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  1. The dream of Christchurch hosting, or being a co-host of a future Games is looking further and further away as arguments rage over the delayed start on the new covered stadium...The longer they leave it, the pricier it gets...now climbing past $400 million. All because the city council wanted the South Island's largest stadium moved two blocks closer to the CBD.

    The sad irony is Lancaster Park re-opened today for school/public sports use with two rugby fields and a football pitch which converts to two cricket ovals and a softball diamond for summer. Reverting to a park space with only a main administration building, the open space will also allow for festivals and public concerts. Strategically positioned access points for power utilities, fresh and grey water facilities are located around the site.


  2. 6 hours ago, RooBlu said:

    I would certainly like to see the future games going to in no order of preference: An African nation (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya); perhaps the north or south islands of NZ; Singapore; or even the West Indies.

    There is much more potential now that bidders are not bound to single host cities and that the Games now have greater flexibility with sports (Athletics and Swimming being the only compulsory events), and that there is now greater flexibility with the size of venues. Hopefully we won't ever see another New Delhi type situation where the budget literally blew up into the tens of billions of dollars. Venues can be placed in towns and cities across regions where they will benefit those towns and cities and not leave the legacy of white elephants as the Olympics often do.

    Another aspect is that the Commonwealth is most likely to shrink after QEII passes on. Charles is not really popular and William is still at least 20 years away. 

    As has been noted, the West Indies will all be republics soon and African nations were only ever in the Commonwealth because of the Queen and the prestige she brings.

  3. On 4/19/2022 at 1:36 AM, Australian Kiwi said:


    It makes me wonder wtf the CGF were actually doing for the past few years in the lead up to 2019 when the 2026 host was meant to be selected. I just can't shake the feeling they were not doing anything proactive at all (especially when you read that there is interest from cities - it just seems like they were not engaging ). 

    They're very lucky for the can-do attitude of one Australian state, otherwise it would be all over. 

    The CGF would have left the games in Birmingham for '26 had've Victoria passed.

    As for Auckland, far too late for that city to throw up a hurried bid, even with regional centres, Hamilton, Tauranga and Whangarei able to help out.

    The Commonwealth itself, we are stepping into uncharted territory as QEII only has a handful of years left of life.

    This was her favourite thing and she the reason why it hangs on. We have seen the visit of the Cambridges to the West Indies ended up being a PR disaster with an Empire like air to the tour pretty much pushing those respective islands towards republics.

    Hosting the games at the moment is a big money risk with little gain.

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  4. :huh: There is reporting on Fijian news sites saying New Zealand is getting ready to bid for the 2030 Centennial Commonwealth Games.

    :angry: No process is underway for Auckland and or New Zealand to bid for the 2030 edition...at the moment.

    Also NZ Herald was simply polling a feel for Auckland to host with potential mayoral candidates. Elections later this year.

    The Press, Christchurch's daily also has been running a poll for a future city and regional bid. not really front of mind at the moment...at least while the future new covered stadium is still trying to get built.


  5. Indeed that's a suitable punishment for Russia, but also include Belarus.

    However  there is something worrying at the moment...Pretty much half the developing world "abstained" from UN voting against Russia's removal from the Human Rights Commission this week. Not the clear united front we all thought it would be.

    Russia has development monies tied up everywhere and half of it leads back to the giant in the east, China.

    This could have ramifications on anything the IOC will do...(Although Russian athletes are banned anyway because of doping.)

  6. Malaga came close but ran out of time.

    Same for Cork...well not really.

    Jeddah...F*** Off!:angry: (Apparently Dubai and Abu Dhabi weren't considered due to the wind being all wrong)


    Barcelona! I could see the logic in that amazing beautiful city in hosting AC2024. I have very fond memories of that amazing 1992 Olympic games and were my favourite until London 2012 usurped it.

    After the initial whinging and crying from so called "serious" monied Auckland "land yachtie" types saying the NZ Govt should have done more...I believe an absolutely brilliant opportunity for Trade NZ and Tourism NZ to build a temporary pavilion near by would be a coup to cash in on Europeans wanting to check it out.

    NZ has been trying to get a Trade deal with the EU, more so since Brexit. Spain is currently building a large fleet of modern locomotives for Kiwirail along with more EMU's for the expanding Auckland commuter rail network.  

    :) I see the positives in this!...and a holiday coming!


  7. Jeez Scotguy...

    Wellington, what a fun place to be right now.:(

    No surprizes you got symptoms.

    Like you I'm triple jabbed and at work we have strict protocols, segregation of shifts, temp checks, log ins etc... Lots of scares with staff standing down...RAT packs being issued to us.

    Shoulder hurt after jabs but the booster jab hurt the most as the pain went right down my left side.

    Get well soon...At least you have got it now so will have more immunity as the borders are swung open in the next month.


  8. With the world being a totally f***ed up place for now, I'll give the games the benefit of a "no score" pass. (I gave Tokyo2020 a Pass score since they did their best to put on something that will leave a "what if it was different legacy").

    China really didn't try to convince anyone this time...:angry:

    :) Anyhow for New Zealand, Golds, finally and a silver in there. Probably had a chance for a couple more but as I rant on...NZ winter sports really don't get a look in for funding and less so at the moment with the kind of Govt we have, at least until late 2023.

    A great effort from the two kids of local families. Definitely A+ to both of them and a respectable B+ to the rest of the team. 

    Just got to find a way to making the NZ team bigger for 2026. -_-


  9. 15 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

    I heard that’s not enough to make the 24-hours news cycle in NZ

    seriously, though. Congrats New Zealand. Cheers to all the kiwi GBids members

    Once again only made the 6pm news and some mentions on the all day sports radio shows. The Black Caps demolishing the Proteas in the cricket test getting more coverage.

    The country is just too distracted by when the restrictions will and and the huge protest on parliament grounds that's now in for the long haul.

    Lets just hope the two golds can spark a little more inspiration for alpine sports here in NZ. 

  10. Nico Porteous scored New Zealand's...or should I say, Wanaka's... last medal at these otherwise forgettable games...

    Gold in the half Pipe final.

    Final total

    Gold 2...Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Nico Porteous.

    Silver 1...Zoi Sadowski-Synnott.

    Winter sports just not a thing in NZ...More just for fun.

    Kind of sad really as we once could boast a speed skating team and anything going down a frozen flume. 

    Our downhill skiers just couldn't cut it in the unusual Beijing snow conditions.

    Oh well...roll on 2026...


  11. On 2/11/2022 at 2:00 PM, Scotguy II said:

    He read my message 3 days ago but has ignored me completely. I guess i am not a valued member after 15 years.

    Anyway is it just me or is there heaps more ads now on the site? i am even getting pop ups...

    I'm still a PM but I have seldom been on since 2018...and only show up around a games event. The Forums participation looked like it peaked around 2010 - 2014...And then the powers that be did that epic accounts reset. 

    There is still a place for the forum and probably more so as people start to turn away from certain Social Media platforms and re-engage in the old longform way. 

    As for "pop-ups"...That's what pays for the site now. i have paid membership for for over a decade...Never got a reminder or notice.

    I'm wondering if GB should adopt a Patreon system?...

  12. On 2/3/2022 at 12:47 PM, TorchbearerSydney said:

    I agree, but pretty sure a Victorian/Melbourne Games will retain all the Commonwealth sports....its 2030 when things may take a dramatic turn.

    Agree, a new era and decade...

    However I don't see a mass culling of events. I know there has been a lot of pushback with Track Cycling due to it's cost, elitism, and insistence of being an indoor spruce track event. This is why Durban tried to be rid of it. But the only nations that seemingly want to host already have those facilities.

    I'd like to see them go down to say...12 sports?... Have some sports on an eight year rotation? A classic example is Netball, a non Olympic event and not really played outside of the commonwealth.  England wins 2018 CWGs. NZ bundled out without even medalling comes back in 2019 to win the World Cup...So who are the true champions? 

    Glasgow showed the way forward in '14. (and to a lesser extent Victoria '94 in the ten sports era). Gold Coast 2018 proved the games can go back to a more inclusive event although still came in around the same as Glasgow.

    Melbourne/Victoria could also prove the concept of regionalisation that helps lower costs.

    The last "really mattered" CWGs was Brisbane 1982, as the Olympics went through the boycott era. 

    The largest "realistic" CWGs was Manchester 2002.  Kuala Lumpa '98, and Melbourne '06 were far too big and this had a detrimental effect on New Delhi '10 which assumed it needed to compete in size and grandeur...Now considered one of the worst games.




  13. 12 hours ago, Scotguy II said:

    1) Countdown

    Video countdown was ok.... nice images and stunning 4K resolutions. Was a little long until we got to 10.

    2) Dandelion

    When this was first unveiled i was like yes this is it, the start of a true epic of a ceremony. The green against the dark stadium and the movements of the large straws were very effective. the segment went on a bit too long with just the same thing happening of the performers waving them back and forth but it was a good welcome and opening.

    3) National Flag

    It was nice that they passed the flag along different people form the different ethnicities. Looking at it from a ceremony aspect and not political it was nice.

    4) Olympic Rings

    For me the best part of the ceremony. When the block raised up i thought this was the start of a Sochi style large objects in the ceremony. The laser work was cool and it was nice to see a countdown but again this was a bit too long. The ice breaking to unveil the olympic rings was very cool and stole the show. 

    5) Parade of Nations

    Not overly long which was good. i did not mind the music, but it would have been better if they at least had used the songs but had them played with Chinese instruments.

    6) Snowflake Part 1

    It was good to see the placard holders do something on-top of their role but again the dance was too long and the unveiling of the snowflake was a bit anti-climatic. A nice idea but nothing jaw dropping or gasping.

    7) Speeches

    The head of Beijing 2022 speech was ok in length but Thomas Bachs speech was as always too long


    8) Olympic Flag

    I like ode to joy but again i would have loved to have seen a chinese version or twist to it. The anthem was atrocious.... so cringe and the worst ever.

    10) Snowflake Part 2

    not good..... the ski jumper was pointless and the Led screen movements were badly done. The whole segment just amounted to nothing really

    11) Flame

    I get the idea but just no..... the snowflake sculpture could have been modern and full of technology but it looked so lame. The torch as the cauldron again i get but just so badly executed. Beijing 2022 is the first olympic games to not have a cauldron since the concept was introduced.

    Overall: 3/10

    COVID aside. China has the money, manpower, technology and show off to have put on one of the most spectacular and stunning olympic opening ceremonies ever. however what they gave us was all over the place. I do not understand, the communist government had the chance to be the best whether the west liked it or not. it is hard to believe the the same director of 2008 made this show. 

    Opening Ceremony Ranking from 1992-2022

    1. Sydney 2000, 2. Barcelona 1992 3. Atlanta 1996 4. Vancouver 2010, 5. Salt Lake City 2002, 6. Sochi 2014 7. Athens 2004, 8. Beijing 2008 9. Torino 2006 10. London 2012 11. Rio 2016 12. Pyeongchang 2018 13. Beijing 2022, 14. Tokyo 2020

    Pretty much good points...Didn't watch it live and shuffled through the boring bits. The "Cauldron" lighting sort of made sense as it's difficult to feel "the warmth" at this moment in history. 

    I'm going to give it a "Free Pass" score like Tokyo simply because of the difficult time the World is in at the moment.:mellow:

    At least the IOC have persisted in carrying on...giving at least some distraction from miserable reality.

  14. On 2/6/2022 at 3:58 PM, Sir Rols said:

    Congratulations New Zealand on your first ever winter gold medal! Genuinely happy for you. Huge achievement. Good on Zoi!

    And not unhappy with Tess’s placing for Australia either. Wasn’t really expecting that.

    Barely made a 24hr news cycle...except in my hometown of Wanaka.

    Good all the same for our small but vocal snow sports community. (just not a big thing in NZ...more a "Summer" nation outside the Rugbys.)

    Looking forward to the end of the week where some very good medalling prospects are to be had, including another from Zoi.

  15. 38 minutes ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

    NZ has barely shown interest in the Comm Games (they could have 2026 tomorrow if they wanted it)...cant imagine they would even consider taking on the Summer Olympics....and when would they host it, September maybe??

    Unlike the Olympics with everyone participating...No real economic value in a CWGs and apart from Aus, Sth Africa, Canada and England (as a separate entity), NZ doesn't give a toss about competing with the rest - outside of Sevens. Also the sports we rate highly in are not there. Rowing/Kayak/Canoe, Yachting, Equestrian as examples, along with the real superpower sports nations.

    Hosting the Olympics would be March/April or September/October. Yes it buggers up the Northern Hemisphere's calendar 

    As for 2026...If we didn't have such a socialist left leaning hates sport Govt, yes NZ would probably be hosting.

  16. Hypothetical thoughts...

    Brisbane 2032 smash and grab has really thrown some ideas out there for 2040 hosting...It was predicted that an Australian city would be the successful bidder for '40 and Brisbane was in the mix as most likely Australian candidate.

    All changed now. This could see a potential study taken into hosting Summer in NZ, even though it would be eight years since Brisbane hosted.

    The IOC isn't spoilt for choices anymore. Bidding now needs a 10 year lead in time and before that at least six in distance planning and rounds of negotiations.

    I remember Sydney 2000 and the long battle to bid for them that began way back in 1989 when Melbourne's '96 bid was falling behind Atlanta and Athens. It went down to the wire with Beijing and horrific events in 1989 turned 2000 to Sydney.

    Yet Brisbane 2032 were handed the games as there was no one else suitable to host...Times have changed.

    The New Zealand Govt could literally walk up to the IOC and put forward a future expression of interest plan to host 2040 in a couple of years time...and be successful.

    Auckland would be the focal city but by 2040 the economic power triangle of Auckland - Hamilton - Tauranga would easily have the population to cope with venues. 

    The only issue would be a challenge from the UK or Europe...Especially if 2036 becomes a battle ground and an Asian city wins. 


  17. On 8/14/2021 at 12:11 PM, Scotguy II said:

    Oh well, luckily we don't have to worry about a games bid during this governments terms as they are too busy destroying the country.

    They've actually switched off completely to any future sports events...

    All that hard work to get NZ up to AAA status by the Clark/Cullen and Key/English/Joyce govt's, undone in four years...and we have Winston Peters to thank for it. 

    Covid Pandemic no excuse!

    No real future direction and the new AUKUS and Quad alliances clearly leaving NZ adrift.

    The earliest interest the current Marxist/leftist govt is looking at for a multi sport event is 2034!

    :angry: To ingrossed in getting New Zealand renamed Aotearoa by 2040!

  18. On 8/4/2021 at 4:52 PM, stryker said:

    Really? Wasn't the Christchurch stadium supposed to hold between 30,000 and 40,000?

    :angry:Oh yeah...And then in July 2021 the city council finally approved construction but to only 25k pax.

    Simply because costs of building materials have surged to almost out of reach costs.

    BUT all is not lost as NZ Rugby said that first tier Tests will not be played in Chch... naturally setting off a reaction that has got Central govt attention...

    Now we wait.

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