, but you'll have to hurry, the queues are getting longer)

    Blessings. :(






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  6. Watched a more "relaxed" Donald Trump on news tonight.

    Dawning on him and everyone around him that massive job ahead.

    Interesting that the all important trading markets have pretty much bounced and surged ahead...for now.

    It will be when new global trading regulations proposed start to affect the huge American based corporate jug a noughts and their $$$.

    I'm going to take a position of enjoying the ride for the next four years.

    I believe he is winking at us and we could end up with a centrist administration with a slight right lean.

    However he needs to calm the farm of extremist groups on all sides ASAP. The world needs a United States of America... not an Untied one.


  7. More dismayed than shocked at the result...simply saw the potential coming a year ago.

    Clinton is too elitist and hard core establishment. She really did have a sense of disconnect with average American worker.

    Trump tapped into the downtrodden, more so after Sanders fell. Need to remember 70% of voters do not have a formal tertiary education. Many are two and three job minimum wage workers who probably lost their job for life during the GFC fallout or wondering why their parents 40year job for life no longer exists for them...Perfect fuel for a right of centre vote grab.

    In the last days of the campaign, Clinton rolling out ultra left liberal multimillionaire Hollywood and Rock Stars eschewing the values of equality just came across as offensive to the week to week survivor in the "liberal globalization" world.

    There is a trend to isolationism...Brexit anyone.

    Well that's how I saw it.


  8. :)

    Probably the BEST Paralympics ever.

    The BIG surprise was the host city, Rio de Janeiro along with Brazil in pulling off an event that looked to be doomed a week before it started.

    The moment the Opening Ceremony got underway you sort of knew these games were going to be something else.

    Brilliant athletes, exciting events and respectable crowd participation along with a more relaxed atmosphere ensured the Paralympics more from a "they can do it too" sideshow into a very credible first tier multi sports event.

    Thank You Brazil ^_^

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  9. Paralympics Team New Zealand

    Rio 2016 final medal haul:

    :D GOLD - 9

    :) Silver - 5

    ^_^ Bronze - 7

    Such a small team delivering well above it's size. This is one of the smallest teams, just 31athletes, we have sent. Plenty of fourth and fifth place getters as well. Cheated out of a yachting medal on count back, little bit gutted there. But generally a very good games.

    Hopefully 2020 encourages more of our Paralympians to achieve higher. Hopefully Liam Malone stays on to defend his titles and Sophie Pascoe sticks around for one more games, she has only just beginning to peak while up and commer Nikita Howarth hits form as a replacement.

    All the best to you all...done your country proud. :rolleyes:B)

  10. 8 hours ago, micheal_warren said:

    It's been a fantastic games for the New Zealand Paralympic Team. The team has exceeded their goal of 18 medals. 

    I was interviewed a few days ago by Fairfax Media regarding whether or not Paralympians get enough recognition for their performance. 

    You can read the article here:



    A really big thank you needs to go to TVNZ, ACC, and NZon Air. Such excellent "smother coverage". (It does help in the era of on line instant access). Medallists getting a mention at the front end of the news cycle and chunk of the sports section help.

    Attitudes have changed as we have seen NZ starting to embrace any international event we participate in. Listening to people talking about the Paralympians success shows this. Getting over the "ickky" factor of melformed bodies is a big thing and TVNZ focusing on the swimming was/is a deliberate ploy. TVNZs 'Attitude' show producers wanted this. Its easier to accept Pascoes' missing lower leg but Nikita Haworth's undeveloped arms takes some getting use to on an otherwise hot athletic body.

    Of course personality counts...Liam Malone and Sophie Pascoe attests to this.

    With such positive attitudes they keep going when fully abled bodied athletes would give up. 

    Funding - well its all about $$$. As Michael had mentioned, reasonable, but considering possible over funding of Olympic events, a little more could go towards the Paralympics team. This is not our biggest team, and there were potentially more medals out there...

    Its now day 10 and the last full day of competition. Hoping for a couple more medals.

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  11. China did send a HUGE team... And yes you do have to enter a grey area in performance. Naturally many of these athletes are on medication to ease their unique disabilities, so a little manipulation is to be had?

    No one seems to look at Ukraine? They are way up on the table as well. With no Russia clearly we are seeing askew results.

    Still...I find it utterly amazing watching paralympians take on and defeat the odds stacked against them. In some cases as simple as a melformed arm or in Sophie Pascoe's case missing a lower leg...and is now NZs premiere female swimmer...and if only she was fully formed, what an Olympic champion she would've been.

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